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28th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Perth

An escort interview that unveils everything!

This sensational goddess will make you never forget her! She will be your teacher in the art of relationship! She knows all the secrets and wants to share them with you!

Give her a chance to prove to you she is the best at what she does, escort services. If this is not enough, take a look at her pictures and you will see a hot pleasure lady. She is ready to explore your sensuality and make sure you will enjoy her view of what it really means to offer a perfect adult entertainment show!

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself

To tell you the truth, I am a genuine erotic woman. I am sensual, naughty and extremely sexy. I am talented and highly energetic, exactly the type of woman who is perfect for this industry.

I am aware that my main purpose is to satisfy my clients and do my best to make them happy. If we think straight, they pay to get a form of relaxation, and as an escort, you need to give them exactly what they came for. To continue I am highly intuitive and very affectionate with those who help me make a living out of escorting. You know, I am very grateful and this is why I love to develop an intimate relationship with them.

Q: What makes you different from the other escorts?

I give to my clients the possibility to absorb some of my mood and my energy. There is no other way to have a date with me and not leave satisfied and with a different desire to live. Having a good time together is part of the deal.

Moreover, I am undeniably attractive and I have a charming personality. But this is not all, I have a great sense of humor that works perfectly for all. You’ll see it once we’ll meet!

Q: Describe this industry briefly! Strong points and weak points.

The world of escorting is definitely a complex world with lots of pros and cons. To be successful you need to outsmart it, in other words you need to get the best parts in everything that you do; you need to find your own motivation.

It’s an industry where those women who know how to be real entertainers get all the best parts of it. Moreover, it is an environment where the first impression counts, and where a dazzling beauty is the one that has the most chances to make money.

The weak points consist of the risks involved, whether that we talk about the dangers, or that we talk about the risks of catching diseases. However, as I’ve said earlier, if you know how to use everything in your own advantage you will be successful!

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Q: How did this job help you?

Firsts of all, it helped me become the woman that I am today, that is to say an independent woman, highly confident. Furthermore, it helped me to better understand manhood and achieve full erotic fulfillment. Probably, if I hadn’t become an escort I wouldn’t have had the chance to experiment so many things on my own skin!

Q: How do you think you help your clients?

They call me for so many reasons, you wouldn’t believe it how important are our services for them. For instance, here we talk about being their companion, but most of all their friend. It’s true that some call us just for sex, but as odd as this might seem to an outsider, the majority calls us for companionship. They need someone to understand them and someone to talk about their fears and about their problems. Somehow we are therapists.

Most of my clients need someone to care about their needs and to make them feel important. They need someone to confess to, to listen and not criticize them.

Q: Can you give us an example of such a client?

Yes. For instance, once I had a client who wanted help to heal after a painful breakup. He was not feeling confident and man enough. The most important part in his treatment, was the talking. He needed a self-discovery method. The satisfaction and our relationship went to a totally different level, in comparison to other dates.

Q: How important is your appearance?

It is probably the most important thing here. Why do I say this? Well, because if clients are not impressed by the way you look, and if you don’t raise their interest, then you are probably lost and not made for this job.

You need to look stunningly beautiful and have something special, which differentiates you from the rest of the other escorts. You need to always be in the front line, to distinguish yourself. The number of the active escorts is increasing therefore, I believe there is no room left for the common and mediocre escorts. They only lose their time.

Q: What was the most impressive gift you received?

I don’t need time to think about this because it is obvious for me. It was an exclusive watch that I wear all the time. It is a well-known brand and an expensive watch too. I really appreciated this gift. It’s chic, elegant and classy as well. It’s the perfect watch for me! I always wanted it and my dream finally came true!

Q: What is your most attractive body part?

This is really funny, but I really love my legs. My legs are my best part. They are nicely shaped, long and slim. There is no man out there who wouldn’t be impressed by my appearance. I am aware that I make men turn their heads! What can I say, I own it to my mother!

Q: How secretive are you with your job?

Well, I am not a secretive person, not at all. I am very talkative, so I cannot hold secrets only for myself. My family knows and my friends as well. There are many acquaintances whom I lost contact with after telling them my profession, but that’s life. People are very judgmental and discriminating. At the beginning my family was shocked but not outraged. They accepted it after some time.

Q: How do you normally dress for a date?

It depends on the weather, ha-ha. I normally take something comfortable but sexy and attractive at the same time. For instance, I wear a mini skirt, a dress or a pair of jeans and a nice top. That’s all, nothing too extravagant.

Q: What do you appreciate in a client?

His good manners and his smell. I want to be attracted by my clients and I usually try to find something appealing in each and every one; I use that particular thing it to my own advantage. I need to be at ease with him in order to give him what he looks for.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

Discreet, provocative and sensual.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I usually spend my time at the gym. It’s definitely an action which helps me keep my body fit, but it is as well, something which I do for pure pleasure. It helps me relax and do something useful for myself. I have a lot of friends at the gym, therefore for me it can also be called a social activity. I spend hours after hours at the gym and don’t get bored or tired. I have a personal trainer who helps me to stay motivated.

Q: How is your life as an escort?

It’s just great! I love it! It is the job I have forever wanted for myself! It gives me everything that I need: money, happiness and lots of friends. What else can I want?

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