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We both stay at the last level, the only two apartments from 10.

I hear her in the morning when she leaves, I hear her in the evening when she returns, the walls are so thin, so I hear her showering



I hear her cooking and especially I hear her moaning soft when she masturbates.

I never had the guts to talk to her, we were seeing each other preety rare, most of all the meetings were in the elevator. And I was always melting for her perfume, her red hair and her tanned skin. Even in the weak light of the elevator she was gorgeous. She was absolutely perfect! Last night things got different in a surprising way! I returned from work and she was at home, Friday night. She was always coming an hour after me, and each night I was waiting for the sound of the elevator and then the sound of her door. I was a little bit disappointed that, that night I was not going to hear the sound which was making my heart beating. I was in the mood for pancakes so I started to make some. I realized I was out of milk! I like the pancakes only with milk, so after a few minutes I made courage to go and ask her for some milk. Finally, a reason to talk to her! I rang her doorbell, she opened the door, I asked for some milk and she smiles:
-Pancakes, you say… I want some too!
It was not an invitation to refuse so I became all red like a kiddo and I invited her for pancakes. To make the atmosphere even better I opened a bottle of red wine, I poured it in two glasses and we started the pancakes. We finished the pancakes alongside with the first bottle of wine, we decided to watch a movie, so we opened up another bottle of red wine. Her name was Alyse. Such an interesting, special and mysterious name. We were getting along pretty good, especially after the wine, so the discussion derived to much more intimate zones and without realizing, I said her my secret, that I like to hear her when she takes a shower or when she masturbates. She was clearly intrigued. All evening she was with a step before me, so my male pride made itself present so without thinking anymore I began to kiss her, at first shy and then more passionate. It was a perfect moment and I didn’t want it to end. She took me in her arms and with every kiss she was getting closer and closer to me, until we were completely sticked to each other. I lay on my back and she went over me, she began to scratch my neck, to bite my lips, everything was getting hotter! She is such a fine woman! We started to carress each other’s bodies, we tried to get to know better our bodies. She took off my T-shirt and she began kissing me on my chest, while I was opening up her jeans. We managed to undress each other. Then we lay on the carpet, I was on top. I started to kiss her slowly on her neck, on her chest, breasts and I was going slowly to her abdomen. When I reached the bikini she trembled, she put her fingers in my hair and she began to moan softly. I walked my tongue slowly on her clitoris, biting it easy from time to time. When the pleasure was intensified I stopped, I kissed her a few times there, then I started to blow slowly warm air, then another kiss… I jumped on her starting to kiss her, I was getting in love with her with every kiss. We began to make love there on the carpet. I was having an incredible feeling, a new one, we were both so excited and horny so nothing around didn’t matter anymore, the time was stopped, and our hot bodies were asking for each other. We kneeled, both of us, she was with her back at me and with her legs a little bit spread, and I penetrated her slowly, with long and slow movements. She arched her back and I could caress her breasts while she was moaning alongside with my moves. It didn’t take long and I felt I was near the orgasm, we were both trembling and we remained like that for a moment, catching for breath and with our hearts beating so, very fast. I ejaculated suddenly. We were both on the carpet, naked, our eyes were shining and we weren’t tired of looking at each other. I began to kiss her clitoris, to lick her labia, I want to taste her entire pussy. It was all wet and juicy! I wanted more so I didn’t stop and I continued to lick her, I play with her clitoris, up and down. I caught it with my lips, I bit it slowly, I sucked it and then I licked it again. Meanwhile my hands were touching her all over her body, her neck, shoulders, abdomen, breasts, everything. I pass a finger on her mouth and she licks it, then I penetrate her with my finger and at the same time I licked her clitoris, I began tom ove my finger faster, back and forward. The tongue was licking faster too, I took off my finger and I licked it, I enjoyed its taste. Then I put another two fingers into her pussy, I moved them both inside her. I have to say, I don’t wanna brag or something, but I am very god at oral sex, at sex in general I mean, I like to make the partner lose her mind, to feel like I am in control and to offer maximum pleasure. I took them out and I licked her deep, she grabbed me and pulled me on her, she took off my T-shirt, I took off my pants, then I penetrated her slowly with my big cick, I took it out, and then I put it again inside her. Our bodies were sticked to each other, the moans intensified, I looked at her, I liked to see her satisfie. We were dizzy with love, pleasure and erotism. We got beyond our bounderies and we managed to offer each other high sensations, like we were on drugs. Sex is the best, most powerful drug if it is made with the right person. I was feeling lucky in those very moments.I got inside her again, I got up and she got up too, we were fucking being embraced, we were moving at the same pace, she pushed me on my back and she got on top of me, with a hdn I was caressing her breasts and with the other I touched her clitoris, I was enjoying every moment with her, then I rolled her over and I was on top of her. We were about to finish, we prolounged it until tha last moment, and finally we both exploded in a double orgasm that made us both shaking. I slowly got over her and I kissed her soflty, then she kissed me back, I took her in my arms and we fell asleep, satisfied, happy and curious about what was going to happen between us the following days. It was sure that was not the first and last of our meetings, it was too good to be true, and such sexual compatibility it is so hard to find these days, so I was looking forward to see what was going to happen next!

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