For the first and last time

28th December, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

She looked at him silently.

She knew that, finally, it would happen and she sighed slowly.

For the first and last time


The emotion was growing more and more. The heartbeats were fast. Everything around her became opaque. Only his image pointing to her was clear in my mind. He could not hide, he could not run anymore. Only for that period of time he awaited for her, he wanted her. How could she refuse him, the forbidden fruit, her secret desire, her unfulfilled love?

He was moving slowly towards her, like a feline who knows perfect his prey, knowing that she can not escape anymore and he was trying as much as possible by removing the climax. Ah, she will be his, finally , she will not escape anymore. His secret desire was finally about to become fulfilled. He wanted so much to get her.

When he got near her, he enjoys a moment of her tender fragrance and for the first time she got drunk with him quietly, not doing everything on the run as other time. He could now look at her for how long he wanted, without those hidden looks he was used to and which he silently accepted them. Why was everything happened so late? It could not be true. That idea was driving him mad in reality, he was trying not to fall prey to despair. He careses her involuntarily on the cheek, feeling her finesse, staring in him inner feelings that he had to take so long to repress them. His hand slid slowly over her neck, breasts, waist. Then he took her close to him, suddenly, surprising her with his greed. She had a moment of retention he felt it right away. He knew that she was not totally decided if she wanted to be his and the fear of losing her contained him. Nothing could have made him happier than a night with her, and she seemed to move away. Still, her morality was being tested, her consciousness was purged by dozens of thoughts, she could not think lucidly. He squeezed her more and more into his arms, approaching her even more to him, and sticking to her his whole body. And she was feeling her so hsrd, so eager, she was feeling as he was asking for the right to have her. The game was over … He was whispering to her ear slowly, making her getting tensed under his touches, making her feel the fire that was able to burn her whole body, making her unable to resist him. The passion invalidated them, it hid them from the rest of the world, there were the only two of them alone, being the prey of the hidden feelings that united them. When she kissed her for the first time, her sensuality made him mad; it was so much more erotic than he expected it , her full lips were eager to be touched. He found her warm and welcoming and he pulled her even closer beside him, as if he wantde to ingest their bodies, nothing was the same. He embraced her face in his hands and he kissed her deep, playing with her lips, enjoying together the new sensations. The blood was racing crazy through his veins, accelerating his desires, making him lose even more in the kiss that was binding them. He was feeling her under him, sitting on the bed, moving frantically under his body, receiving his kisses and she was moaning eagerly at every pulse of his. He was not getting bored by kissing her soft skin. She was touching her gently, making her fall under his palm, mingle with warmth, call him in silence. He deliciously kissed her breasts and caressed them. When he penetrated her, dozens of sensations hit him, leaving him breathless for a moment. From where so much love? He was asking himself. He was not not realizing it until then that she was the first and the last woman he really loved and that could make him happy, even for a night. He was looking how she was startling at every penetration, he was feeling how she wanted more and more from him, as she was becoming uncontrollable and how his kiss was making her losing her mind. His body was hard to control, the deeper he was getting, the more he was feeling lost in the abyss of pleasure. He filled her with sperm, and she was clunging to him with power, calling him gently, provoking him to fill her again and again, until she was completely full. Their bodies were moving frenetic, united for eternity, wrapped in her tender and excited call. He was losing more and more in her silky heat, breathing her hair fragrance, touching her more and more where she was so wet and ready. His mouth was making love with her mouth, and the bodies followed their example. His desire grew and grew bigger, becoming unstoppable. He felt her exploding beneath him, as she was calling him between the sighs, they were on the verge of ecstasy. With the pressing silence that was left behind their tired bodies, still tied together, they became also to feel their guilt. She was not his wife, and he was not her husband. They knew they were just lovers, condemned to brutal separation. They promised each other not to spend more than one night from the beginning, and that was going to be the first and last time they were going to be together. The most beautiful night in their lives. She was murmuring his name slowly, like a sad love vow she made with him. And if it was to be the only night spent together, it would have to remain memorable. She wanted to dress and go, but he did not leave her. He would have wanted her forever, to disappear together somewhere where no one knew about them. Why was a woman like her supposed to belong to someone else? He wanted her only for him. She took her hand and asked her to stay with him for at least an hour more, to feel her more, to feel her smell, her skin, to hear her voice so smooth and calm. She was calming him with her voice. He gathered her hair back and kissed her eyes with the color of an infinite blue. She was ashamed and turned her head slightly towards the window. He grabbed her chin and turned her gaze to his eyes. The whole universe was spinning around them. He told her he loved her, though it was too soon to feel that. She approached her lips, feeling her breath as roses. Closing his eyes began to taste her hot lips, her velvety mouth. Her tongue walked in his mouth with shyness. Her nipples touched him on his chest. His penis had begun to grow again and touched her pulp. His hands began to play with the naughty nipples, she was moaning with pleasure. He then lifted one of her legs, gluing her to the wall. His fingers explored her wet pussy which was wanting his penis. After a few deep touches, he put her hands to the wall, leaning her slightly ahead and he penetrated her deep with his penis, coming in and out with faster and faster moves. She was shouting of pleasure. In this position she was deeply penetrated, she was able to feel his penis through her abdomen. His hands covered the breasts behind her, and then they were spanking her buttocks from time to time. After a few minutes he filled her again with his hot sperm, then he turned her with her face to him and took her into his arms, feeling her trembling.
She went to take a shower and then put on her clothes. He was not able to do even a shower, he stood empty on the bed and he was watching her. He knew he would not see her again, or he would see her again, but he could not at least touch her. She went to him and took his hand, to her cheek, to feel it, to feel his scent. He saw a tear on her cheek, and he wanted to get up to caress her, but she slipped out of his hand and walked out onto the door, dragging her behind her.

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