Dreamy moments lived by a mortal woman

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I knew Ionut from a few good months.

His arrival was very unexpected in my life.

Dreamy moments lived by a mortal woman

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Just when I stopped searching for a dreamy love he appeared. The idea of having someone wasn’t so exciting for me, I was giving too much interest of what could be between us and still we continued in our strange relationship. A few months of relationship have passed and the butterflies started to install in the stomach, I was feeling him the same in the way he was kissing me, soft and fluffy. His soft touch spoiling my lips was starting an euphoric sensation in me, an orgasmic one; my nipples were becoming hard instantly and I was moaning softly. His delicious breath was feasting my neck and he was stopping. My breasts were desiring his lips, his tongue, his wonderful taste. I was angry at the moment, I wanted him to continue and to kiss me everywhere, I wanted him to fuck me there, in the people’s sight, it didn’t matter anymore, I was burning on the inside and I wanted him to calm me down in the way that only he knew how. The fact that he was teasing me was growing my excitement, especially when I was feeling his hard penis too, ready to penetrate me deep. In that day I woke up already horny, I was in the mood for having him in the most outrageous and barbaric way and I said myself to try. I was feeling so irresistable, that I could have any man I wanted. I put on a short, tight and white dress, strapless and the contrast was extraordinary: the olive like and soft skin, covered by a soft cloth, it was like a dream! White panties alsoc tight on the thighs, was delimiting even better the shapes of my body. The outfit was completed by a pair of high heeled sandals. My plan was to go him and jump directly on him; the excitement made me lose my mind, I couldn’t find a plausible reason to visit him unannounced, dressed like a porn star. I took a cab, a simple old man was making me sweet eyes, I don’t know if I heard a word he said. From time to time I was nodding politely. When I arrived my heart was beating very fast and a wave of heat got me. I rushed on the stairs and I rang the doorbell. The door opened and my eyes were delighted. He was looking like an Adonis statue, he was wearing just a pair of shorts. I couldn’t make a sound, my eyes were looking all over his body. His well build chest which was inviting me to kiss it was visible to my sight. The waist line was magnificent: six pack and the skin was looking so soft and delicious good for licking and kissing. And those shorts were exactly above his male part letting be seen the shape of his tighs and his pelvis. After a welcome fluffy kiss he asked me politely if I was okay because I was all red in my cheeks ( only if he knew what I was thinking about ) I jumped into his arms, and while drawing lines on his back I whispered to him: “I want to have you!” In the next second he kissed me and he pushed me slowly with my breasts to the cold wall. He put my hands above my head and he was holding them with one of his hands, his lips were kissing my left earlobe and that other hand was looking for my breasts. He was burning on me. He revealed my breasts and began to squeeze them. I was like lost in time and space, I was feeling just a fire burning down low and I was wishing him inside me. I was melting under his hands, he was rubbing against me and I was feeling his penis harder and harder at my butt. With an expert movement he took it out from his shorts, he lifted my dress and fixed it between my buttocks. I was dying for pleasure. Step by step he released my hands and took my panties down. All the plans I made home were in vain. I was like a cloth in his hands, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stay on my feet, I just could moan at his touches. He was possessing me all like a gentleman though. After he threw my panties away he got down and started to kiss my buttocks then he arched my ass with one hand and he kissed me down. His fantastic tongue was making circles in my pussy and then it gon inside deliciouslly and wet. I was feeling his tongue like an ice cube, my pussy was so , very hot. I couldn’t even realize what he was doing because suddenly he got up, he pushed me towards him and he began to penetrate me deep and strong, just how I like it. As he was fucking me I managed to get in control too. We were moving alongside and he was fucking me powerfully. Soon he took the lead again, he was penetrating me on the left, he was penetrating me on the right, he was getting inside me deep and when he was doing that I was screaming loud. It didn’t last long and the first orgasm came, but before that he pushed me a little bit ahead with my naked breasts sticking me to the wall. He was pulling my hair with one hand and with the other one he was fingering my pussy. Then I felt the wave of pleasure and I ejaculated, I just exploded. For a moment I was in other dimension. My moaning were exciting him at maximum and as I was getting wetter and wetter he was becoming harder inside me. At some point he started to penetrate me slower and deeper, he was caressing my pussy with his fingers and then he was tasting them savouring my juice. He gave them to me to taste them too, they were awesome and it was very exciting for us both. We lay down on the floor and we were making love in peace and silence. He was caressing my hair and kissing me slowly and from time to time I was biting his full lips and he was penetrating me deeper and deeper. He was inside me and it was perfect, I didn’t want that to end. I couldn’t have enough of his deep penetration. He ejaculated too inside me, feeling the warmth of his seed flodding me, a unique and beautiful feeling. I was satisfied and I was his woman. I snuggled at his chest while he was caressing me. I could read the purity of the act itself into his eyes. You like to run on my body, you confuse me and I am a slave to your strong arms. You are again a stranger who likes to touch me, to taste me wildly. You bite my breasts with your teeth and any pain makes me feel hot, I want to touch you but I can’t because you are keeping me captive. I only feel my clitoris pulsating, you are so close that if you would let me touch you I would have a noisy orgasm. You wet my dream, I tremble but your hand spread my legs, it gets inside me and then you give it to me to taste it, to feel my own aroma and we both lick through a kiss the finger full of my vagina juice and you put me to admit that I want you! Finally your tongue touches my tighs, my breast fill your hand, you spread my legs and put your penis into my anus and I shake in a strong orgasm, you are strong and you put me on my knees and you penetrate me from behind and your palms burn my ass. Yes, I want you, have me, fuck me, do whatever you want. You fuck me wild, you are addicted to me, you possess me, I feel the vibration of your orgasm and you finish on the breasts, on my ass, your sperm feels so hot. I feel your smell and I take your penis in my mouth to suck it, I lick it and I bite it and I swallow everything that gets out of it! The door… I am free, I try to take off the scarf from my eyes, as if you were not a killing sensation, but a real world, too real to be true and you remain just a stranger.

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