Almost perfect

18th November, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It is summer.

The warm weather can only be enjoy able when she takes down her heavy shepherd’s clothes down on the green grass of the field.

Almost perfect


The body expands pleasantly in front of her animals, as if it races so much energy gathered in one place. She uncovers her full breasts, and drips them with fresh spring water and runs naked under the sun. Oh Lord! And how unconscious of her beauty she was! No one ever told her how beautiful she was, in order not to become arrogant. Her parents believed that once she was aware of her charms she would forget about her household and her main obligation to take the sheep out. They would never imagined that Ileana loves the animals, that she also enjoyes being loved by them. She lives her quiet life with the only joy of knowing her beloved sheep need her, and feeling the energy and love of nature … and is this a little thing or is the full happiness … the merging with the mother nature, the full love?
In that torid afternoon Ileana experienced something that was going to change her life, to fill her mind with unimagined thoughts, ideas that she had never had before. As she was staying with her charming nakedness near the river with silent glimpses and with a sigh of relief, Ileana fell asleep. When she woke up in the same energy-filled, life-loving, supreme love setting, a pleasing numbness inunded her whole body. Unconsciously, she lowered her right hand between her legs burning with desire, a desire for a “no-know-what” mysterious. She was not thinking of anything. She Let herself prey to the instincts so well developed that it would seem to have done it for eternity. Her fingers began to turn madly between her legs separated by the rays of sun which was so curious, about her intimacy. It would not take long until Ileana ejaculated strong , unprejudiced, unthinking by the unhealthy grass of so much erotism unleashed. The girl let her hands fell trembling and helpless, groping her strong back against the hot, strong ground, her first lover. Her knees were trembling as if she was mad, as if everything had gone crazy.
Nothing was as she knew before the pleasure of experiencing the loving nature that seemed to have entered into every corner of her body. Her eyes were looking over the expanse of the plain, over the brilliance of the river, over the drifting of the forest road. Her mind began to dwell on the pleasure she was still feeling. She could not think of anything for a few minutes, after the dream she had come up from so unexpectedly. She dreamed of her God in the sky, the one who had guarded her so many times by the dangers of desolation. And strangely, even if she had never known the seedy look of an erectile penis, Ileana saw in her dream the beloved God, wearing the shepherd’s whistle in the form of a mighty phallus that pierced her unknown body, but which was screaming with desire. And it seemed like that beautiful dream ended only when Ileana spread her liquids on the unassuming earth that swallowed them without saying a word.
Waves of heat once again flooded the girl. And it was not because of the consuming sun that so tenderly touched the roundness of her body. Was this a desacration of the beloved nature? No, it could not be! The Earth loved her more than ever. And, like, half-dream, half-reality, the God of the sheperds showed to her again. He was beautiful, so beautiful, so Ileana was feeling a slave to his beauty. It was known that this is his power. The girl longed for her to feel the weight of him above her and the God was conscious of it. Instead, he let her struggle, to even want him more, to get excited and horny just at the thought that He could do it. The girl imagined how He would sit, beign so sure of himself, beside her body, which was murmuring by the desire that was prepared to receive his unforgiving manhood. He delayed this, delaying pleasure, but increasing it. Ileana began to dwell on the desire that had been so long hidden in her. He then put himself on her, so hard , and in his fall over the willing child brought with him all the beauty of the world, all the aromas – pleasant aphrodisiacs – the freshness of nature. And then an unmistakable pleasure, an unmistakable screaming filled the body of Ileana and making her feel swallowed by the beloved Mother Nature. The writhing of the body made her drift deeper and deeper into the depths of pleasure, just as pleasure deepened in her body with the beats of the insatiable god. A chain of spirits, spontaneous cleansing and relaxation of his being passed all through the righteous child. The girl crashed after tens of minutes of indescribable pleasure in the bed of the frenzied river. The cold water made herlive to the feelings of mortals. Something was telling her that she was given to live something that is harassed only by the elected. She was still thinking, like a child in love with her God … who would believe it? But will she have the courage to tell someone? Will these intense senses will be lived again by her? Will her God return to get her rid of the human vulgarity?
“I love you, my God! Love me and take care of me! Fill my body with these feelings at once, And once again, and again … “Ileana felt dizzy, saw her feet, saw her head resting on a boulder from the tumultuous river, closed her eyes instantly, and from that moment saw nothing. Only the face of his beloved God passed through the closed eyes. He unfolded his body under the curious look of the girl. The girl embraced the perfection of the phallus, and passed it through her full and red lips as if it were a ripe pomegranate, and did not stop from kissing it with kisses until she felt the pulse of pleasure near her unassembled tongue. He did not want it to finish like that. He Feeling the girl s body pulsating more strongly than his manhood. He turned her with her face to the ground, her face swallowing the unsightly grass that seemed to grow from its moisture. He stared for a moment at the nakedness of the child so pleasing to his eyes, then pierced the wet rectum that received the miraculous phallus. How did It fill in that tight space the whole penis is hard to imagine. The anus of the girl was so tightly catching his penis that he remained as though she had been dazzled, full of divine blood. He retired fretfully and then straightened the strap of the vagina moistened by the desire. The girl was feeling crazy about pleasure,her mind was drowned in waves of sinful warmth, the grass was blending with her long and curly hair, she felt how someone was loving her so much because she was chosen to feel all that. She woke up with this new pleasure that was haunting her whole body, in the cold water of the river, her head being on the boulder that had caused her faintness and that dream that felt so real. She remembered how the god had sown his seed inside her like the course of a river which had filled her and made her feel so fulfilled.
I love you, my child ! You are like a fairy tale thing, a creature that makes me float, say I’m not alive, living in a dream! I wish you every moment, I will want you even in the second you will leave me …

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