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How to become an escort: 12 Key points

One of the most difficult things in life is choosing the occupation. Whether you want to become a lawyer, a truck driver or to become an escort, this decision which everyone has to take will influence the rest of your life. They say that for men it is easier to find a perfect job because if they cannot rely on their brain, they will always rely on their muscles. So not every man stands a chance in becoming an engineer but almost every man can gain his existence by working on construction sites.
    However, women also have their secret weapons in this battle to find an occupation: their look. The physical aspect is one of the most important factors nowadays, not only in getting hired but in everyday life. The way we look and the way we dress seem to have replaced the old values of the ‘fatty but smarty’ and of the inside (very deep inside) beauty. In this day and age, the majority of people judge by looks. All the more so when you have a job which requires a great look. For instance, in sales field, a good-looking woman is more likely to be hired, to make more sales and to get more raises than an uglier woman.

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There is no doubt that the monetary system we have today is the most important factor in choosing our job. All the people want jobs without much effort, with enough free time and with a lot of money. But is this a dream for most of us or can it be turned into reality? For me, this is pure reality; my reality! I did not have to think too much when I chose my job because the solution was quite obvious: becoming an escort. Sure, it might seem immoral for some people who do not know what escorts do but being an escort is actually a good opportunity to earn a lot of money and to make new friends.
Nowadays it is increasingly common for men to request escort services. Even if one hires an escort just for a special event to show off in front of his friends or if he is already a regular and frequently uses escort services, the excitement of a new inter-personal experience seems to conquer the entire world. Therefore, the escort field has gained new dimensions over the years and exceeded everyone’s expectations. More and more girls want to enter this fascinating field and become escorts.
However, only few of them really accomplish this dream and discover how it is to be ‘an escort’. Because of the lack of information, other girls hesitate when choosing this job and don’t know what becoming an escort would imply. But if you want to be an escort it takes a lot of nerve and information on the field. You just have to follow some easy steps and you are ready.

1. Photos and videos

Find a set of good photos with you or hire a good photographer and make a new photo session. The best thing would be to hide your imperfections (if you have any) and to only capture your good sides. Once you have the raw images, a good tip is to use a sophisticated image editor, such as Photoshop and subtly correct your imperfections. Besides photos, you can be creative and make your own presentation video. The video should be short and sharp. After presenting yourself, you welcome clients on your page and you mention just a few details about yourself. As most escorts do not have videos, this will be a big plus for you. Remember that this first step is probably the most important one and it determines how many clients will contact you in the future.

2. Advertisement

Once you have the necessary tools, you can start advertising. Advertising might seem dizzy but it is quite simple. All you have to do is find a good escort directory and create an account. Afterwards you just need to add the photos (and the video, in case the site allows it), your personal description and a few details about yourself, the services you provide and the prices you charge. Remember not to give too many details if you want to be contacted. A little bit of discretion is the key to success. Be careful when choosing the websites you advertise on; only choose the most trustful if you do not want to be contacted by all sort of gluttons. You can also choose to advertise in newspapers and magazines but the best place remains the online environment. After some time, the best solution would be to contact a web developer and get your own website. Once you have your own personal space, it is all in your control. You can make the website the way you like. It is like decorating your room!

3. Incall or outcall

If you decide to work incall, your clients will visit you wherever you tell them to come.

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For this reason, you must first find a beautiful incall location where clients can feel like home. The place must be clean, sunny, welcoming and protected from nosey neighbors. Clients who choose incall services do not like being followed or getting caught. Relaxing music, scented candles or roses petals; choose whatever you like in order to create a friendly or romantic atmosphere. If you decide to work outcall, location is no longer a problem. My advice for you is to opt for both of them if you want to be contacted by many, many clients. Working both incall and outcall highly increases the possibilities of being contacted by men all over the globe.

4. Prices

You must do some research and see the average prices charged by escorts. Afterwards you can establish your own prices for each service you provide. Remember that this depends on the location (by working outcall you can charge more), on the time (on holidays you can ask for more) on the purpose of the meeting (company, business meeting, family reunion, etc.) and on many other factors. It is very important to avoid asking too much because high prices can scare some of your clients. By following these 4 steps, you can consider yourself an escort. At the beginning, everything is harder but along the time you will get used to it and maybe you will even get to like it. However, before becoming an escort it is very important to gather some information on the domain. The more you know about escorts, the better you will be able to perform your job. For this reason, the information below can be really helpful.

5. Before you become an escort

You probably know that before choosing any profession you must first give yourself some time and think about it. Not every job suits you as not every person has the same skills. Think about the other jobs which could suit you and if the jobs you think at require communication skills, then to become an escort could be good for you. Think about what your family and friends will say and about your lover’s opinion on your decision (if you are in a relation) and if you think they will never accept it, give it up; unless you do not want to fight with them for the rest of your life. It is also important to speak with some real escorts and ask them different things about what they do. This will certainly help you make your decision.

6. Independent escort vs. escort agency

Maybe the most important problem when choosing an escort job is to decide if you want to work as an independent escort or to work for an agency. In order to take a good decision it is very important to find out the pros and cons of each option
Escort agencies – Working for an agency has many pros but also many cons. Escort agencies usually take charge of everything. The first step they take is the recruitment. As any other employers, they make a tough selection of the models working for them, and only the most beautiful and intelligent girls get to be hired. Most escorts rejected by agencies begin working as independent escorts. However, this does not mean that all independent escorts are women who previously tried to work for an agency.

