Breakfast with love

30th March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

After shower I put on one of your shirts, while I was still wet.

It is a large, fresh and white one, which is wearing your perfume, your manly perfume.

Breakfast with love


I like that, to wear your clothes, it is so sexy and powerful. We are having breakfast together. We sip from the coffee cups and we melt the slice of bread in honey. We laugh, we play with our fingers and we are looking at each other in a naughty way … Ah, I let the little spoon falling under the table. We are blending together to pick it up. You have the towel around your waist, and being under the table I see everything from just a single glance. I smile on purpose and you spread your legs. You understood perfectly my next move. This means to be in love, to guess the needs of your partenr without saying anything. I kneel in fron of you and I kiss your knees. My lips make you dizzy, they taste like honey. I sit before you and I wait. You wait also, smiling satisfied. I spread your legs more and I kiss the interior of your thighs. First the right side. My lips slip on your skin and we both tremble when they touch your penis in passing. But no, not yet. I kiss your left side also. A deep kiss, a hot one, as I wanted to feel the both of us the orgasm before the actual intercourse. Your penis rises in my face and I am delighted that my kissings made that possible. Your knees tremble. I could say that you are cold, if I wouldn’t know the truth. My tongue is naughty, it searches the soft skin, looking for the top of the penis. My lips reach the base of your dick, they cover it, they suck it, they taste it, they bite it slowly. I grab the hard penis in my hands and I continue to lick it slowly. Your hands are running through my hair, messing it. You guide my head in the direction you want me to go. You enjoy it, you have your head on your back and you breath fast. I am horny also, my hidden and sacred place is alone, nobody is touching it or licking it, while your penis is spoiled by my kissings. I would like your penis to be in other place, not on my lips. To be in that special spot, which is wet and moistened. The lips game was a trifle before the meeting, a prelude. I get up tasting your body. I like to hear your excited breath after my every touch. You undress me from my shirt and I remain naked in front of you. We watch each other in a pervert, hot way and I bite my lip , I want you to get inside me. Your hands are all over my body. You pull me slower near you and my thighs get between your legs. Your penis is still in my head, I was rubbing it slowly in my fingers. It is so hard, so full of desire for me. You put me in your arms, and one leg on your shoulder. The other leg gets on your other shoulder too, while in me enters a part of your being. At first shy and scared, like it was exploring a virgin cave, then it recognises the circumstances and it gets bold and goes further… My thighs are spinning slowly , while my hands are leaning on your knees. Your fingers slip on my back. Ah, I like it and I moan from your touch, arching my back, leaving space for the penis to enter deep. It is good, it is hot, it gets hotter and hotter… but the warmth is not from outside, it is from inside. I feel like I wait for a train that I see coming in full speed. It gets near and near, I am on the tracks, in its way. It will pass on me, through me or it will shatter me with its passing? We were both vibrating in the same infernal rhythm , with our engines spinning at full speed. My body is convulsing under your mad pushings. We gasp for breath due to the moaning of pleasure that we both causing to each other. I feel you more deep and passionate! Come on, penetrate me more, and more, deeper, faster! My train arrives in the station and whistles in my ear. I hear screams. Who screams? Oh, it is me, I scream because of our union. Yeah, this is the spot. The place that craves for you and the one that you had to find it, so you did! Slower and slower, our engines are getting some rest and your head is between my breasts. I leave on my back, in your arms, while you are kissing me on the way of the arching of my body. Your penis is still inside me, pulating with its last thorbings before the detachment. We are still rubbing and pushing each other. I get my legs off your neck and you raise my body, touching my back again with your fingers, causing some moanings again, kissing my neck , breasts, face. My lips are squeezing your skin and try to bite you easily. Our bodies are still vibrating, although the ecstasy reached its maximum. I feel great still feeling you inside me, under me, around me, still savouring the union of our bodies. We remain like that without feeling anything, reliving again the whole morning movie. I reach the coffee cup from the table near us and I give to you to take a sip. I wet your lips with my fingers full of coffee and I try to drink from your lips too. I close my eyes and I believe the train is coming again towards me… again, again, ah yes! I open my eyes and I see you. You look at me with an inimaginable lust and desire, as if it is the first time when we make love. Nothing compares with the moments lived with you! You slowly caress my hand and I feel goosebumps due to the sensation of your delicacy. Then you get with your penis again inside me , leaving yourself on my body and breasts. I feel your heart beating, mine I don’t hear it anymore. I focus on the way you are moving, then I feel your soft, wet tongue on my neck. I enjoy everything that you are doing. Your penis is making me tremble with pleasure. From time to time you whisper to me love words. Our moanings are like a song, expressing the good sensation that we feel. I put my legs around your neck as I wanted to keep you there forever. Your mouth explores mine. Your hands play with my full breasts which are about to explode, my nipples are very hard. You lick them. After a few minutes you caught my fingers between yours and you don’t let me go. In the next second I feel your body in spasms, feeling the hot sperm inside me, saying lovely words to me. When I felt your penis getting out , I was feeling empty. I wanted you there forever. Nothing compares with the love moments spent with you, that are always like the first time we were together and this shall be forever, because I love you from the bottom of my heart and I want to spend every second with you, making love and discovering our carnal pleasures.

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