First date Don’ts!

5th November, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Things you should avoid doing on a first date!

Are you going to have your first date with someone special and you are too afraid to do something wrong and lose your chances for a further relationship? Well, now you have no reasons…

…because we are here to help you! Continue reading if you want to know the Don’ts on your first date!

‘If you treat a first date like an interview, it will feel like one. Just be yourself and let your personality shine.’

The first date is always difficult and sometimes strange for everyone. You tend to be a little bit clumsy or graceless, but do not worry being nervous is a normal behavior!

In order for you to have a hot date there are several steps you need to follow! You need to show the real you, no white lies are allowed but at the same time you need to be confident and open-minded! Share your beliefs, your ambitions and your dreams; in a single word be honest and share your thoughts!



A happy heart leads to a powerful mind!

You know that saying – First impression always counts? Well, this is the right time to put your knowledge into practice, because first dates are always about first impressions!

Having that lighthearted feeling might be helpful for you! Try to be optimistic and most of all, confident in your powers of conquering!   A happy heart leads to a powerful mind!

Specialists state that during the first date you need to feel that kind of freedom in your thoughts that also allows you to be spontaneous and expressive! To continue, you can be exposed to several turnoffs that might make you turn down a second date!

Now let us get directly down to business; there is no chance for you not to be impressed by the mistakes people make! Avoid them!

First date mistakes!

That awkward feeling after you do something wrong and you realize you actually made her/him feel bad… Yes, indeed you suddenly realize the date has just taken a bad turn! What should you do next? Take a peek and you will find out that not all is lost; you still have your chances!

Here is a list of things you should avoid doing during your first date!

Dating couple


  • To be rude

‘Hey Missy give it to me! Let’s go to my place! What do you say?’  

Well, as intelligent and charismatic as you might be, if you are rude the chances for a second date to take place will automatically diminish! Try to control yourself and pay attention to what he/she wants to share with you.

If the conversation is flowing well and you are both attracted to one another, please try to avoid these things:

– Peak food from your teeth

– Speak louder than normally

– Act like you are on a job interview

– Dominate the conversation

  • To talk too much about your exes

‘I had a terrible relationship! However, he is a handsome guy, beautiful, charming, intelligent, appealing, attractive, honest, cute, charismatic…’

As you might think, this is probably not the right time to talk and constantly complain about your ex or on the contrary praise him too much! You are here for your next relationship so forget about your past, or someone might say you are still living in the past and you are probably not ready to start something new!

  • To show too much skin

‘What a short skirt you have! Nice body! Yummy!’

Behave normally and try not to impress that much! He might get another opinion about your personality and therefore in the future regret it! Mystery is definitely needed at the beginning of anything! If you show everything you have from your first date, what is the point to continue all this love game? There will be no fun!

  • To be aggressive

‘I’ll smack that guy! Let me just meet him face to face!’

Aggressiveness kills chemistry! Try not to be rude to the waitress, and most of all try not to threaten someone. Keep the conversation into the fun sector and do not make him/her be afraid of you!

  • To constantly use the phone


‘Sorry I have to make a phone call (After some time)… Sorry one more! (After some more time) Let me text this message!.. Oh, I have to take this one too…’

‘If you have other important issues to deal with right now, probably it is better to talk some other time!’

Leave your conversations and your texting for later on. No one will accept long conversations, online surfing or constantly texting messages during your first date. Your date will probably think you are not interested in him/her!

  • To drink too much

‘What a nice wine! I’ll have another one of this type, two cocktails and two shots of Vodka!’

Stressed out and nervous? Well, then certainly do not try to calm yourself by drinking too much, in other words do not get drunk. Limit yourself to that amount of alcohol you know you can deal with. He/she will not be impressed by your abilities to drink much!

  • To argue

‘You are totally wrong! You have no idea about what this topic is all about! I can’t believe my ears!’

Honestly ladies and gentlemen, this is a real ‘No-no!’ Try to avoid bothering and contradictory situations! For whatever reason disturbing situations can appear, but this is definitely not the right time for this!

  • To start serious discussions


‘I want four children and we have to get married as soon as possible. My parents do not let me date boys unless it is something serious! We have to at least get engaged!’

As this is your first date there is no solid reason to think that this is going to last or not. Consequently you have no reasons to start serious discussions about babies, marriage or meeting his/her parents! Do not push your limits more than it is necessary!

  • To take your buddies/kids with you

‘He is a close friend of mine and he has come with me to keep me company, and these two are my kids! Meet Melinda and Jason!’

As obvious as this might sound, believe me, it has happened. Your first date means the starting point of a possible relationship, and the time you spend together should be used to know each other and not socialize with your friends or take care of your kids. Move on from the life you already have and put the basis of your future!

  • To share your real feelings

‘I simply adore you! I love you! Let me kiss your sexy lips!’

Honestly guys, how can someone tell you he/she loves you after just an hour or two spent together? Do not make this mistake! This is definitely something that proves to your date that you are not what you appear to be!

First impression counts!

‘A job interview is like a first date. You dress up, pretend to be someone else and spend the time wondering if you’re going to get screwed.’

There is no doubt that your first date can predict your future together as a couple. First impression always counts, as a result if you pay a little bit of attention with the above mentioned tips; you are in for a long ride!

You do not have to do something much more than you would normally do on a date, but instead you need to be yourself and not to overreact with your behaviors!



Be yourself and be open, this is all what matters! Even though some of the above mentioned tips should go without saying, some of us do them unconsciously!

In order for a date not to be the last first date, follow these tips and you will do just fine!

The first date can be the start of something meaningful for you, therefore be cautious with all the things you do and say! Both parties are alert with the way you both act, therefore it is easy to misunderstand or misread the signs!

From the most common to the most awkward and embarrassing things someone can do on a date, we have listed the most curious ones. If you like to read more about this topic, an article that we strongly suggest you to read is one recently written by Joanna Borns – ’17 Things Everyone Wants To Do On A First Date But Shouldn’t’

Together with her clear impressions, the fine observations and the funny remarks the article turns out to be really easy to read!  Being aware of the things you must not do on a first date might get you away of trouble, but more importantly gives you real chances to meet the love of your life!

‘On the first date men worry about what they’re going to say while women worry about what they’re going to wear.’

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