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The story of the two stars who never meet, but love each other!

I need your words to get wet
Prepare your moves to make me sweat!

I need your body to make me tremble
Prepare your soul to make me resemble!



All sorts of questions invade our lives on a daily basis… All sorts of concerns and anxieties seem to haunt us! So many diseases threaten our lives and therefore we tremble, we have an unquestionable fear of the unknown!

We never go any further than our own comfort zone! Hesitantly, we make our first steps each and every day! The moment we step outside, our future becomes uncertain!

No force can predict for sure what is going to happen today… Is it bad? Is it good? What charm would it all have if we were to know in advance every step that we were going to take, every obstacle that we were going to overcome!?

A well-spent life!

Let surprises spice up your life and do not think so much about uncertainty! No one can predict for sure the future… All the nonsense that appears on a daily basis has equal chances to happen or not, and if something really happens some of us might say that it is the hand of destiny! Is it?

‘So, unfair!’ screams the Moon. ‘I do not have the chance to meet you, my love, to give you my kisses, to give you my thoughts!’

‘Maybe one day miracles will happen!’ says the Sun! ‘Believe in faith, believe in destiny and we will meet!’

‘Then I’ll prove to you, my Sun, what real love means!’

‘I’ve searched the entire sky for you. But when I was here, you were already there! I felt your presence, I felt your joy!’

Have you never wondered why you are where you are right now, doing what you do? As an overall result, do you actually do what you really enjoy? Is this the path you would have chosen no matter if you were to go back in time? If yes, it means that you are really a happy one!



Stop worrying about what it might happen today or tomorrow! Love what you have and try not to stress your life more than it already is!

Keep saying to yourself that life goes on no matter what happens today or tomorrow, and your worst case scenarios from the present day will probably cause you laughter after some years or so!

Life is a song, so sing it!

‘I’m here with you my love and I’m not going to go that easily!’

‘I can feel your warmth even though you are not here with me. Your thoughts give me the energy to be the night’s sun! My falling stars are my tears for you…’

‘Every night I try to break the silence shouting your name!’

‘You are here, I can feel you!’

Fight for what brings you happiness and joy, and ignore what causes you harm and loss! You are the writer of your own storyline! You have the power to shape it exactly the way you prefer it; as quickly as a blink of an eye!

‘I will always be by your side and together we can fight the world!’

‘Some day our lights will finally meet and they will shine together as one!’

Sensual lovers


So much stress and so many things to tell… This hectic life we are living sometimes causes much more prejudice to us than we would actually think of… The blur sensation that we are living a dramatic spectacle is for the majority of the cases hidden by our increasing desires!

We want more and more! There is no point to say we are fully happy. As the sky is our limit we want to conquer it all… Is this right or is this wrong?

Love is what makes us strong, but sex is what gives us courage and emotion…

That strange chase after love invades our minds and our souls – ‘The moon is deeply in love with the sun but never gets to see it…’

That burning passion that needs a place where it can be shared! This is what all of us feel – the earthshaking sensation that pushes us to go further and further!

The flame of love, our source of energy!

A flickering light… the light of the candles shine and make it a comfy room for that magic to happen!

Love is a strong word, often uttered with no depth. Weigh the words and balance your thoughts! There is more to say, more to feel and more to prove!

‘You know! I am thinking that we are only one single soul in two different shapes!’

‘The smile on your face, the warmth of your rays, the charm that you have, the power that you give me!’

Where there is love, there is life; but where there is physical attraction there is happiness…

‘You know how to push the right buttons when you want!’

‘Let me be part of your fantasy tonight…’

Nothing can be guaranteed today, tomorrow or any other day… Life is just a ride, it is just a dance and it is just a game! So play it wisely! Do not be afraid… you will probably have no other chances…

Get correct views of life and do not regret anything!



‘I’ve learned from the past to know exactly what to do in the present and how to plan the future!’

‘It was not my ears you just spoiled, it were my lips and my soul!’

Everything happens with a reason! You just have to guess it right! Get the directions of your dreams and just follow them! These are the right words to say, do not over analyze them!

You know what they say; those who lose their time to think about the past will lose both the present and the future… Is this worth it?

All these spontaneous changes happen with one single reason – to get you prepared for what is going to happen next!

Embrace your future, but remember your past!

Make your best of all what happens every day, see the friends you want to see, read the books you want to read, say the words you want to say! You have only one chance to make it right… for you and for your love…

‘Fill the emptiness here! Let two souls be together!’

‘Empty the dominant thoughts you have gathered; and enjoy doing it!’

‘We are two stars that cannot shine together!’

‘How come that we share the same space, but never actually meet’?

‘Opposite forces attract each other! This is what we really are!’

Without a delay make all the mysteries disappear… Day after day, lesson after lesson…

Life is changing all the time. Keep your dreams and your rhythm, everything else should not matter…

The reality beyond the feeling of being alive is a secret. But, you have the ability and the chance to discover it! You do not have good cards all the time in your hands, but if you know how to play those you already have, you might get more than lucky!

‘Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.’ – Marie Curie

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