First step to romance

10th March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It was a boring evening in September.

I was bored and got on a social network to find someone to talk to.

First step to romance


It has not been long before I found her, the one that would make me enormously for a certain period of time. A 19-year-old girl, a brunette, with green eyes, and super cute (as I’d find out later), just as I’ve been dreaming long to meet. She told me she was of Greek origin, and now she returned to Greece with her family. That’s how I found out she hates the lies, and that she likes the honest, cute and humorous people. In other words it seems to describe me. I was suffering from the relationship with my former girlfriend. When I saw her face, she was like a princess, long hair to her shoulders, brunette, a little curly, green and bright eyes asking for something special for herself, her lips so voluptuous and sweet as I was going to find out lately they were charming me completely. She told me that she likes me, a moment when I totally lost myself. Where was that pre-existing person who was not back from anything, who was not afraid to talk to the girls? Was it possible to disappear so suddenly? The answer was yes, in front of her, it was possible. We started to reveal to each other everything we had in our heart and decided to see us in the near future. I had to go to a concert that I was organizing. I was a sound engineer. On the concert day I found out she was in my country in vacancy. And we met. She was more beautiful in reality, she was like a princess and she would become and remain my princess that I will not soon forget. She came to me. She looked a few peeks in my eyes and told me she wanted to have me in her arms to feel next to her. You realize how well I felt. That day passed relatively fast. In the evening we both went to the club where the concert was going to take place, but there I saw a friend of mine, a dj that I let him taking care of the concert, I went out for a walk with Diana.
While we were speaking, we arrived at the hotel where I was staying. I invited her to stay with me, which she accepted. We went into the room and took a bottle of champagne, put it in the glasses and sat down on the couch. We both sipped at the same time from the glasses as we looked in the each other’s eyes. At that moment I felt the need to kiss her, which happened even though I did not expect it. She had some extraordinary lips. I stopped suddenly.
-I apologize, I should not have done that, I got carried away.
“It’s nothing,” she said, “I like to stay with you and touch you.
It was the prettiest and passionate kiss of my life. I felt a special attraction for her, an attraction beyond the limits. The hour was late and we decided to sleep. I wanted to sleep in the living room on the couch, but I was struck by her with her categorical refusal, asking me to keep her in my arms overnight. I did not know what to do, but I did as she asked, I let myself being ordered. For the first time in my life I was doing what a woman wanted. I could not believe it! We lay down in bed and she put her head on my chest. She was so sweet in that way. I was adoring her. I was seeing her as a goddess. It was clear, I WAS FALLING IN LOVE. I gently stroked her hair as a sign of affection and as a reward I received a kiss, and so it all started.
-I have to tell you that I have not had the courage from a long time to stay so close to a boy, you are special.
I felt like I exploded with joy … I left her on her back and whispered her that I want her. I was surprised when I saw what came next. She crawled over me and kissed me while she was caressing me passionately. I was already excited enormously. After a few moments I gave myself a little courage, seeing she likes what was happening.
I dared to kiss her right breast, a breast so beautiful and well defined that was driving me mad. I went on like this until I told her that I could not resist and that I wanted to make love with her. She accepted. I started slightly and a little shy. I did not want to make sudden moves. For the first time in my life I was romantic and so I wanted to be that night- a romantic one. I decided that the position of the missionary is the most appropriate. I took her in my arms and I kissed her deep and long. At that point she felt like I was penetrating her. She stopped suddenly:
-You’re good, you made me forget everything, I want to be mine alone.
“It will be what you want, just to be honest with me,” I whispered.
What is happening to me? Where was the rebel boy who never said sweet words to a girl? who never said he loved her? I could not explaining what was going on with me, but I’ve changed a lot for her. I really fell in love. I felt her inner warmth.
-I want to lick your pussy. I want to lick you …
I did not expect her to agree and I started licking the beauty of her pussy that was making me so happy. The gentle, shy, quiet girl suddenly became violent, but violent for only a few seconds. She turned me upside down and started sucking my penis. It was incredible. Two lips so perfect on my penis? It was not possible !!! After having sucked me for a few minutes, she climbed over to me and started kissing me. Throughout that time, I penetrated her again and I was making the in-and-aut move. She was so excited. That was very visible. After another 10 minutes of sex I felt like I was going to ejaculate. I said her and she asked me to sperm into her. That’s how I did. I received from her a kiss more passionate and more beautiful than the others. It was a perfect evening. Me and the person I fell in love with. I was going through all sorts of ideas: how would my wife be? such as being my mother’s mother? how will life be with her ?. I fell asleep with these thoughts. My happiness was read on my face. She fell asleep in front of me, kissed her as she slept, and then I fell asleep. I did not even dream that this weekend will happen like that.
The next day we woke up, took breakfast together, then went for a shower, we seemed inseparable. I went out of the room then, and we stopped at a pharmacy, yet I wanted to be sure I would not have the surprise of becoming a dad, not that I would not have wanted it, with her next to me, but I had my life before to marriage.
I drove her to the airport, where I saw a tear in her eyes. He hugged me warmly and warmly. She asked me to visit her as soon as possible, which we have to do 2 months later.

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