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9th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

‘The best way to get over someone is to get under someone!’

‘When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.’ – Alexander Graham Bell

The story of a painful breakup!

Either that we talk about a love breakup, a divorce or even death, we have to face at least once in our lives such a situation. So what do we do? Does this mean the end of the road? Certainly NOT! You still have a future, and a life to live and enjoy!



The fear that we can lose even the small comfort of our present lives drives us to endure things that we normally would not accept, nor tolerate. But what about starting all over again? Why are we so afraid of a new start, of a new beginning? Take your chances and always move forward and most importantly do not be afraid to say ‘No!’!

We are fighting all day long. I cannot cope with this atmosphere anymore. I am crying all the time, but what can I do? I’m so afraid… I  need to get over his reactions and over his rude and indifferent behavior. Fight after fight and we  are both feeling that something is not working properly between us; but the last eight years that we have been together are so important for me! I am not ready to throw them out the window. I am terrified by a new beginning!   

Sort the mess of your own life! Change what causes you harm, work things out or get over them! There are an infinite number of options out there that could give you once again the sense of freedom and an immense happiness! You just have to make up your mind, open your eyes and decide what is the best thing for you!

A different life

‘Sometimes holding on is tough. Much tougher than letting go or simply quitting.'(Unknown author)

If he loves me now, he will love me tomorrow! If he makes me happy today, he will forever do it! If I’ll hide him, no one will steal him from me!   

Well, unfortunately things are not quite this way! We change, feelings change! We are not the same as the time passes, and thus sometimes the inevitable becomes something imperative!

Get over this emotional mood and take the decision that best suits you! Have faith in yourself!

Every day passed with no changes! Until one day, when I said to myself – I will stop thinking about my own happiness, but instead I will think about his own sake! I thought it well  for a couple of days and then I initiated a conversation with him!

We have to talk!

What now?

I need a divorce!

(He stood silently being shocked by what I had just said) And then, without any facial expression he said ‘OK!’

Let the fog settle down

‘Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak! It only means that, you are strong enough to let go.’ (Unknown author)

There is life after a divorce or a breakup, you just have to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Face the decision and enjoy life! Cry your pain out and surround yourself with healthy friends!

After some months, I saw him! I did not know how to react! I haven’t seen him for such a long time! He appeared to be different! He accepted the idea to live without me! But I… felt awkward! All those good moments spent together were once again alive! 

Take your time, have patience with yourself, but more importantly have self- confidence. Anything can be achieved if you desire it! Let the fog settle down and get your pieces of your shattered identity back together! It is not over for you!

I had to do something with my life, and especially with my sex life! I was afraid to do something in this way! What should I do?

Just say ‘yes!’ and do not hesitate! It is time for you to get over your breakup! It was probably not you the cause, just a character discrepa newancy! Feel solid in yourself!



‘Turn your wounds into wisdom.’ – Oprah Winfrey

It is true – it is not that easy, but it is also not impossible! Think about the multitude of persons out there who are willing to treat you much better than your ex! Just try!

You must get over your sorrow! You must start dating and get your life back! Letting go of a special someone may always be a difficult thing for anyone, but with a little bit of faith, desire and positivism you can become strong enough for this to happen!

Post-breakup sex…

I just want to meet some people who care and love me for what I am! I need someone to give me energy and support! I’ve forgotten him! I’m better now!

In life everything happens for a reason, but think about it, there is a whole new life in front of you! Taste life, start a new relationship after a while, when you feel ready for it! Post-breakup sex might be difficult, but it is natural, do not worry! A fact is undoubtedly true – staying where you are now is wrong!

It is absolutely normal to start liking some other people after a heartbreak! Actually socializing might help you boost your ego! And when it comes, do it! Try having sex with a special someone!

Face it: both your soul and your body need companionship! So, after you have cleared your mind, what is wrong with trying this out? You need to reclaim the intimacy into your life and the ‘Single’ status must be changed!

You got needs, like everyone! So how long are you planning to wait? Do you hear it too?  If not, I have the answer – It is your body screaming for sex! Get over your rejection, look for support somewhere else!



How to heal up after a breakup!

I have found the perfect equilibrium for me, but I’m afraid that when I see him this will have a huge impact on me! What should I do? It is far more difficult that I would have believed…

Do not worry, your encounter will probably not be that difficult as you may think now! It will go as natural as it can be in this kind of situations. Do not stress yourself more than it is required! You have your chance to start all over again! Learn from your past mistakes and always think – ‘We all have our prince charming somewhere out there!’

‘Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you!’

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