Cupid’s mystical mistake

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The labyrinth of love will grab your eyes!

How many times have you been attracted to someone but you did not have the courage to do anything because you were too afraid of rejection? Let all this stop for a moment!

‘The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned.‘ (Becca Fitzpatrick)

Do not drift away from your dreams; isolation and fear, are not the solution!

Share your world and believe in your dreams!



Hear out a love ballad, which portrays the shadows of an apparent misfortune – the glamorous story of a couple which is hit by Cupid’s bow.

Amusement, romance, a life storyline, you will find them all in ‘Cupid’s mystical mistake!’ Do not stop until you discover all the wonders of life! And remember – the secret beyond being genuinely happy hides behind a pure smile!

‘Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my ass? A damn little kid with wings shot me….’ (Alice)

One night, luck was about to wake two persons up from their monotonous life. Jenna was there with her friends on an apparently usual Friday night out, while Jake was alone at the bar spending a delightful evening alone recovering after a tiring day at work…

However, what the two did not know was that a third person was also in the same pub looking for a new task… Guess who?

‘I’m so bored… I have to find something to do…’ (While he was looking around) Oh, I can’t believe that they are still together… Melisa and Jason are a couple due to a mistake I’ve made some years ago… ‘A missed target’ as I often call them. Yes, I know I have a huge problem with the direction of my arrows… I have to work a little bit more on this…’

Cupid was there for a ‘new job’ opportunity. When he saw these two…

‘Hmm, lucky me! I’ll try my luck with these two… They seem so unhappy alone, so I have to do something… Hope that I’ll not miss my targets with my shaking hands again. Once and for all I have to change this bow; it’s too heavy! I want a new gadget, I have to upgrade it, that’s for sure!’

The forbidden pleasures of attraction!

With the power of a glance everything can be possible… Love can find the safest way to your heart in a blink of an eye. It just needs a perfect timing that is all… Let love find its path and believe in it!

The situation appeared to be perfect for Cupid…

‘OK! Bow? Checked! Magical arrow? Checked! Targets? Checked! Then, let’s get down to business! (After some minutes…) Lucky hit! After all, I’m Cupid, the God of desire, attraction and affection! Finally! They have to be together, but I still have to change my bow! Oh, my hands hurt so badly!’

‘Oh, did you expect me to play fair?’ Cupid laughed. ‘I am the God of love. I am never fair.’ (Rick Riordan)

When it comes to attention, chemistry and interest it all turns unexpectedly perfect for the laws of attraction. It is all about that sudden intimacy that you simply cannot justify… This is just the beginning! The hidden thought that you desperately need to see that other person once again…

It appears to be like a blackout that you simply need to recover from. Life seems to have passed with no specific reason until that particular moment… Now you have a strong reason to cope with all the difficulties out there!



Roughly speaking the world had just turned upside down for the two strangers in the bar. No one has ever thought that it was a night with a mystical aura, that it was a night that will bring them together as a couple for the rest of their life.

However their start was not the one Cupid anticipated…

Suddenly Jake saw Jenna. He was physically attracted to her, but his shy personality did not let him do anything, until he took his heart into his hands and went to her.

The pursuit of love

‘Hello! Hmm, I have been watching you for a while… Do you, ah, have some time maybe to chat a little bit? (While playing with his hands nervously) I do not know, but I have a strange feeling that urges me to know you better…’

‘No! I do not want to sleep with you!!! Get lost!’ (She shouted so loud that the entire pub’s attention was on Jake.)

He got so embarrassed that his face got as red as a beet! He was speechless! This was the least plausible reaction he had anticipated. So he slowly walked away and got back to his table to finish his drink and to go home as fast as he can!

After some minutes, Jenna felt sad for what she did and went to Jake’s table smiling, almost bursting into laughter!

‘Hey! Sorry for what I’ve done to you earlier. But I’m currently studying Psychology and I’m doing a research on Human reactions in public!’

Whaaaaat? 300 pounds????’ responded Jake as loud as Jenna shouted some moments before)

And once again, that awkward situation… She feels the same public shame she caused before to Jake!

‘Heypssst I had to get even with you… Sorry!’ (Laughing)

The unspeakably desire of love!

‘I would have to break the ice with a warm smile that would melt her heart.’ (Tai Odunsi)



Love comes in different ways to each and one of us! Some even say that it does not depend on our luck, or destiny! No, no! It depends on the magical arrow Cupid uses! Sometimes, he confuses them so this is the main reason why there are so many love stories that just do not end or start properly!

They both started laughing… And this is how their romance story began!

Cupid: ‘Oh, I’ve mistaken my arrows once again! The ‘Love at first glance’ arrow with The ‘Rough start’ one… That’s OK! In the end, it all turned out to be just fine! I did my best! Mission accomplished… Now what should I do next? Any suggestions guys… Hints maybe? Or I’ll get bored again!’

That special attraction, the first passion symptom, that glowing personality magnetism, was all there for the magic to take place.

Either that we talk about destiny, pure attraction or Cupid’s fault, there are some tiny details that just add up to the creation of an impetuous passion no matter what. Faith takes its first steps but then it is all about connection. If it is really there it will work out in a fascinating feeling that apparently makes no sense!

It is plain and simple, if something keeps you positive in life; gives you power and completes you, then you must do whatever it is possible to keep that person with you for the rest of your life!

Close your eyes and feel that miraculous feeling that simply touches your heart! Turn what appears to be invisible into something visible! It will certainly help you discover a better version of you!

If you play with the fire you may burn yourself. Follow your guts and then you can be sure you will find happiness one way or another!

‘Your cute smile and your happy laughter attracted me to you, but your caring loving heart is the reason why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ (Unknown author)

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