A high heel less, you win a kiss

29th January, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

On a sunny day, without too much worry on my head, I came from school with earphones on my ears

I usually watch the world, I study them, to have fun, but that day

A high heel less, you win a kiss

Source: psychologytoday.com

On that alley I noticed some pretty, red, little red shoes with two red ribbons out of which could be seen two legs of an electrifying green . From the skirt, not too long but not very short, there were two shy and beautiful knees that made you wonder what kind of place is where they go if you follow them. The red blouse was coming out very little, only with the collar, out of the black sweater, the skirt’s color. “The breasts have to be awesome if she keep them only for herself,” I thought to myself slightly horny. I stand on the left side with the thought of how cute she was, but immediately I noticedthat the girl, with black-blue hair like the color of the raven, was going in my direction. There have been no more than 10 steps when I saw that she falls. I stopped near her, being amused, I wanted to help her, but it struck me quickly when I saw that the dress was jammed, and the heel was broken. I helped her get up and we sat down on a bench. “it hurts me,” she said in a suave voice. “Let me see,” I said. When she raised her leg, I noticed that she was pretty jammed. “It will pass until you get married,” I said, amused, and I removed a bandage from the schoolbag. I carefully cared for the wound and I put the bandage. “When you get Home you take it off and clean it, not to get infected” “Giulia” and stretches her hand, smiling. “Andrei, delighted!” and I grip her hand lightly. “Let me give you my phone number to call me when you want. “Then let’s go out for a coffee today!” she answers: “OK, but first let me change, I’m living right next to the park.” I started walking, agile, with her on my arm because she did not have a heelboth laughing and joking. At the entrance, I stopped by telling her that I’m waiting for her outside. “You do not want to wait for me here” “Why?” “Come on, I promise I’m not biting” “Ok,” I answered with a smile on my face and a perverse thought in my head. I walked in, a tiny student apartment with red curtains, a green rug, furniture in combination of red and green. I made a statement about colors. Catching my hair told me that the green greets her and red helps her learn. I noticed that she had some wonderful features of the face, a brilliant combination of mother nature, with a face that looks always tanned and a hint of a Hispanic woman. She is not very short, 1.65 something like that, but not too thin, up to 60 pounds. I took off my shoes and I took a seat in the kitchen. She turns back very quickly and says to make me comfortable in the living room. I moved in the living room and waited for her. She came quickly into some pair of trousers and a short-sleeved white blip. “Just as I imagined,” I thought. The breasts were perfect, round, perfectly up. She was having a bottle of oxygenated water in her hand, with a little cotton and a bandage. She had some fine legs, like just epilated. I bend to clean her wound and she bent forward as well to see what I was doing. I put the oxygenated water, and I took care in a slow manner of her wound. I was taking care of her knee, as if I had been with her for years, and I loved her intensely. The question arises in my mind: “But how do you trust me so much? I am a stranger” “You are not a stranger, you are Andrei, in fact, can I call you Andi?” she asks. “Yes.” I answered her by putting the bandage. “It’s like I’ve known you for a long time, and I like you a lot, especially for the way you treat me” and she wanted to kiss my cheek, but I do not know why I wanted to do the same thing and we get to meet our lips in a nice kiss. Ashamed, the both of us rised. “Coffee?” She asks. “Milk?” I answeredbeing dizzy. “Perfect, because I do not even have coffee,” she laughs. We arrive in the kitchen, we lit a cigarette and start talking. As time passed we got to the balcony to show me how the park is seen and from the balcony we got back on the couch in the living room. She approached me and kissed my lips, and I continued with a long and passionate kiss. We kissed a lot, as if we were two lovers who had reunited after a long period of separation. She, a little bold than I expected, took my hand and put it on her breast. A sensation that sent me a shriek in the whole body; a soft breast that came into my palm. I lowered slightly and put my hand under the blouse. I realized she was excited very much because her breasts and nipples were getting harder. She pulled me on my back and she got on top of me. I took her blouse off and let her breasts flood my eyes. She had a perfect beauty spot centered between her breasts and a naughty ear in her navel. I stood up with her in my arms, her legs tightened around me like a monkey kid attached to her mother, still kissing me and I took her to the room on the bed. I put her on her back now and kissed her breasts, neck,I kissed her mole,with a slightly damp tongue, I descended on her belly, around the earring, and down to the edge of the trousers. I grabbed them with my teeth and I took them down. Guess what … she had red lingerie. I started playing with my tongue around her panties, exploring, teasing. The smell of panties was raspberry, strawberry, it was a mad smell, and it was very wet in the intimate area. I took her panties down and I got close to my tongue, I touched the labia, right at the entrance, and felt how fine the skin was there. I heard her moaning. She was trembling. I climbed the tongue to the clitoris and began to flinch until she lifted her abdomen and stayed there trembling. I stood beside her and gathered her in my arms. She trembled for a few minutes continuously. She opened her eyes and looked with those blue marbles at me. “You’re the first to ever do this to me … Now it’s my turn” And playfulshe gets her down. She opened my pants quickly and licked me lightly from top to bottom. She was brilliant, she was sucking me so brilliant that I did not think it held me for more than two minutes. I pulled her up to me and I kiss her. “I have to tell you that I have never done it before either,” I said with a smile. Amazed and excited to the fullest that I was the first I wonder if she is virgin and she amused she answered me briefly “Let’s not exagerate…” Both laughing and hornyshe began to move with her soft pussy on me, hardening me instantly. Feeling this, she put her hand fast, put it right and sat down … The most beautiful feeling … She was tight, wet and … fast … she moved exactly like an adult actress. .. she was brilliant … the breasts were moving up and down and seemed to be in the trance … I liked it more and more … I finished after a very long time … at least so I think. … it seemed like an hour … an hour inwhich … as if the biggest fantasies of both of us had made a contour in that room in that bed with red underwear …. an hour when I fell in love with Giulia and the time when we both did a lot of things for the first time …

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