An escort’s romantic story

13th September, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Escort interviews

An escort’s life it’s very interesting, you can find out a lot of things if you talk with the right persons.

Q. Why did you look for me to talk about this part of your life?
A. I found out about you and I would like you to publish what I’ve lived in that period, when I knew someone who told me that I won’t be alone anymore, that he was going to introduce me to gentleman who is single too and wants the company of a woman without obligations, just to spend time with her.
I was excited about the idea, I was told that I was going to receive gifts if I was going to accept it. I have never been forced to do something if I didn’t want it. I went to the house where I was going to meet him and I was nervous. I was thinking if he was going to be young?
Q. What did you feel when saw him?
A. I was never been introduced to a man before, I was used to find them by myself, I am a beautiful , attractive woman and a confident one. In that period I was damaged, I couldn’t get close to someone,trust somebody again, so that’s why I accepted the meeting because he wanted the same thing as me: no obligations, just company.  source: runningmagazine.caAn escort's romantic story
Q. How was the first date?
A. In a very pleasant way. He was a middle age man, very handsome. I wondered why did he need someone in that manner, because he was good looking, he had money, and he was an inteligent, charismatic man. He treated me very nice, he offered me flowers, we talked to find out more about me. I told him that I needed money, so I was going to see other men too, but he asked me not to do that, he was going to pay as much as I needed, to be just his. I didn’t understand why.
Q. Did you feel that he was having feelings for you or vice versa?
A. No. I felt respect and apreciation from him, and I respected him back. I was having no idea that after nights of sex, he was going to be a great friend who will help me unconditionally. He was the man that helped me evolve, to be a real woman, with her own bussinness. He apreciated me for my intelligence and he supported my dreams. I shared with him what I wished, and he didn’t mocked me.
Q. He was offering you money after each date, or did you establish an amount of money after some period?
A. He gave me each time, sometimes he told me to take by myself, when I was in need. He was letting his wallet at my service. I have never took more than the usual, and he knew that, that’s why I think he was letting me to serve myself.
Q. Have you ever pitied him?
A. May I smile? I think that he had to pity me, but he never showed me that. I went at the russian roullette with him, we went out for some nights in hidden snugs, not to be seen. He was letting me play on his behalf, I was having the sensation that I was strong and I could win. It happened a lot of times to be pitied by the ones that were working at the Casino. I have never understood that. I wasn’t doing anything bad, it was a job, just like they had, it was just sex involved, but not neccessarily.
Q. Did you have a longer period in which you haven’t seen each other and you thought he was never going to see you again?
A. Yes. I didn’t have his number and even if I did, I wasn’t allowed to call him myself. It passed almost a month, I thought it was over. I was wondering what happened, if I did something wrong. When he called me and I found out that he was going to wait for me in the house that we usually met, I felt goosebumps, and I realized that I had feelings for him. I went and I jumped in his arms. I felt the need to touch him and for the first time we had sex from the beginning. I felt that he missed me.
Q. For how long those meeting lasted and how did they end?
A. I dated him for almost a year. It ended when I realized I had feelings, and it was becoming too often. He assured that I was fine and he realized what he wanted, he helped me and he ended it. It happened to find out that he had a girl, and a man hurted her feelings. After that he sweared himself that he was going to help smart women that pass through his life. And he did this, he helped me with everything: to become a strong, financially independent woman, to be able to have a family.I think often about him, at our wild sex scenes and also about the evenings when we laughed. That experience changed me, I am mature now and I understand what it is important. I want you to write about my experience, maybe I will help others with it.

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