Fantasy at the office

26th February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

While I drink some champagne because is my darling colleague’s birthday,

Roxi, I think about how cute she is. Cute is not enough said, she is gorgeous and sophisticated in a good way.

Fantasy at the office


Her office is in front of mine, about a meter or so. Everytime I check her out. She intrigues me. She is beautiful, brunnette and sensual. Today she is dressed in red, and I, after two glasses of champagne, I’m like a bull who sees red in front of his eyes. And she makes me wanna kiss her, touch her and embrace her with all my strenght. She has long hair, she has her hand on the lips, caressing them, playing naughty with them, she is so damn sexy and passionate. She has such beautiful lips, sensual and some nice fingers. I would like to lick her lips, to feel her face next to mine. She is so delicate and sweet, I would like now to be alone at the office and to dance with her. I like it very much how she dances, she has the rhythm in her blood, she is gifted with talent in that area. I would like to go behind her, to stick my body to hers, to touch her tasty body, to move at the same pace alongside her. She has an ass I would like to kiss it inch by inch. I rub myself on her and my penis becomes hard immediately. I touch her breasts through her blouse. She has some big, perfect breasts, I love her tits so much. I put my hands under her blouse and I feel them. They are round, just as I like it. I touch her nipples and I feel how they harden. I undress her and she remains just in her pants. She stays with her back at me and she is waiting for me to kiss her. I take her hair to one side and I kiss her slightly on the neck. I feel her tremble, she starts to breath faster. Her skin is so delicious, and its color is like a caramel. She turns with her face at me and I see her wonderful breasts and my tongue starts to make circles around her nipples. I lick them with passion. I suck her nipples, she caressea my head, she loves it. I melt in front of her due to the pleasure she provokes me. I stay and look at her breasts, I take off her pants and then her panties then I kiss her pasionately on the mouth. She is so sweet, I feel her in my arms, completely naked. I put her on the desk with her legs spread and I kneel in front of her . I get close to her vagina. My tongue gets in her wet pussy, I feel its sweet-sour taste that drives me nuts. I pull her from her ass to be able to penetrate her deeper with my tongue. She was moaning loud. She begins to wet herself harder, I spread her legs more and I suck her all. My tongue was walking on her big labia, I suck each of them, then I play with them. My tongue was licking her wet vagina, I lick her every drop of liquid that I see on her sweet pussy. I would like to get inside all of her, to lick her whole interior, to taste her sweet-sour pussy. My penis is in her mouth. How I like to feel her lips around my penis. She licks my balls. Such a pleasure and sensation. She swallows my dick and I feel the head of my penis into her throat. I pull her harder towards me and I go deeper. I like it, she drives me crazy. She tells me :”let’s love each other and run in this big world!” I put her on the desk with her legs spread and my penis goes in slowly in her pussy that was waiting for me. Her clitoris is huge. I take the penis in my hand and I play a little bit with her pussy. I like the view. She is on her back with her legs spread, I play with her hard breasts. She laughs, she enjoys it too. I touch her nipples, I poke them with my fingers. They get harder , I pull her breasts and I get inside her more. Hearing me moaning, she began to kiss my neck, while with her hand she was touching my abdomen. She dared to lower her hand and began to rub my panties, the part of me that should have get in, to calm a little bit the fire inside her. I bit her chin and I called her name, but she didn’t stop from the torture of making me feel too good. I almost wanted to hurt me. She was on her knees between my legs, caressing me slowly. I wanted her to do something, anything, just to stop to torment me like that. I wanted her to take my penis in her mouth again, to lick it how she knos best. I wanted to be reak everything that I was imagining, but I swear that I am gonna have her after all in my bed! It was like I was in another world, when I wake up called by my name, from my wonderful dream. It was her, the one I wanted so much! She was inviting me to eat a slice of cake. I watch her goinh like a feline to the table where the cake is. She puts a slice of cake on a plate and she gives it to me with a smiley face. She has never smiled like that, maybe it’s the champagne effect! The atmosphere is getting hotter and we put some music to dance. Her moves provoke me to invite her to dance and to put my hands around her wasp waist. Her smile was charming me, I like the women with life spirit, and who have an open mind for having fun! I took her hand and whispered to her ear to go somewhere alone. We went in another office where my dream came true. I grabbed her hair from the back and I pulled her close to my lips, tasting them. Everything was dizzy around me, due to the champagne I had. I touched her round, hard tits. Her thight dress , I lifted up easily and I touched her tighs, with her skin so soft. She put one leg on a chair and she received me between her legs. My penis was hard in my pants, ready to come out. I opened up my pants and I penetrated her strong, skipping the foreplay. My moves were making her scream , squeezing my waist with her legs around me. Her pussy was wet and my penis was getting in deeper, better. After a few seconds she pushed me and she kneeled in front of me, taking my penis in her mouth and sucking it insatiable. I was having goosebumps, it was like in my dream. I was melting, she was having a big mouth that was receiving my whole penis in it. Her soft and wet tongue was playing on it like an expert. After a short while my sperm invaded her mouth and she swallowed everything. Then she arranged her dress and hair, going back to the party. I stayed a few minutes, then I pulled my pants and I went after her.
The evening followed with hidden looks and gestures that were showing the attraction that was so hightened between us. We were meant of each other, for sure, there was no doubt.

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