The angelic melody of love!

7th November, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

The angel’s kiss shadows a love story!

Desire and aspiration, love and romance! The angel’s kiss portraits the wonders of a love story! The flames of a burning desire whisper in the night the magic of a fantasy which is about to…

…convert into reality!

One night, two lovers and a story of romance…

Girl: Do you appreciate me?

Boy: NO!

Girl: Will you regret it if this ends here?

Boy: NO!

Girl: Do you like me?

Boy: NO!

Girl: Well, in this case there is no point for me to stay here any longer with you!

And then the boy grabbed her hand and said: ‘I do not appreciate you, I worship you! I will not regret our story’s end; I’ll die from sorrow if this comes to an end! And most of all, I do not like you! I love you from the bottom of my heart!’

And their story goes on and on forever under different shapes! Their confessions blend into a flavorsome love melody! Just hear it!



The perfect time is yet to come…

This intense burning desire makes out of all the surroundings a scene full of possibilities for the angel to manifest his mesmerizing love!

‘At first I was afraid to get hurt’

‘And this is why I chose only to flirt…’

Have faith and fall into your lover’s arms! Value your moments together and feed your hunger with love! Do not let yourself be deceived by insignificant appearances – not every feeling fades into a dim light! Offer yourself the chance to love and be happy! Live this romantic sin together…

‘The heaven beside me is you! I’ll be forever yours! ‘

‘Touch my lips tenderly; this is all that should count for now! ‘

‘You are the falling star which makes my dream come true! Let your guard down, just for a moment of pleasure! ‘

This infinite ocean of emotions is an overwhelming source of life! Love sparkles in a poetry of senses… You just have to believe that it is going to last… This is an art of persistence!

‘You whisper to my ears a story of romance… our love story… in such a warm way that makes me want to hear it over and over again!’

You are heaven’s scent!



Love unlocks doors and facilitates unexpected outcomes… Strong emotions that fight for freedom! Secrets revealed, passions awaken contribute to the creation of a unique language, which can only be understood by our hearts!

Love always finds its way! An apparently impossible love story will break the barriers and unite even the Earth and the Sky!

‘I’ve searched the world for you, and now I’ve finally found you! You are mine and I’ll be forever yours!’

‘The Earth is moving under me! You are heaven’s scent… The arms of love have welcomed me! I am happy now…’

No continent is too wide for love to cross, and no period of time is too long for a relationship to last and survive! Feel the vibe and the fantasies will take you by surprise! Discover the unknown and smile!

This will all stir an electrifying glamour inside of you. But do not be scared! The rumor will give you sense and power to fight for your destiny! Believe in your faith!

‘Your heavenly view brightens my morning as we picture love as the only way out…’

‘We seize the moments of joy; this power is a conquering one… We are the main protagonists of our love story…’

‘Your voice calls me, your soul requires my warmth and your senses only get up when I’m around…’

Touch me with your love!

Can love travel? Undoubtedly, yes! Distance is just the ultimate test to see how far it can actually travel…

Love has no barriers and no limits!

‘Every night I’ve watched you from the sky! Your beauty just caught my eyes…’

‘I’ve felt your presence, I’ve felt your view, and then I knew…’

‘Tell me everything about your feelings’

‘So I know it is not against my willing! ‘



Who is the first person you think of in the morning? Who is the person who is in your thoughts when you fall asleep? Who appears in your dreams? That is exactly the person whom you must pay attention to, because this is how you will find the thief who stole your heart!

Reflect over your present and over your senses! Remember – imperfection is always accepted by perfection! This beloved sensation will make you familiar with all the wonders worthy of your attention!

‘Let’s fall in love over and over again! We are just perfect for one another!’

‘Show me the way towards your heart and I’ll stay there forever! I’ll keep you company for the rest of our lives!’

‘Your glow acted like a magnet! You did it on purpose!’

‘We were meant to be together! I’m easy to be carried!’

A lonely heart has now found its match! In this case, the laws which have been broken helped two lovers be together! Was it worth it?

Gaze at your feelings and this flickering light will be shared at last!

‘We are walking on the clouds’

‘We are singing our love so loud! ‘

‘So high with you; so proud of you’!

‘It is like a dream come true! ‘

An idyll between an angel and a mortal! It is all come true! Everything is possible! With the touch of love the darkness has disappeared! The pleasure is there, the unknown must be explored!

I wish this night never to end!

‘I am the foreigner and you are my traveler!’

‘I’ve come from so far away just to see your smile, to taste your lips! ‘

‘I’ll stay here with you until nothing will be left to say!’

The soul has come out of its shell to live this miraculous harmony, this hallucinating reverie! But then, just eloquent silence…



A quiet sleep…

‘All these caresses, were they true? Are you there my angel? You were in my dreams! Come to me my love! Come again! This does not have to be the end! Let us be free together! Let us taste this precious joy!’

‘I’ll wait for you a lifetime if it is necessary! The falling star must impress again! ‘

Never lose your heart and dreams will come true!

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