A dirty secret

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Have you ever seen a close friend through different eyes, in that particular way, you were not supposed to?  Did you feel guilty about it? Have you had the awkward feeling that you could not stop staring at him and that you were too obvious? Well, it all happened to me once! See my ‘dirty secret’!

‘Your turn!’

‘Yes, yes! I am thinking what card to play next! Wait a second.’

‘OK! But, hurry! Or, do you have any surprise up your sleeve?’ I told him smiling.

‘Well, I’d say to make this game a little bit more interesting, shall we? Let’s play strip poker, for example. Do you fancy that, Mike?’

‘Huh, that is a brilliant idea John. Maybe now she’ll pay more attention to it’

Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

When I heard this idea, I didn’t knew what to expect. I could not believe my eyes that my husband, Mike, accepted his friend’s challenge with the risk of seeing me naked. I did not foresee what was going to happen and how much ‘fun’ we were going to have.

As my husband was most of the year away on business trips, his best friend, John, was often at our house helping me with different chores I could not do by myself. I truly loved my husband, I adored him, but the many times he was not home, I felt depressed and sad. As you can imagine, the both of us had many lonely nights. I wanted a man in my life, not a visitor. He came home once a month and barely stayed a few days.

‘Gash! I will be! I promise!’

‘Pay attention my dear; we do not want to see only you undressed here’

‘Hmm, I do!’ said John laughing

‘You’re a naughty man’, said Mike in reply, and we all laughed

We began playing cards, and I kept losing and losing. The boys were thrilled! At the beginning, I took off my blouse, then my skirt, until my husband told me giggling ‘I believe it’s enough. For the rest, the two of us will go upstairs’. John was cautious when my husband was around. He did not make too many dirty jokes; he did not stare and was careful not to compliment me so much. He tried to save the appearances. However, I began slowly but surely knowing him better, and I am strongly convinced that he had more than one wet dream with me. Not that he was the only one having sexy dreams. Many times, I saw him looking at my tits, and then suddenly turning away his head. He was not at all shy; he was in his early 30s and had several relationships, but nothing serious. He was that kind of man with many lovers at the same time. For him, getting laid was vital, but having a life companion not at all.

Undressing time

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‘I don’t even know how many chips I still have’, said John.

‘Me neither!’ I said laughing hard.

Then get undressed! replied John like he was forgetting Mike was there too

‘Only if you begin!’ I said.

‘You are both fantastic! Let’s all get undressed then and have some unforgettable moments together!’, said my husband.

We all laughed about this peculiar situation! However, then something crossed my mind ‘Am I the only person taking this seriously and imagining how would a threesome sandwich be?’ I do not think so, judging by John’s naughty smile.

Two more days and my husband was off again for three weeks. One of the good things related to his return home was that we had a lot of sex in that period. We had to catch up the lost times, so we were experiencing new positions and the passion was intense. He made me everything just to make me feel over the moon, from licking, sucking, to rubbing, touching and so on. He was brilliant in bed, taking into account that Mike was a handsome tall man, with strong arms and a well-developed chest, not to mention that his cock was huge! He was a blond man with blue eyes, firm hips and masculine stature. He liked to lick my pussy while playing with my nipples at the same time. Nevertheless, most of all I appreciated that he worried about me, not to hurt me, just fully satisfy me. He was taking possession over me in bed and always telling me about his naughty bits, about how he played when he was alone.

The time passed and he had to go once more. He passionately kissed me goodbye, hold my hand and said ‘I promise you my babe, this is not going to happen anymore! This will be the last time I will leave’. I smiled, but did not believe him at first. However, he insisted and swore. It was brilliant; I loved him and wanted him home with me. I gently touched his face and caressed him.

As I had nothing to do the following day, I thought about having a sunbath so I got outside in my backyard and laid down. I took some skimpy bikinis and a tiny bra and laid down. I began applying sunscreen over my already tanned skin, when suddenly I felt someone knocking over my shoulder. It was John. As a coincidence or not he also thought about me and came, just to hang out.

‘You have lost weight! You are beautiful’, he said. ‘May I help you with the sunscreen?’

‘Of course!’ I replied. ‘I was expecting you!’

I have to confess I was more and more horny. He was that type of man every one of my friends drooled over; he seemed the perfect intimate lover. The massage was beginning to be a very sensual one. Powerful hands and tight pants made me think about how he would look naked.

‘Very hot’ I said aloud.

‘Huh? Say it again; I didn’t hear what you said!’

‘Oh, it was’t anything important’

‘Well you should know you are hot too’, he said and started kissing my ear lobe and touching my boobs.

I did not know what to do at first. A flesh of my husband’s image came into my mind, but then I thought ‘Let’s enjoy life while we can’.

‘Should I stay or should I go now?’ he asked me

‘No, it is fun out here, so you could stay a little bit more, if you want’

Then, for the first time in my life, I felt completely free. He got his hand in my bikinis and touched my pussy. It was as wet as it can be. I have put my foot up on the tanning bed so he could have full access to my slit. While he was licking my clit, he put two fingers in my cunt. I was almost there. This ‘handgasm‘ was awesome!

‘Hold me really tight and fuck me harder John. I want you!’

The smell of the freshly cut grass increased my sexual appetite, so I took care that he will never forget this encounter. I began sucking his dick with so much passion that I felt it deep down my throat.  With my hands, I grabbed his firm ass cheeks and pulled him towards me, until he came into my mouth.

Sex in the garden

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As you can imagine this was just the beginning. He fucked me in the ass so hard that I reached climax in just a few seconds, and yelled with excitement:


Source: www.au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

‘Harder John, harder!’

‘This one is a dirty sex’ I thought. He then put his dick right between my legs, while I began licking his fingers like a lollipop. He penetrated me and continued kissing me all over my body. He grabbed me by the hands and held me steady so I couldn’t stop him. It was very hard for me to restrain my moaning. We reached climax in the same time! It was perfect! He wrapped me with his well-proportioned body, and we fell into a deep sleep outside.

In the evening, we got up and it was a bit awkward. We started setting up a story in case my husband figures out something; however, it was never the case. John continues coming to our house, and Mike does not go in business trips as often as he did before. The kinky jokes still exist, and I wonder when will be our next sexual encounter. Don’t you?   As a result, now you know it too, this is our dirty secret! Shhh, you can keep a secret, can’t you?

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