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After the recruitment, escort agencies try to stress each girl‘s qualities and advertise them as well as possible in order to be found by as many clients as possible. This is usually made online because most clients search for escorts on the internet. The most beautiful pictures and the girl’s description are ‘a must’!
After advertising the girls in the best way possible, the company also takes care of the other aspects. You must know that if you want to become and escort through an agency, you are not allowed to contact the clients and arrange your meeting. This relies on the agency which takes full responsibility for establishing each meeting’s details, the time and the location. Once the agency arranged you a meeting, you cannot just step away and say ‘NO’; you must take responsibility and respect the appointment.
The agency can choose the clients, whether you like them or not. However, a plus in this matter is that the agency is responsible for your safety so protection is not a problem when legally working for the company.
Regarding the prices, it is important to know that agencies take a large cut of the prices and you won’t earn as much as an independent escort. This can be considered a minus if you want to get rich soon. However, the client only pays a fee to the agency and the rest of the money are all yours; besides this, at the time of the meeting you can charge for additional services, like massage.
Probably the biggest pro is the fact that, once you got hired by an agency, you step into an already established business so failure is not an option. Many independent escorts struggle to find clients and earn some money, while escorts working for agencies date guys thick and fast. They don’t have to be worried about advertisement, to find clients or to ensure the self-protection and the driver to the place of the meeting.
Independent escorts – Unlike escorts working for agencies, independent escorts have total control over everything. They have to find the best way of advertising, to find trustful sites and escort directories and to create an own private space with many pictures, description and a list of prices for every provided service. They are the only ones in charge of finding as many clients as possible and this might take some time.
Independent escorts are contacted directly by the client and they decide if they want to meet him or not. If you are new in the field, it is not recommended to reject a call even if somebody wakes you up at 7 o’clock in the morning. A new client can turn into a regular client and in consequence, in a regular amount of money. However, it is all up to you how rich you want to be because all the profits will be yours.
Another worth-mentioning aspect is that independent escorts are their own bosses. They work for nobody so nobody will ever blame them or pull on their ears. They have to ensure their own protection and the driver. Nobody will stop them from meeting a client if they want to, and nobody will force them to meet somebody they don’t like. They can select their own clients.

7. Escorts and ethics

Many people believe escorts are prostitutes. This confusion was probably made because along the years, many prostitutes called themselves ‘escorts’. The job of an escort is to only accompany someone. However, escorts can choose how intimate they want to be with each of their clients. So it is all a matter of choice. My advice is to stick at ‘the company’ level and remain ethical, no matter how much money somebody proposes to you. Once you accept such an offer is like a chain; you do it over and over again and this is how you risk becoming a prostitute.

8. Working schedule

What you must know is that as an independent escort, you do not have a predefined schedule. After gaining some experience, you can establish how much time you want to work as an escort. You can dedicate all your time or you can choose to work part-time and get another job. It all depends on you and on how much money you want to earn. The best would be to be as flexible as possible because this is how you attract more clients.

9. Patience

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before meeting the prince. This is a true thing in this field. Do not have great expectations at the beginning. People might not even understand your job and you might date complete losers for a time. But this is how the job works until more men find about you. And when your ideal clients will contact you, you will be ready to provide them professional escort services. Consider the first bad appointments a sort of practice and be patient until you gain some fame in the field. You must also know that at the beginning there will be fewer clients but their number will increase as time goes on.

10. Protection



Since you work independently, you have to protect yourself from potentially dangerous clients. First of all, protect your identity. Use different names so that you won’t be recognized. Only regular and trustful clients can know your real name; for the others, keep the mystery! Make sure you have a pre-paid phone so that you can protect yourself from obsessed clients who want to find you out. There is no need to be scared; you just have to keep your eyes opened. You might also consider hiring a third party, a driver or someone who can always take care of your safety but only in case you are not sure you can watch your back all alone.
Before an appointment you must verify your client’s identity. You cannot be naïve in this field for there are many bad people out there. Immediately refuse dubious clients who seem to hide something and try to find out as much information as possible about each of them. The sources vary from the internet to the third parties. Make sure you are not breaching any national law for you might get in trouble

11. Payment

When it comes to the payment, you must remain firm! What you must do is ask the client to pay in advance for your services. Only take cash and do not accept bills, credit cards, checks or others payment procedures for some of them can be cancelled or fake. This will help you prevent possible problems related to the payment.

12. Outcall services

If you have an outcall appointment, keep in mind the following tips to ensure your safety. First of all, check and double check the location where he wants to meet you. If he wants to meet you at his home, in an uninhabited area, you should probably refuse and ask for a safer place. In case he booked a stay at one hotel or motel, make sure his real name and number are registered. If he uses a fake name, it is absolutely something wrong about him. The most important is to deny any offer to be transported from your location to his location. Hire your own driver to take you wherever you want and ask him to wait for you until you finish the meeting (you can even talk to him on the phone from time to time, as a safety procedure). By doing this you will feel safer. Keep in mind that whatever might happen, you have the right of cancelling the meeting at any time you want. If a client is disrespectful or if he does not respect the initial terms and conditions, you have to put an end to the meeting before things get more complicated.


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