A summer memory

10th November, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

The sun is stub born to lay down

We are stretched in the divine light as the divine that en compasses us and we try to understand that we are not in a dream,

A summer memory

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that everything is reality and that everything is like in 1001 nights where any thing it is possible and we try to under stand that we are next to each other and that everyone else is somewhere far fromus, so far that it seems we are on a deserted is land and in a way we are, in a universe of our own . I try tounder stand that you are that good thing in life for me.The sun begins to hide between the clouds of red blood and the last rays of it reflect on your angelic face. Your breasts invite me to caress them, your we thair is on your shoulders. You look at me, your gaze is so fulfilled, it seems like that’s what you wanted, to find someone who really cares about you and makes you feel like a woman … I lower my hand slightly to your buttocks, I massage them lightly. Your pleasure grows with every second I spend touching you. My hand goes back to your waist but it only takes it to the miniature bikini you wear. Your body is arched when I touch you in that place. The tension in your body is already close to the limits. My lips start to play with your ears. The sounds you make show how much pleasure you can have. My hand walks over your public area, over your slipper. My tongue touches every part of your labia. Night has long entered in to rights, the full moonth rows out the ghostly light on us, we enter the sea, you put your feet around my waist . Everything is so unreal, as if time has frozen, everything is happening at an incredibly small speed, It seems like all the time has stopped for us to chain our bodies into a fictitious fusion. Your feet are tired round my waist, you leave on your back, your hair touches the water … It is already dark but no need for words, none of us want to stop … The moonen compasses us in her greetings. It is making us a favor. You spread your legs, you get away from me like provoking me to an inevitable prelude. I approach you, I sticky out my body, you leave you self soft in my hands … you know what’s next. You are looking for my eyes … like you do not want to lose me: you will not lose me … you will not get away so easily, it’s just the beginning … You hold me so tight, it is like you want me to feel how much you like to realize that I’m just yours. On our face were ad fatigue, our bodies bear the traces of our union. Your nails were able to trace deeply on my body and not only the physic was affected … I still cannot recover after those incredible moments in which I felt you were my famous half and our union was full of sparks and energy releases … I look at you … (you dress you self) you are poetry in motion. You slowly pull your bikinis,you know I’m watching you. You like to see how ten sed you are watched by mer. You’removing languros. I suddenly get up, I embrace you in myarms, my hands cover your shapes, you leave on your back. Your head is on my shoulder, I want to touch you, I feel like you leave yourself soft in my hands. My penis is already in an advance derection. Your hands are looking for my pants, and your hand stops on my penis, you pull it hard … oh

You have such a perverse smile, you want me. As you stand, in a bending position, I have a perfect vision of your vagina. You follow me as if you’re asking me to come in you, to start that come and go full of so external sensations. You like to see how the desire is boiling in me, you like to watch me, to see how I come next to you and how I bend you in front and in an extreme lightly way I penetrate you deeper and deeper. You lay me down, you sit on top of me, you like beingin control. I dominated enough, it’s your turn to take control, you’regently sliding down just enough to touch our forbidden areas. You like so much to control me … After you have been under my control so long it’s like a break outt o subjugate it. Your body has a precise movement. You move in front and back with a sudden movement on either side … You leave your head on your back . Your breathis as quick as making a real marathon. You want me to finish, hope to stay out of energy. The movements have become so energetic that they feel the tension of your whole body …The orgasm was rascal, you look at me with such a perverse smile. You’re lying on your belly, you want to come back. Of course I will not let you get too much energy and it will be bad for me. They have only passeda few seconds and I’m already on top of you. You stay wide, like you want to do me despite. My tension has increased to alarming levels … I still feel the tension in your body, I’m starting to massage you. You leave soft in my hands, I have a clearvision on your vagina. The mind already begins to stop working, I must be inside it slowly. I take my hands down, I massage your buttocks. You fit the ass, my fingers have their clear trajectory, your vagina seems to be a magnet for me. You gave up the strain, my finger is deep inside … Two fingers are deep in your vagina looking for places that are otherwise untouchable. You Get up your ass, you want to make my mission easier. My fingers smash the deepest possible places … I put my penis in your vagina. The raisedass clearly shows your vagina perfectly what it wanted to be penetrated. Your hands help me even more, you keep your but tocks spread, you want me to go as deep as I can … my entrance is accompanied by a sound of pleasure …My moves are so calculated, you’removing in the rhythm of mine, you want no second to pass. You want to live to the fullest. I start to raise the rhythm, my movements are getting faster and faster. The rhythm that I impose is infernal. Moanes of pleasure are heard from you, you are begging me not to stop just by looking at me. Your body is shaken, your senses are at alarming odds, the pleasure is maximum and the ecstasy is maximum, you bite your hand as if you want me to feel the intensity of your sensations.

I look at you: You look so good. You have some shorts that I would like to rape you right there in the sight of everyone. Your breasts are so appetizing! I’m sticking to you, you’re moving the ass on my penis that has already begun to take considerable dimensions the people look at us but for us there is only have the movement of our bodies in the music that flood sour minds. You are at a small distance under water, you lose sight of me, I’m just right behind you, I take you in my arms, you come back, you kiss me so hard, the night is so beautiful. The moon is on duty tonight.

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