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20th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Stirling

Your expectations will be exceeded with Roxy, an independent escort!

Roxy is that type of escort who has a natural ability to make her clients relax and have some fun in their lives! She is self-confident and she has some soft curves that for sure will make you come for..

…some more!

Her sexual energy and her flirty personality will make your night together one to remember! In other words, she is the perfect choice for the most picky clients who desire a charismatic, a classy and a polished woman! Take your chances and call her! You will be more than pleased!

‘I love to spice up your life and make you feel extraordinary! I’m Roxy and I’m that sexy brunette you have forever dreamt about having! Call me!’ (Roxy, Stirling)

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself

My name is Roxy and I’m from Stirling. I’m a sexy brunette who enjoys the company of fun loving gentlemen! I have a fantastic body and a great attitude that needs to be explored by a generous man! I have a heartwarming smile, in short I’m gorgeous!

Q: Do you have any escort friends?

Yes, of course. After so many years in this industry it was inevitable not to meet at least one escort who appeals to you. In my case, actually I have at least four escorts who are really close to me. I can speak with them whatever I want and do you know what is the best part in this? It is just the fact that they can actually know what I’m talking about because they are escorts as well!

Q: What are your main qualities?

I’ll not be at all modest because as I’ve already told you I’m absolutely gorgeous; I’m the perfect woman.

I have an astonishing body, I am charismatic and I am a great talker. I am a chatty person who knows how to entertain the others. I’m what you call: ‘the heart of the party!’

Q: Why did you want to become an escort?

It appeared to me an interesting profession, and I was not wrong! It’s a captivating job, where no day is similar to the other. You can never get bored in this industry.

At the beginning it was just a matter of trying. I had no real intentions to remain an escort for such a long time. But, as the time passed I got more and more into it. It’s perfect for me!

Q: What type of clients do you appreciate the most?

I would say that those clients who use high-quality perfumes! I like men who put a great value on their appearance! Of course, they also need to be generous and very caring!

Q: Have you experienced some difficult situations as an escort?

Fortunately for me, I haven’t. I believe that this is probably because I am very careful with whom I accept as a client. I prefer not to work if something sounds fishy to me, if I have a premonition or something like that. If it’s not safe, I will not accept him!

Hot woman

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Q: What was your biggest disappointment as an escort?

My biggest disappointment was to find out that not all that I’ve heard was true. Here, there is no such thing as earning easy money. This is actually a difficult job and you truly have to work for your money. It’s like any other job with pros and cons, but I have to emphasize for escort newbies that you will not earn easy money. You have to fight and struggle to have it!

Q: What do you do to keep yourself in the pubic’s attention?

You have to be active, to always have fresh and new photos and to be very careful with what you state in public. You need to be very careful with your public image because this is like a card for you. If men don’t like what they see you will have no dates!

Q: Was your beginning difficult?

To be honest, my beginning had to do a lot with alcohol. I was so terrified that I was not going to deal properly with this new challenge that I had a lot of drinking with my clients. I really don’t recall it all, but now I realize that this was probably my destiny! I don’t regret anything! It was a perfect beginning!

Q: The majority of your clients are married or singles?

Hmm, I’d say there are two main categories: those who are over and under 40 years old . My clients over 40 years old are usually married, but live a life full of frustrations, while the other category just want to have fun and want to experience some unique sensations. They probably want to learn from experienced women so this is why they probably call us!

Q: What makes you such a successful escort?

In short, I always answer the phone. I set up dates and never miss one! I am very punctual and I do my best to satisfy my clients. I believe that they really appreciate it, so they become regulars!

Q: Is there any type of client you refuse?

Of course! I don’t accept dates with underage clients and with violent people. I just try to take care of my interests and not to get over my principles. I have a set of personal rules that just need to be followed. As simple as that!

Q: Name one disadvantage of escorting

Despite all the advantages that this profession can offer, there are as well many disadvantages too! For instance, it can really make a mess in your personal life. You seem to never have the proper time to spend it with them; your family might not understand your way of thinking and your profession, and not to mention that your lover or husband will probably make you choose between him and your job.

And when the time comes you just have to ‘pick a card’, the card of your life! It might be difficult but in life you always have to make decisions!

Q: Do you keep your profession secret?

No! From my early beginnings I’ve told everyone. I am an open-minded woman who doesn’t like to hide the truth and be secretive. I had many fights with several acquaintances and with my mother too, but that’s it. They had to accept it. Nowadays it’s a delicate subject, like a taboo topic, and we usually don’t talk about it!

Q: What future plans do you have?

I don’t know. I would like to buy myself a nice car and spend my Christmas holidays in Paris. It is such a beautiful and romantic city that really needs my close attention! We’ll see who will be the lucky one standing next to me on Christmas day!

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