Beautiful and tender

4th December, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I looked up and saw her.

She was on my right side with the computer connected to the Internet on a pornographic site.

Beautiful and tender


She was looking at pictures with well-groomed men and it was no longer enough for her. The right hand was on the mouse and the left one was squeezed between the legs under the short skirt. She was masturbating easy … the face was full of satisfaction, the slightly opened lips were making her look so sexy. Her yes were enjoying every picture. I noticed her hand as she was moving delicately under the skirt and the sight of the bare legs and thinking about what she was doing, it made me horny instantly. Without wanting, I took my hand to my penis and I touched myself through the pants. She did not realize I was looking at her. I sighed, I got up and I went behind her. She did not do any gesture, and she minded her own bussiness. She was excited very hard. The images of the penises that were scrolling on the monitor were driving her mad. I stood behind her and gently rubbed my penis with no sound. After a few minutes she began to moan harder and to tremble gently. She almost reached the orgasm. I did not resist and I dragged the zipper slowly. The zipper made her sigh of excitement. I took my penis out and I started rubbing it. It was erected, but it had more to grow. Simona was emanating so much sensuality that I quickly came to maximum erection. We were both looking at the pictures and we reached a great degree of excitement. We continued to masturbate. Fortunately for me I did not ejaculate quickly. Like I was stuck. I stood behind her with the erected penis, I was rubbing it and I could not finish. As if I wanted to extend the moment or not know what was happening to me. I could hear her moaning and how she was breathing faster and more excitingly. A short scream told me that she had an orgasm. Then she turned back lightly, in a passionate way, she opened her blouse, and she showed me the appetizing breasts. She put on her knees and approached the lips to my penis. I’m glad I did not finish and gave her the opportunity now to do what she wanted with my penis. She took it delicately between her lips … I hardly felt … and I heard a sigh of satisfaction. She liked oral sex, clearly. She was staring at me in the eyes. She was doing it with passion. She lowered her tongue on my balls, and licked them. I started to moan; I was feeling great. She was aware of it. Then she got up again and bit my penis, she licked it and started sucking it. I was already in ecstasy. When I felt like I was almost finished, I stopped her. I hardly mastered and did not ejaculate. I had managed to block myself again. She then put her breasts over my penis. She was moaning with intriguing eyes. Then she came back and gave me the image of her beautiful ass, she lifted her skirt over her hips and she leaned down on the desk. I watched her moving, with her legs spread wide and with her waist arched. The image of her intimate lingerie, bikinis and joggles has increased my adrenaline level. I leaned over her and I removed her blouse. I kissed her on the back of her neck and I lowered my tongue back as I grabbed her full breasts in my hands. I could hardly reach them. The big nipples were hardened … they were stabbing me in my hands. My penis found space between her buttocks. She was moving provocatively … she wasnot rushing. I lowered my tongue on her buttocks and then I bit them. I put on my knees and I started licking her. She was moaning of pleasure. From the vagina was dropping the liquid with its impressive aroma. I heard that through the dream: “Come inside me … I can not control anymore … I want you in me!” I got up and took her buttocks in my hands with my big fingers and I opened them and I adjusted the penis between the excited labia, swollen by desire. I slowly penetrated her, slowly, feeling her melting. She was enjoying the pleasure through all the pores. She was hot and wet. I then grabbed her hips and went deep into her. I felt how I hit her inthe cervix and how she easily receded. It hurt her. But the pleasure was bigger and she defeated it. She put hard in my penis. She was moaning and she whispered: “Such a big cock you have! I want you all in me. “We started to move both at a jerky pace faster and faster. Deeper, louder, faster. She got back to orgasm again. I could not resist anymore. When she felt that I was almost finished, she came out of my cock, she put down on her knees, she took my penis between her breasts and began rubbing it. I was looking at the penis’s head as it was coming out between of them and how she was catching it between her lips. She took the whole penis in her mouth and started to pull with power while with a hand she was rubbing my testicles. I ejaculated in her mouth. A powerful jet of sperm filled her mouth. The next one lay on his breasts and neck. She sucked my penis and stretched out the sperm that spilled over the corners of her mouth. She stared deeply into my eyes and smiled . She licked my penis until there was little sperm left. My penis was shining. I had been finished for some time, but she did not bother to let it go. I gother up and I took her in my arms, then I kissed her long and grateful. Without a word we dressed. She took her purse and went out. I woke up in the office alone and seemed to have dreamed. Was it really true? The next few days and weeks would confirm my trueness.
It was a late night, one of those days when I was out of the office. I thought I was alone in the building as I stayed almost every time, working late on the projects I wanted to finish. Nobody and nothing was waiting for me at home. I was not able to gather for a new relationship, not even now, a year after my separation from Dana. Only some passenger adventure would took me out of my alert schedule at work. Simona had been something else, but the adventure did not happen again. So far. The evening was announcing itself hot, full of exciting things. The door to my office opened and Simona came in, dressed in a red skirt, a lightweight black shirt, and black stilletto shoes. She was in front of my chair and she grabbed my tie. She played a little with it, then she pulled it out. She took off her blouse and wrapped the tie around her neck, and she leaned to unbutton my pants. She let them fall next to the chair, then she tookoff my shirt. I grabbed her from the tie, and I lifted her up to my mouth, kissing her. I lifted her skirt and started stroking her buttocks, brushing her lacy bikini and putting a few fingers there. She was wet. She leaned toward my penis and took it in her mouth, sucking it with great lust. After just a few minutes I got up anxiously and I put her down on my desk, coming inside her as deep as I could in her vagina. She was trembling, her nipples were hard and her legs pounded around me, dragging me deeper. I felt like I was wanted and it was a really nice feeling. I took her breasts in my arms and I played with them while penetrating her. She was moaning of pleasure and staring in my eyes with the dilated pupils. I could see her desire, pleasure, ecstasy. When she felt we almost finished, she got up and took my penis in her mouth, playing with it. I had forgotten how much she had liked the last time to do that!
I let go in her insatiable mouth, which swallowed the last drop. She wiped herself, dressed and wanted to leave, but I did not let her go alone, I locked my office, and we left together in the night that it was just starting .

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