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2nd October, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Glasgow

The story of an elite escort – Jessie

Being number one as an independent escort in Glasgow turns out to be not such a difficult task for today’s call girl – Jessie! With her discreet services and affordable prices, Jessie is one of…


…those Glasgow escorts who has a full schedule all over the year. Time is precious for Jessie so let us get going! Enjoy and leave us your comments down bellow!


astonishing jessieQ: Could you tell us something about yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?

My name is Jenifer, but all my friends call me Jessie. I have recently entered the escorting world, so I would say I am a beginner in this field. I have chosen this job three years ago when a friend told me about all the possibilities you can have as an escort, and since then I haven’t regretted making this decision.

Like any other girl I am literally obsessed with fashion. I love shopping and as you can guess I have tons of clothes, which are never enough.

Q: Mention three perfect gift ideas.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes. These are the perfect gifts for me. Of course that I also love receiving all sorts of accessories or purses and bags, but primarily I love clothes. So if you are thinking of buying me something, buy me something fashionable!

Q: What would be the perfect date like?

I honestly admit I am a romantic woman. So a good restaurant, some good music and some fresh food will do just fine for me. There is no doubt, that a good companion is also included in this perfect scenario!

Q: What do you appreciate most about your job?

Personally I appreciate the fact that it is never monotonous! I hate monotony! Every day is different for me, so this is the main thing I appreciate about this job. I love it!!!

beautiful jessieQ: Do your friends and family know what you do for a living?

Yes, they know! There’s no way to hide something that important from them, so one day I simply dropped the bomb! And they accepted it… in the end! It is my life and I am old enough to take my own decisions.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

Not sure it was a great one. That client hasn’t called me since then, so I strongly believe it was not a perfect one. I don’t know what I did wrong, but it was clearly something that had bothered him. We went for a walk, we had some boring discussions and then we went to a hotel; nothing out of the ordinary. He was that family guy that had to escape his routine, I guess…

Q: How much time do you spend preparing for a date?

This goes without saying – a lot of time!!! Ideally I prefer knowing with at least three days in advance about my date. But not all of my clients can do this. And as a result many times I find out about my dates at the last minute. I am always willing to take any date, and with the right price I accept these last minute dates too.

Q: What qualities does someone need to possess in order to become a successful escort?

Beauty, intelligence, charisma, charm and the list can go on and on forever. But, escorting is not all about having them all. You can be unique and possess only one of these qualities; however, if you manage to keep your client pleased, then it is perfect!

Q: What is your daily schedule like? How often do you work per week?

My schedule is changeable. I usually don’t rush to cover all the days of the week with dates. Sometimes quality is more important than quantity. If you make 8 out of 10 clients to be your regular ones, then it is my strong opinion you have won much more, than easy money! You have won faithfulness from your clients!

Q: Describe the best and the worst call-girl experience.

I usually get on very well with each client I have. However, you can’t avoid difficult and odd situations. My worst experience happened to me once, when one of my clients became very violent to me. He was about to make me do stuff that I didn’t want to do. What was my reaction? I slapped him out of anger and left. Even now I remember that day clearly enough.

In what concerns my best experience, I have to say that during a date, my client did all his best to please me too. He said something like – ‘You are as important as I am, so you need to be happy too after this date. You need to remember me!‘ So, I find this particular date, to be the best for me.

jessie beautyQ: Do you have a list with regular clients? If yes, do you see them more often than new clients?

Luckily I have. After three years of escorting I am proud to say I have more than 20 regular clients. I certainly meet them more often than I meet other clients. They come in first place, if I have to choose between them and an unknown client, they certainly will have a date with me. They are my favorite ones, so I do my best to make them happy!

Q: Have you ever fallen in love with one of your clients? Have you ever been jealous of your regular clients or felt ‘cheated’? If so, what did you do?

I always keep my standards high and I try not to get that involved in my job. I do what I do with excitement and pleasure but I try not to mix my private life with my personal one! So, the obvious answer is that I have never been neither jealous, nor in love with any of my clients! I like to keep it simple!

Q: What do you prefer: incall or outcall services?

I can get into anything, incall or outcall; they are all the same for me. However, when we talk about outcalls there are several steps that need to be fulfilled: I need to know about the date with at least one week in advance, and 90% of the total amount of money the client owns me must be paid in advance. If these two simple requirements are not fulfilled, then the date will not take place. It is as simple as that!

Q: What sort of client do you want to see again?

I love meeting those guys who love life and want to have fun. I am too good at this – in making them feel they are over the moon. I enjoy this kind of dates because this is the way I recharge my batteries. I am full of positivism so I need to share it with someone!

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Well, if I don’t find my prince charming until then, I believe I will maintain this lifestyle many years from now on. It suits me perfectly and I don’t find any other reason, apart from this one, to quit! I love being an independent escort!

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