The strangest 15 sex facts ever!

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“I like threesomes with two women, not because I’m a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I’m romantic. I’m looking for “The One.” And I’ll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time.! (Russell Brand)

For sure you will be amazed by the following sex discoveries!

Did you know that humans are not the only creatures that provide sex in return for material benefices? What other creatures practice prostitution? Did you know that the first condoms were made of animal intestines? Or that in Ancient time masturbation was thought to be the main reason for blindness and even death? There is plenty for you to find out down bellow!

From the most awkward to the strangest sex related facts and from the most captivating ones to the most astonishing discoveries, we have them all. On a daily basis we are turned on by all sorts of things, but let us take a closer look and find out not only the results but also the scenes behind the curtains. Some of the most outstanding sex related facts are about to be revealed to you!

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Sex, for men and women

The way someone feels during the sexual intercourse, how he/she perceives sex, the libido, the desire and the frequency are all different for each and one of us.

Surveys show that women are much more ashamed of their bodies, they have more concerns and inhibitions than men have.

What is satisfaction for you? For some it means having an orgasm, but for others it is undoubtedly more important to feel chemistry and a soul connection rather than having sex. Sex is not the same thing for everybody!

Sex is amazing at any age!



We are always seeking to find out more and more about what full satisfaction means. Sex dominates our life, either that we admit this or not. We are constantly thinking about sex, researching the topic or playing naughty jokes on our lover. It is all there! The fact that we deny this does not change a thing!

Having a great sexual lifestyle depends on many factors, including all that has to do with your mind, soul and body. Therefore, it is safe to say that sex goes further than your bedroom; it is in a close connection to the three above mentioned aspects. If you do not take care of your mind, soul and body you will certainly not enjoy what really means to have a perfect sexual life.

Numerous researches all over the world have proven that sex is beneficial for us. Sex is good for our blood pressure, it is great for our immunity system, it burns calories, it improves the heart health and it boosts our self confidence. Therefore a healthy lifestyle should include a lot of sex. But, have you ever thought about how our ancestors had sex? Are you interested in finding out some things you did not know about sex? Then, here it goes!

15 strange sex facts you will never believe

Masturbation, the cause of death

In times past, masturbation was seen as the main reason for several unfortunate happenings or diseases, including blindness, amnesia and even death. Masturbating yourself was illegal and those who were suspects of practicing this were harshly punished.  No proves were needed for this to happen!

The more you kiss the better your teeth are!

A recent study has proved the fact that by kissing, the level of saliva rises, and consequently the acid level is reduced. Saliva washes your teeth and prevents plaque to form on your tooth enamel. Consequently, if you want to have better teeth and stay away from dentists, kiss your lover more often!

Original condoms were made out of animal intestines and linen

In China, before the fifteenth century, lambs were the animals that provided the raw material for the production of condoms; while in Japan they used tortoise shells and animal horns. After these attempts people preferred the condoms made out of linen sheaths.

Penguin prostitution



You could have never guessed this – penguins also provide sex in return to material benefices, here we are talking about building nests. How this happens? Female penguins need help in building their nests; as a result, they choose a single male penguin and in exchange for mating they make them do all the hard job.

Only humans do the 69

This popular sexual position has become of interest for sexologists all over the world because it represents another significant difference between humans and other species. The conclusion that was drawn is that other species prefer a much faster way to get satisfaction and we are the only ones who enjoy this amazing sexual position, we enjoy simultaneous oral sex!

Sexual intercourses make you feel less pain

During the sexual intercourses the vagina enlarges, as a means to prevent pain caused by penetration. As a matter of fact the pain threshold increases significantly; therefore, women do not feel the real level of pain. The drawback however, is that some may get hurt and not even notice this until they are done with their lovemaking.

Women do not use vibrators for penetration

80% of women use vibrators to stimulate their clitoris area and not to insert it vaginally. Why is that? Sexologists all over the world have agreed upon the idea that the majority of women get more easily to their peak through this type of stimulation and not actually during the penetration moments. Studies show that the clitoris contains more than 8,000 nerves.



Porn makes you produce more sperm

Men who watch erotic movies usually produce more sperm than those do not. Men’s favorite type of porn has proven to be ‘threesome’, two men and one woman. The reason is simple they have where to get both inspiration and information. Competition is what arouses most men!

Sex after 75

25% of British couples over the age of 75 are still sexually active. Who says sex cannot happen after a certain age? It is true that the libido diminishes, but this does not mean that people do not have sex when they are seniors. Remember: sex is thought to be tastier when you have more experience!

Erotic literature

Erotic literature


It has been proven that individuals who read romance novels or erotic literature have sex twice as much as those who do not read this type of literature. Is it because of the wild imagination or the arousal people get from the lines? We might never know, but a fact is true – erotic literature boosts your libido!

Sex – a cure for depression

Generally speaking sex can heal many types of affections, including mild depressions. While having sex, a wide range of endorphins are released into the blood stream; this helps take the pain away. The sensation of relief given by sex intercourses has helped many get out of this difficult stage of life – depression.

Nothing is too disgusting when you have sex

During the sexual intercourse the probabilities that you perceive something to be visually disgusting minimize. Why is that? Recent studies have revealed that this is due to the fact that your body and mind focus more on the things that cause you pleasure rather than pain or negative feelings. You are too aroused to feel sick!

Ejaculation within the first three minutes of penetration

For more than 75% of men ejaculation happens within the first three minutes of the penetration. Taking this into account, we might say that ejaculation happens quite fast, therefore it is advisable to make the prelude last longer.

Lack of orgasms

For more than 30% of women, reaching their peak is a hard job. The level of stress, the anxiety, the lack of confidence, it all adds up to feeling strange and uncomfortable in bed, as a result having an orgasm is not an easy job after all.

The largest penis



What do you think the largest penis measures in size? The American Jonah Falcon is the lucky one! With a penis of more than 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect this man can be proud of his natural endowment.

“Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. ‘Yes’ is the answer.” (Swami X)

Sex happens at least once in anyone’s life. Therefore, we have to get a handle of sex and what it implies. It is absolutely normal to have all sorts of curiosities and hopefully we have managed to elucidate at least a part of them. If you happen to know more such interesting things feel free to add to the present list your naughty ideas. Leave your comments down bellow!

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