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 Come or get fired!

‘Roger! Roger! Wake up!’
‘Oh, sorry, I was…’

Source: www.purple.fr

Source: www.purple.fr

‘Look’ she interrupted commandingly, leaning forward with her palms rested on the edge of my desk, ‘I don’t know what is wrong with you lately, but you need to stop being distracted if you want to keep your job. Did I make myself clear?’

The hardest thing when having your female boss bent over your desk, waving her big spectacular tits right before your very eyes, is struggling NOT to look at her tits at all; unless, you are ready to lose your job.

‘Yes, mom, ummam

‘By the way, we’ll have to stay late after work today, to prepare everything for tomorrow’

I nodded approval, thinking about how mad my wife will be for coming home late on our three-year wedding anniversary, and how to improve my presentation and make it more appealing to some important local investors who announced their visit the next day.

For the last six months, I have been working for a small Edinburgh Company, in the Marketing Department. What I never imagined was that I would be working for a nit-picky but extremely hot female boss. Her father owned the company and she was Marketing Director, while I was a Sales Development Specialist.

She left the office angry and stressed out, but that was not something new. She was always like this, stressing out for nothing, making me believe she was either single or mistreated at home.

Later that day, when all our colleagues had already left home, I remained in the office, working hard to finish the presentation for the next day. Suddenly, I heard her screaming from her office.

‘Roger! Is the presentation ready?’

‘Not yet, Miss Monika. I am working on it’

‘Come, I’ll help you with it’ she invited me in her office, standing in the doorway ‘it is already late and it needs to be ready’

I thought I misheard her, since she had never offered herself to help me out with anything. Although I only had to modify a little bit the presentation, without needing her help, I could not say ‘no’ to her. I took my things and went straight into her office.

She was sitting at her desk, with her legs crossed, subtly pushing her glasses that were annoyingly sliding down her nose while she was going through some documents.

‘Don’t just stand there’ she said annoyed ‘take a seat and show me the presentation’. I followed her orders and took a seat on a chair, right in front of her.

Source: www.businessinsider.com

Source: www.businessinsider.com

While she was reading my presentation with great interest, my head instantly started fantasizing about her. She was wearing her blonde curly hair in a bun, a blue office blouse and a hot knee length skirt, which fully emphasized her fitted silhouette and her spectacular breasts.

Was she wearing any panties, I wondered. As she was still focused on my presentation, I took advantage of the situation and leaned backwards on the chair, struggling to see her underwear. Her skirt was too long, so my efforts were fruitless.

As I could not see her panties, I continued staring at her perfect cleavage. Were her boobs natural? All these questions were turning me on more each second, giving birth to even more sex fantasies in my head. She seemed to have no idea the effect she had on me.

‘I must confess’ she said standing up ‘I am impressed’Her words stroke my ego for the first time. If I am not wrong, it was also the first time she smiled at me; a sweet innocent smile, which made me gasp with excitement and arousal. I thought that was it, and I was free to go home. But, no.‘It is perfect the way it is. So, tell me, Roger, are you in a hurry?’

It was already 7:30 p.m. and my wife was calling desperately ‘No, I am not’ I said, asking myself why I was not able to tell her the truth. She smiled in quiet self-satisfaction, as if she had just won something, handing me two documents she had on her desk.

‘Maybe you can help me out with these then’

She was practically telling me to do her job, and I agreed with it. I just could not say no to her. Luckily, there was not something complicated, so I finished everything by 8 o’clock.

‘Ready’ I said, taking my coat and letting her know I was preparing to leave.

‘Great. Thank you, Roger’ While she was talking to me, she unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse and lightly massaged her neck with her eyes closed. It was hot in the desk‘ Is everything okay’ she asked surprised when she saw me staring at her in the doorway.

‘I was justadmiring your beauty

These words came out of my mouth unintentionally and unexpectedly. Although I was expecting my authoritative boss to put me in my place right away, her reaction surprisingly revealed a slight emotional vulnerability.

‘Do you really think I am beautiful, Roger’ she sarcastically asked, getting up from the chair and sitting in front of the desk with her arms crossed.

Source: www.wickedfire.com

Source: www.wickedfire.com

Hitting on your boss is not the most cleaver thing to do, as any wrong word can make you lose your job, but when you are more interested in your boss than in your job, you just stop thinking about side effects.

I left my coat and my map on the chair, and got closer to her, totally brain-washed, while answering her question ‘There must be a man waiting for you at home, who makes sure you hear these words every single day’

‘What makes you think that?’ The closer I got to her, the more nervous and intimidated she seemed. She wanted me, now it was finally clear, and I wanted her even more badly.

‘There’s no way a woman like you is neglected’

I lifted up my hand and caressed her soft face. She closed her eyes and caressed my hand with her face just like a sweet little kitty. She was always in a bad mood just because she needed affection, I thought to myself, putting my lips on hers and tasting her sweet raspberry gloss, while my hands gently unbuttoned the other buttons.

‘Roger’ she whispered, unzipping my pants and letting them fall on the floor. I did not know if she just liked calling my name or if she wanted to tell me something, so I continued taking off her bra without saying a thing.

Her boobs were hotter than I could have imagined; big, round and firm. I wrapped my hands around her waist and leaned forward against her chest, kissing her neck and her shoulders. She grabbed me by the butt and squeezed my butt cheeks repeatedly, then pulled my boxers down and pushed my cock towards her pussy.

I was so horny that I quickly lifted up her dress and pulled down her tiny panties. She was desperate to feel me inside of her. The desk was a little too high, so I just lifted up one of her legs and let her wrap it around my butt, gently pushing my dick into the entrance of her tight pussy.

Her phone started ringing as desperately as mine did, but all we cared about was our burning desire, which made me thrust deeper inside her pussy. She bent her head backwards, leaning on her elbows and letting me enjoy the hottest image I had ever seen while fucking somebody. All I wanted was to feel her pussy squirt hard on my dick.

As I was going in and out her precious pussy, and she was getting wetter and hornier by the second, I heard my wife calling my name, almost causing me a heart attack.

‘Roger! Roger! Wake up!’

WhWhat?! Where am I?!’

‘You were talking in your dream and I had to wake you up’

I was in a dark room, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was confused. Everything was just a dream?! I was happy and sad at the same time; happy because my marriage was not screwed and my wife did not really catch me cheating on her and sad because I did not have a chance to fuck my boss in reality.

‘What did I say’ I subtly asked my wife, hoping my mouth did not betray me while sleeping.

‘You were just moaning and fucking the bed’ she laughed. I was speechless. ‘I suppose you were dreaming about me’

‘Yes’ I held her in my arms, kissing the nape of her neck, without telling her the painful truth. The dream was so hot that my cock was still fully erect, so I stuck my hand inside my wife’s panties and softly rubbed her clitoris, while massaging her small firm boobs.

That night I fucked my wife hard, thinking about my hot female boss. But, guess what happened the next day!

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