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13th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Glasgow

Meet the embodiment of perfection – Rachel, a high-class escort

Rachel is a breathtaking beauty with an exquisite body and a slim figure! If you are in Glasgow you just have to call her and set an appointment; you will get your treat for that!

Rachel loves chocolate and champagne, so be prepared to deal with a sweet and delicate woman!

She is more than you can wish, she is passionate, romantic and full of energy! She is the luscious example of your dream girl! She is desirable and exciting! Call her and enjoy something special tonight!

‘You have to be present in the virtual world in order to enjoy the real world!’ (Rachel)

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself!

All my friends and clients know me as Rachel; I’m 30 years old and I’m an independent escort in Glasgow! I love to cook and eat spicy food; I love dancing therefore in my spare time I’m always in a club.

I love to party and have a good time; I appreciate men who know what they want in life and who are adventurous! Don’t be afraid to live your life as you want it!

Q: Do you have that special something that other girls do not?

I believe I do! I have a playful personality and a curvy body that can convert into reality every man’s dream! I can entertain any type of man because I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve! Just put me to the test and you will get amazed!

Q: Why do you think people disagree with escort services?

It’s easy, due to preconceptions and myths! Unfortunately, our society is definitely a traditional one and people can’t give up their past principles. We are too afraid to accept new things in our lives. We are accustomed to a certain mentality and it’s definitely very hard to change it! But, we also have to take into account the fact that we are in a constant change and therefore we should adapt to these changes and not deny them!

Q: How did you tell your mother you are an escort?

It happened a long time ago. I simply told her the truth. Of course, at the beginning she was more than reticent with the idea threatening that she will lock me in the house. Nevertheless, after a while seeing that I’m fine from all points of view and most importantly happy, she hadn’t had anything other option, but to accept my decision. It was definitely hard at the beginning!

Q: Did your family accept it?

As I’ve told you, in the end they accepted it. However, with my dad it was far much more difficult. He couldn’t cope with the idea! For a long time I’ve tried to make him understand that I was not doing something bad! He had to understand that this job is like any other job; it helps me make a living and this is all! I earn money with little effort!

Q: What ‘escort myths’ you would like to bust?

Oh, I really appreciate this question. There are so many myths out there! People tend to believe everything! One myth that bothers me is the one that escorts have sex with every client they have. Well, think twice because it is not true! The percentage is far much lower; I would say I have sex only with 3 out of 8 clients I date. So, yeah the others just hire me to entertain them and keep them company!

Q: What are your biggest fears about being an escort?

To be honest I don’t really have that many fears about being an escort. One that crosses my mind at this point is that I fear to have dates with impulsive clients because with them you never know what to expect. They are odd in the sense that they can react surprisingly!

Q: How do you attract clients?

I advertise a lot, that’s for sure! I check all sorts of websites out there and chat a lot. Social platforms come in handy in this type of situations! Your image as an escort is definitely important!

Q: Do you have regular clients?

I have regular clients! They are those clients who just cannot get enough of me! I am glad to date them! They are so sweet and lovable!

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Q: How many days per week do you work?

I work every day, except for Sundays. That’s my day off! During the rest of the week when a client calls me I usually accept it! It’s part of my job!

Q: Is your job difficult?

For some it might be difficult! You know what they say – nothing in this world is easy. You have to fight for your dreams or get nothing! So, as I was saying, any job has its pros and cons! The worst part of being an escort is probably the fact that you do not have a fixed schedule. You work mostly during the nights so you have to sleep during daytime when people are generally awake and want to spend time with you! This is why some might perceive you as antisocial!

Q: Would you recommend this profession to anyone else?

Yes! It’s a job where you can earn money by doing nothing! You only have to spend time with men and have them feel at ease with you. You just have to enjoy your time while meeting new people. It can be enjoyable if you know how to taste every bit of life! You just have to find the positive part in anything and this is how you will be happy!

Q: Do you need something special to be an escort?

Self-confidence and positivism, I would say! If you manage to think positive and to make your clients happy, then you are probably perfect for this job; don’t forget about self-confidence! Take the initiative and don’t be afraid that your reactions might frighten your client! Act to impress him! Make him never forget your encounter! Make him call you again! This is the secret to survive in this world!

Q: When do you intend to quit this job?

Never! This is what I’m thinking right now, but you never know what life has prepared for you! Maybe tomorrow I’ll think differently! We’ll see, call me tomorrow… (Ha-ha)

Q: Any future plans?

Actually no! I like to live in the present! I don’t like to think about the future. Let life make me a surprise! A good one, I hope!

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