Happy birthday, honey!

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There were just a few days until my birthday and the preps were keeping me busy

but not too busy for being impatient to see my boyfriend again.

Happy birthday, honey!

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The three months that Paul spent in England with his new job, I felt them too much but the fact that we were talking every evening and he was assuring me that he will be home in time for my birthday with an unforgettable present, it was consoling me. Fuck the gift, I couldn’t wait to lose myself again in his arms and to make me moan with pleasure like he only knows how. I realize that I sighed a little bit with frustration and I try to focus again on what I had to do. And here I am, in the eve of my birthday, checking the last details, to be sure that I did not forget anything. I go to the bathroom to spoil myself in the bathtub full of perfumed bath foam. A hot bath was always my perfect remedy after a long day, of course if I could not have sex instead. This thought made me smile and remember that were less than 24 hours until I will get the desired sex. Paul will get home the next day. I leaned my head on the soft prop of the bath tub when the phone started to ring. I knew that Paul might be on his way home and it was too late for him to call at that hour, but the thought that maybe it was him made me answer. “Yes, hello!” “Hello, honey, are you still up?” “Paul, how come that you call at this hour? Don’t you suppose to be on the plane by now?” “No, I am still in the airport, it was a little delaty and I wanted to see how are you! I hoped that you were asleep, tomorrow will be a full day, but I am glad in a selfish way to hear your voice, tell me what are you doing now?” “I am glad to hear you too, now I spoil myself with a hot bath and with the fantesies with you, baby, I miss you very much, I am impatient to see you again! You know that I would enjoy better a bath in two!” I said with a naughty smile on my face. I adore to drive him mad like that. I heard him breathing hard and after a few seconds he said: “Honey, you have no idea how much I want to be next to you right now, I am imagining your naughty breasts full of foam…!” “Paul, are you crazy? What are you doing, what if anyone hear you?” “What if instead of today, you would give yourself to me this night?” Paul asked with a slow voice. “You always like to live the bathroom door opened.” I turned my face and there he was, with his phone to his ear, same as I. I practically jumped from the bath tub and I ran to him and he guessed my intention and he approached me laughing. He took me strongly in his arms, he kissed me with lust and he penetrated my mouth with his insatiable tongue, likewise mine, and after a wild kiss he whispered: “ Happy birthday, honey! I came to have time to offer you my present!” He pushed me slowly away from him while I was protesting:”Are you mad, what present? I only want what I already have, you in my arms, only that you are a little bit dressed than I want you!” I said him with another naughty smile. “No, calm down, we’ll be time for that too, now you need to dress up and come with me!” I looked at him confused for a moment. “I think you are kidding me, where to go at this hour, I haven’t seen you in three months, I’m dying to make love to you, to go where?” I asked again upset. “Come on!” I put a bath robe on me quickly and when I got out of the bathroom he was talking not loud at all by the phone in the bedroom and he hung up when he saw me. I noticed some lit candles, rose petals and a massage table. I looked surprised at him and I didn’t have the chance to ask something because someone rang the doorbell. I realized that it was too late for a gues to come visiting and I saw that Paul was heading to the door smiling. He opened and a young , brunette man came in, he shook hands with Paul and entered the house without saying a word. “Honey, I thought that you need a massage to be in shape for tomorrow.” My first thought was that I was naked under my robe, the second one was that Paul was insane to invite someone for a massage at this hour. After another sceptical look to the stranger that was in our house at that hour, I decided to trust my boyfriend. I followed him and I said nothing when he took off my robe, I remained naked in front of my man who was not seeing me naked for the first time, he was seeing me naked for the first time with another man , a man that I didn’t even hear his voice. Paul dared me to go on the massage table and whispered me to relax and trust him, to live my fantasy. At the word “fantasy” my heart began to race. I felt Paul’s hands on my back first, caressing me with a perfumed oil, then I felt other hands. The hands of the stranger were massagin my legs with the same oil. I began to relax while the hands of my lover were touching my buttocks. He was making circular moves and then he was going between the legs, up and down. I was melting inch by inch. Two men were caressing me in a very intimate and intense way, I was feeling their hands all over my body, each of my senses has been awake and later I realized that the two men were naked too. I felt on one of my hips Paul’s erected penis and I noticed in the mirror which was in front of me a very erotic scene. My shining body from the massage oil and the two naked men and horny were touching me all over my body as they were worshiping me. I met Paul’s eyes in the mirror, they were darkened by lust and desire. Then he said me to get up and sit on the table with my legs outside the table and with my face towards him. He began to kiss my eyes and whispered me to let myself carried away and to do whatever I desire, then he kissed me with passion, while our enigmatic partner was behind me touching my breasts going down with his hands on my body. I continued to kiss him and I told him that I would do whatever I feel like doing, but only with him, the fantasies with two men weren’t exciting for me anymore! I turned back to the stranger and I told him to leave, because I wanted to be alone with my boyfriend. I heard the door closing behind me a few moments later while I was kissing Paul’s chest, while my tongue was playing with his nipples and while he was moaning, satisfied by my choice. I felt a big desire to thank him for wanting to live my fantasies and I went down with my lips on his abdomen, I felt him breathing hard and when I reached his erected penis I started to lick it while I was looking him straight into his eyes. He moaned slowly and leaned his head on his back. While I was sucking his hard penis, he began to move it wildly in my mouth, and through moanings and sighs he said again: “Happy birthday, honey!”

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