Champagne and strawberry flavour

21st January, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

When I got out from the bathroom I remained shocked in front of the door.

I let you asleep, and I found you in a yoga position

Champagne and strawberry flavour


on the carpet in the living room, with a lot of small, white pillows around you, dressed only in your blue bath robe, in the difuse light of the candles. On your right side was the hot coffee and a plate with fancy biscuits. On your left side was my favourite champagne and some strawberries. I spent many minutes to do my hair and to dress to leave to the office and you smiled at me provocatively. I was looking at you surprised and I couldn’t believe it. I took the phone to call at the office because I was going to delay from whatever reasons and you got up and grabbed my hand, telling me that you already did that. Your hot lips were almost touching my ears,your perfume was covering me, blending with the hot coffee’s flavour. You were looking at me and smiling, inviting me to drink the coffee while was still hot. You put on the carpet while holding my hand and I, with slow moves I put on my knees in front of you. While I was taking the coffee cup, I felt how you were taking off my shoes, throwing them aside. You were looking at me and I was loosing myself step by step in your look, in your mind and your naughty thoughts, I was diving in your presence which I was absorbing it in me before you touch me. You began to whisper to me painfully in silence delicious words, me becoming more and more surprised by the inflexions in your kind voice, words well chosen that any woman would want to hear. Your breath was burning the back of my head. I was feeling your chest burning and my heart was racing emotionally, as if it was the first time when you were touching me. You stopped then from talking and you kissed me on my lips and then your kisses went down on my neck. Then you bit my ear and then another passionate kisses. My heart began to beat faster and faster. I put my head on my back wanting to feel you more. I forgot about the coffee that I was having in my hand. I felt how you touched my hand and you took away the cup while with the other hand you were trying to open up my buttons from my shirt, slowly, one by one, and your lips were kissing me. I was feeling your sking which was smelling like coffee. I wanted to taste it. I put my head on your chest and I started to kiss it, touching it slowly with the tip of my tongue. The last button was opened and I was feeling ny shirt slipping away, leaving my shoulders naked, a prey for your passionate kisses. Your hand was going lower, to the skirt button, then on the silk stockings, which were slippimg away also leaving my naked legs to feel the game of your naughty fingers. One of your hand were between my thighs, while the other was already in the bra, caressing my breasts and squeezing between the fingers my hard nipples, full of desire. My hands got under your bath robe and they were moving incontrolabily, wishing to find something, to cover your whole body. You poured some champagne in two glasses. You gave me one and we bumped them slowly as we were celebrating something important and we both took a sip. Then you invited me to take a strawberry, I took one, I put it in the champagne and I began to put it on your lips and with my other hand I was caressing your wet hair. I was in love with that and I was closing my eyes everytime when I was doing it. I was feeling how you were touching my white lace lingerie, slowly spreading my legs as you wanted to pass through the lace, leaving my body naked, covered only by your arms. Your slow touchings were making me moan with pleasure. You put me on my back after you ate the strawberry. I was losing myself between those white pillows. Looking at me insistently you started to put drops of champagne on my lips, then on my neck and then you began to kiss it. I was feeling how you wanted to drink every drop. The drops were more often and often and I was feeling how the champagne was flowing from my neck, to my breasts, then on my abdomen and after those your hot kisses were following. I was sqeezing my legs, then I was spreading them, letting you sip the drops of champagne. Then you took a strawberry and you were walking it on my body. It was cold, it was smellimg delicious, I was feeling it smashing on my thighs amd going down and down. You were continuing with that sweet game on my warm skin with the sparkling champagne and the tasty strawberries. I was feeling the champagne bubbles invading my whole being, then the smashed strawberries. I was enjoying every minute of it, I was in ecstasy, I was feeling like in an erotic dream and I was scared to open my eyes not to go away. All I could do was to squeeze my legs and then to let you spread them and then to feel again your passionate kisses and your hands walking on that wet place which was tasting like champagne and smached strawberries. I wanted you, my muscles were pumping with desire, I was full of pleasure. I grabbed your hands , pulling you to me, you opposed, you wanted to make me fully crazy for you, to bring me to the edge of ecstasy. You were continuing to watch me, although I was having my eyes closes, your look was burning me. I was feeling both free and captive at the same time and I was enjoying the feeling. I was loving to let you do whatever you wanted with me, to drive me crazy, buy at the same time I wanted you. I wanted more. I dared to say something but the words stopped before I got the chance to say them, as if I was scared that you would stop. I was enjoying you, your games, your ideas, your hands all over my body and the strawberries and champagne which were laying in my skin. I couldn’t get enough of you. I adored being with you all the time, but especially when you were behaving like a true, veritable gentleman. With my sticky body I got near you, feeling your penis making room between my legs, helped by your warm hand. I spread my legs and I received you in my wet pussy, full of juice and liquids which were flowing out of me, making your penis slip easily inside of me. You moaned when you got in so I realized that you were feeling great. I relaxed on my back and I let you move inside of me, in your rithm, making me reach the orgasm, continuing until you invaded me with your sperm.

You hugged me and you remained like that with me for seconds, minutes… I guess that one of the best parts after sex is when you lay next to the person you love, when you smoke a cigarette if you are a smoker and to just contemplate at what happened before between the two of you. Those sensations and moments are incomparable, they are unique.

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