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6th September, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

The debate over the importance of sex in our lives is and will still be, for a long time from now on, a hot-button issue that will both intrigue and surprise many scientists all over the world.

Office sex, outdoor sex, sex with a stranger or sex with your best friend, are just some of the things you have at least once considered trying; and now we present you the exact numbers of those who have thought about it just like you did!

How often do we think about sex? What are the probabilities that you have sex at your workplace? What do most of you think about living with someone without being married to him/her? Does porn influence us? How many of us agree with the idea of same-sex relationships? And many such similar questions that have haunted us for such a long time will be elucidated down bellow. Some of these things usually remain indoors, or otherwise said they never get to see the light outside the bedroom; however, now it is time to compare our sexual experiences with what others, of a similar age or sex, have already lived.



These and many other hot sex related topics have been studied by sexexperts all over the world and here are the results. Therefore, it is now safe to say that satisfaction in what concerns sex, does matter!

These statistics clearly show us a transparent reality; now it is about facts and not simply about words, it is what a large number of respondents all over the world have confirmed.

We live in a world full of numbers. But what do these numbers say about us? Here are the answers of those types of questions you have never dared to ask!

The survey was made in England and Scotland on more than 5.000 respondents.

Traditional lover?

Sex is part of our life, either that we prefer a wild sex or a more traditional one, it is clear that we enjoy having sex. But have you ever wondered how many of us are traditional lovers and what it is the percentage of those who are more open-minded in bed?

Sexexperts have agreed on the idea that the percentage is around 55% for those who enjoy a conservative sex rather than a naughtier one. But, among these 55% of conventional lovers, 29% would like to have more self confidence and push the boundaries a little bit further, while 50% would like their partner to be more courageous and inventive in bed.

Sex at the work place

The wide-ranging survey also helped us see that many of us want to try or have already had sex at their work place. Either that we talk about sex with the boss or with the secretary, more than 14% of the respondents confirmed the hypothesis that sex also happens at work.  Would you like to try it?

Do you need more sex?



Our sexual drive is enormously influenced by numerous factors including social factors, biological but also psychological factors. Otherwise said, our personality, mentality, our family, the work conditions, the level of the testosterone and our lifestyle are in a close relation to our libido.

Both men and women have their own version upon this topic. While 45% of women said they do not want more sex, what they have now is more than enough for them, 67% of men said that they would not be disturbed by an increase in the frequency of the sexual intercourses.

Living together without getting married

Well, studies have revealed that both Brits and Scots are very open minded and do not put emphasis on marriage. 69% of those interviewed agreed that couples do not need to be legally married so that they could live happily together. No paper is needed to be happy!

Same-sex relations



So what do you think the respondents have answered? Is it right or is it wrong to feel something for a companion of the same sex? Should these persons be judged? Without doubt, statistics on such delicate topics vary depending on the population whom you address yourself – the age, the education, the sex, all counts in an objective analysis.

This survey’s evidence shows us that no such preconceptions should exist. More than 53% of the answers were – ‘Same sex-relations are rarely or never wrong’.

Is it porn good for your relationship?

Well, everyone publicly blames porn; however, the majority watches erotic movies; as a proof stands this flourishing and prosperous sex industry. Nevertheless, the question arises when we think about the consequences over our private relationship. Does watching a lot of porn improves or damages our sexual intercourses?

According to specialists, it might have all sorts of consequences; but, the numbers show that 13% of the respondents have stated that watching erotic movies have made them realize such movies only portray a false image of what sex is and what it can offer, while 38% said porn helped them improve their sexual life, by enlarging their imagination. What do you think?

Sexual toys

Nowadays all sorts of toys are available for sale, for any taste and any fantasy you might have. Not so many couples use them, but the numbers show that men are all thumbs up for the use of sexual toys in bed – 70% of them. The other 30% of men either avoid this topic, or say they feel threatened by these toys; they feel useless in front of these instruments that can offer an endless pleasure.

Daily sex

And now here is a naughty one! What do you think 91% of those who have been asked this question have answered – ‘What would you prefer:  having sex with a stranger every night for the rest of your life or having sex twice a week with the one you love?’

Of course, 91% chose the second option – ‘I would love to make love only twice a week but only with the one I love; I do not want anything else’.

Only one sexual partner

Would you like to have only one partner throughout your entire lifetime? I bet you have never thought about it like this. Well, differences between genders can be seen even in this domain. Men are most likely to be attracted by various types of women during their life; but what is more, they manage to get them into their bed no matter what; while women tend to be more conservative.

The percentage of this research shows us that a third of the women who had participated in this research said that they would prefer to be ‘one-man woman’, while men do not seem to agree; they want to try everything out there – the more the merrier!

Sexy woman


Even though men and women play the same sexual game on a daily basis, statistics on sex attitudes and erotic behaviors showed us that the general perception is not the same.

While fighting to maintain their own perspective, men and women find themselves having all sorts of contrasting attitudes; and what is the result? These things eventually turn into a true friendship and afterwards into true love. Knowing all sorts of dirty little secrets that others use in bed may help you solve your intimate problems.

Opposite forces attract each other, and the relationship man-woman is not an exception to the rule!

Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.’ (Albert Einstein)

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