Drops of love

2nd February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

We are walking in silence in the warm summer night, holding our hands.

My scarf slipps from around my neck

Drops of love

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you suddenly stop to pick it up and you put your nose in the soft silk and you smell it. It spreads that well known perfume for you, the perfume that you like. You begin to watch me in silence and your eyes go onto my long pants and the blouse that doesn’t cover my shoulders. You look me deep in my eyes and you don’t do anything, you don’t say anything, you just look. I turned with my back and I make a few steps in the darkness that was covering us like the scarf perfume. You grab my hand and you pull me to you and you kiss my naked neck. You feel me, you sense the perfume, now a lot stronger. You grab my neck and you kiss me wildly. I don’t let you, it seems unatural, we are on the street, but slowly I abandon myself in your arms. You caress my arms then you grab my hands and you turn me with my back at you. I want to say something but you don’t let me, you stick two fingers on my mouth and you move them between my opened lips. You put the scarf around my neck and you hold my hands. You put them above my head, you put my hair to one side and you kiss my neck, while the scarf slipps away and you let it fall. You let go of my hands but I remain with them there. You bend slowly touching my back with the top of your fingers, through the silk shirt and you pick up the scarf. You stick your body to my back, I feel you hot. I sense my skin how is beginning to burn. You slip your hands under my blouse, you touch my skin. You like it, I feel how much you like it, you live a double sensation, on a side of your hands you sense my soft skin and on the other you sense the silky blouse. I feel your pleasure, your hands are playing nicely, as if they wanted to feel more that sensation. You grab my breasts with your palms and you squeeze them. Waves of pleasure are covering me and I let myself to your will. You turn me with my face to you. I see you smile and I answer smiling also. You push me to the wall, I lay on my back, you put a hand between the wall and me, not to hurt myself. You hug me powerful and you kiss me. You bend, you take up my blouse and you kiss my belly, your tongue makes circles around my navel. My knees are melting, I start to tremble. You take off my pants. You smile again. You bend again. I breath heavily. You touch me slowly, without pushing, just with the tip of your fingers. I cannot resist anymore, due to the desire, and you feel that. You get up, I hear the noise of the buttons in the deaf silence. You let me pushed to the wall and begin to kiss me again. You play with me again, you tease me, you make me want you more and I feel how much you want me too. You’re trembling, your moves are becoming a little bit incontrollable. You don’t resist your own game anymore and you become the slave of passion. We are boath in ecstasy, we moan with desire. A brief thunder makes us stop our game a little bit. We smile and continue. It starts to rain with big drops, a warm, summee rain. The water flows on us but it is like we don’t feel it, your wet hands are on my breasts, then you grab my waist and you push in me with fast moves. We are heavily breathing while the warm rain drops continue to fall. You make a sharp scream and you let on me pushing me to the wall. I put my head aside and I feel a wave of heat in interior. I hug you, we are wet, the water continues to fall on us but it doesn’t matter. We smile and we hug satisfied and happy, you grab my naked shoulder and ae begin to run in the warm rain. I hug you strong , afraid to lose you. I grab your hand and I tell you to come with me at my house. We walk slowly to my room so nobody can hear us and I undress you from your wet clothes. You are so sexy with your wet hair. I am also wet and you help me to get undress. We are almost frozen. I wished to get a hot bath but it is not posibble. I approach you and touch your cold skin. I took a towel to wipe your wet hair. Then you wiped mine. I was watching you doing that and it was such a lovely picture. I took your penis in my hand and I began to play with it. You smiled and you also took both of my breasts in your hands, playing with the hard nipples. Everything was like in the cinema movies. You turned me with my back at you, putting my hair to one side and kissing my neck. You were giving me goosebumps. Your hands were still exploring my breasts then slowly you got on my abdomen, playing with your fingers around my navel, then you fixed my tighs with both of your hands. I was feeling your erected penis on my buttocks. Your hand git between my legs and touched my wet pussy. You playes with my clitoris, then you penetrated me. I was trying not to moan to not awake the others. I let you do that for a few minutes, then we went to the bed, where you put me on its side and you were up and your penis was exactly near my mouth. You grabbed my hair and you put your penis in my mouth. I began to lick it slowly . It was hard and full o proeminent veins. I began to rub it also, to suck it like a pro and you were moaning, visibly with pleasure. I started to suck it faster and faster, while looking into your eyes. After a few minutes I felt how something hot invaded my face then I licked everything until the last drop. I didn’t let you and I took the penis again in my mouth wishing to become strong and put it inside me. You were biting your lips not to scream with pleasure. It got hard again and you couldn’t resit enough and you penetrated me deep with slow moves which were making me tremble. Nothing compares to you, to the moments when we make love. I scratched you on your back with my nails, I wanted you to be mine forever. You got inside of my each part of the body and you let there the warm liquid which I tasted and was so sweet! The taste that I’ll always feel, I will remind you of the wonderful moments, and I’ll like always. Your body carries that taste sweet which will always remind me of the feelings that I have enveloped.

We warmed up after the cold rain and we fell asleep hugging, deeply and sweet!

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