A priceless escort interview in Livingston

26th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Livingston

An amazing encounter with an erotic goddess

Have you ever thought about how powerful the nonverbal communication can actually be? If not, we have a perfect example of an independent escort who has managed to convert it into a genuine…

seductive weapon. Today’s elite courtesan loves to flirt and to fantasize. More than that, her joyful bliss and her energetic nature will definitely overwhelm any of her clients! Find out more about her in the following interview!

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself.

I like to flirt and I love to dominate. I enjoy this job, and I strongly believe it was created especially for me! It suits me like a glove. Anything you do with passion and dedication, can be seen from miles apart, and this is exactly what I do as an independent escort! I cannot wait to meet you! I’ll be awaiting you in Livingston!

Q: What types of gifts do you appreciate the most?

Well, I am passionate about fashion and clothes. Therefore, if you want to put a smile on my face you can bring me something fashionable, a piece of clothing you would like me to wear. From the naughtier ones to stylish clothes they all suit me.

I am a fashion addict that is why I have an entire wardrobe with exclusive clothes. I invest a lot of money in my appearance because I believe it counts very much in this industry. All women, love good perfumes and want to have tons of clothes! It’s not something out of the ordinary!

Q: Describe your best date.

Well, it happened last summer when one of my regulars, that will probably read this interview too, took me to a romantic date. We had a personal driver who made our date much easier. We had the chance to see some unique views and we had the pleasure to admire the night lights. It helped me create that romantic and erotic tension, my client needed after he got through a difficult period in his life. Thank you Jason for that date. It meant a lot for me!

Q: Any unpleasant encounters?

I had some unpleasant encounters; not even this world is perfect, so we have to be aware that there are as well rude gentlemen out there.

I cannot name one particular date; instead, I can tell you some common points. Men can sometimes be disrespectful and frustrated. They don’t know how to appreciate a woman in their own private life and therefore they don’t know how to respect us either.  I try to avoid them, but in some cases it is impossible to predict everything!

Q: What is the worst defect an escort can have?

As an escort, you should not be shy or unconfident. You need to be strong, compassionate and tender. Usually men who desire this kind of services, want a self-confident woman who is also mentally strong. They don’t have the time to teach you how to behave, this is why you need to be able to anticipate their requests. Insecurity is to avoid here!

Q: During your working hours, are you the same person you are in your private life?

Hmm, it depends. I don’t want to say that I fake, but sometimes you need to know how to act and be the character your client requires. For instance, in my personal life I don’t like to dominate men or to make the first step, like I do during my working hours. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and be that particular type of woman your client desires. In my personal life, I don’t like to initiate something, I like to receive compliments and not make them.

Q: Do you have any habits before a date?

Yes, I have my own habits. I like to take a shower before every date and make a fresh makeup. I try to do things at a professional level, and this is why I have certain rules of personal hygiene and beauty tricks that I want to follow every day. I need to be perfect for every client I have and I struggle a lot to be happy and optimistic even if I have problems at home. I don’t want to mix my private life with my personal one!

Q: How should the perfect escort be like?

Undoubtedly, there are many features for an independent escort to get to be perfect in her job. From my point of view, apart from beauty, a lady of pleasure needs to be highly cultivated, she needs to posses a polished vocabulary and more than that, she needs to be well-mannered. There are many things you can do as an escort to impress, but be aware: first impression always counts!

Q: What are your main qualities?

To be honest, I am a good conversationalist, but a good listener as well. Paying attention to your client’s needs is essential. All in all, as an escort, you need to be the companion or the friend the person who pays you requires. Everything can be learned; it might be a little bit hard at the beginning, but if you are a newbie, don’t lose your faith because you can become the person you want!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to dance a lot, and this is why when I am not at work you can find me in the local clubs. I gather all my friends and enjoy ourselves. It’s a healthy way to keep my body fit and have fun as well. Tonight is perfect for a party, don’t you think?

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I see myself doing the same things that I like today. I don’t think I’ll change that much in five years time. I believe I’ll still do this profession and I hope I’ll be richer than I am today! Ha-ha!

Q: What is the worst mistake an escort can do on her first date?

On the first date with a client, the worst mistake an escort can do is to be late. For sure, she will lose that client and any effort to get him back will be useless. This is why, my advice would be to take plenty of time before any booked date so that you can avoid stressful situations.

Q: Do you advertise a lot?

Yes, at least I try to as often as I have time for this. I strongly believe that advertising is essential for an escort, therefore I always search for the best places to advertise myself. Reputation plays an important role in the online environment.

Q: Have you ever fallen in love with one of your clients?

No, and I hope I will not. I want to find the love of my life through other means. I don’t think that such a relationship can last over the years. I need to find the perfect men, and I don’t think one of my clients can be that exact type of gentleman. I want some other things in my personal life.

Q: Any life motto?

‘You can have anything you want as long as you give up the belief that you cannot have it.’

This is the saying that makes me get over my daily problems and gives me power to survive. It is such a motivating quote for me and I hope it will inspire you too. Kisses!

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