How to conquer a woman

26th July, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Good to Know, Sex tips

As you probably know, a woman is a very complex creature, a mixture between sugar and spice.

So, no matter when you get interact with her, she’s going to turn you into an addict, ‘cause sugar and spice are some addictive ingredients.

conquer woman


A woman brings life on Earth, literally, and there is no human being nor creature on this planet without owing its existence to its mother and father, of course. But the most “tortured” person is the woman, if we start to compare the parents,who not only has to deal with the idea of carrying a child, but she has to be careful with her diet, what substances she puts in her body knowing they will affect the fetus, all those mood changes, body changes, the constant nausea, the weight of the child when it’s almost time to get out of the “cosy home” and also try to be a good girlfriend/ wife, giving her man attention and whatever he wants (vice versa is available too), if we’re talking about a woman who works well she is going to need more money than ever and work cannot be skipped. Unless the financial situation is cool.

So imagine trying to conquer one of these beautiful creatures who are capable of so many that men just simply deny their power, while some of them appreciate it. But not all females are women, there are also girls who mustn’t be mistaken for a woman. The differences between these two categories of female is that a woman has a way much more experience than a girl, because of the evolution in time, there are stages in life that inquire some aptitudes and perseverance in an activity or more. I’m talking about graduating highschool, a university, then getting a job, earn some money, move alone, pay bills, learn to cook, to organize and so on. I’m talking about responsibility and determination. Not many can handle this and some girls and women opt for an easier life by hooking up with rich men so they can offer them an luxurious life or they choose for simple men, but who can offer a decent life so these ladies don’t have to struggle to earn money. That’s a different category of female and it’s a pretty easy to earn one. All you need is cash and energy to spoil the cute little soul you got there all for yourself and if you’re lucky, even if you won’t stay rich forever, maybe she’ll get to know you, love you and appreciate the effort you took in carrying for her.

Another difference between a woman and a girl is the taste in men. While a girl is dying for some attention, a woman knows how to get it and when she wants it and she doesn’t need attention the whole time to feel better. A woman just knows how to feel better because she knows who she is. And if you ever get to thinking that you know how to give attention, think twice ‘cause not every woman has the same preferences and some might get offended if you do something or not. So never underestimate the relativity in people, even though there are patterns, but you might never know what you can find hidden in someone’s head and heart.

Social media eases nowadays the effort you might of taken a few decades ago in finding a match, though the human interaction was much more real than in virtual space and if you heard about the Russian Roulette, then you know what I’m talking about. You might never know what sort of person you may find out there online and if you are a stranger to technology then communicating without being able to see the other interlocutor’s reaction such as body language, its voice and so on, you might find it lifeless and misleading. Using emojis is a closer approach to real life face expressions and they make you understand if the conversations goes well or not, but you might never know if she’s telling the truth.

If you want to approach a woman online, after you add her on a social network, please don’t dare to bother writing her a message thanking her for accepting your add? Like it was obvious she thought you seem to be a safe person to have it in her social network list and free of not being interpreted as a potential rapist, so why in the world would you start a conversation like that? Unfortunately, some male are still doing it these days and they’re still not getting any goodies. How predictable.

Imagine yourself a journalist. I don’t know how much do you think a journalist does, but a very important aspect in writing an article, besides having a great knowledge about grammar and good communication skills, is documentation. Think about the girl you want to approach, what kind of person is she? How old is she? Where did she grow up? What type of education she got? What about her friends? Is she working anywhere or is she in school? And so on, there are plenty questions you may ask yourself before getting to connect to another person you’re interested with. So this online CV, ‘cause you may call it like that, if the person is active, you may see by her check-ins what type of places she’s going to, what kind of people is she going out with, what type of pictures does she take, what style does she have and so on. So you have these informations and you still wanna start a conversation with “Thanks for adding me” ? Besides, it’s incorrect saying it this way, ‘cause it’s you who gave her add, not her. Yes, some men say it that way. Dumbasses.

Do some research before even bothering to write anything, but don’t be a stalker neither. Any lady can smell that and it’s creepy. But hey, if you wanna be a stalker, then be a stalker, you’re free as a bird, but a detail that might ruin this undercover is represented by the like button under a picture older than this year, perhaps going further in the past. Also, don’t start adding comments to her pictures, unless you talked with her a few times and got to knew her a little. People will take you for a douche for trying to get into her pants by trying to look manly by adding a silly comment or two at her online pictures. It’s safer to text her “how you doing” and she’s going to respond to a non-weird also message.

Don’t send her dick pics unless she wants you too! And you should focus into making a girl/woman think how sweet you are and touch her soul. You can send her a personal picture, so that she thinks she is special. A picture with you making a funny face is necessary, or your activity (you at your job doing something), perhaps funny internet photos, but not in excess. Less is always going to be more, unless you’re eccentric and you like to show off. Try not making too many photos or she’s gong to thing that you’re a big narcissist and you don’t think about anything else but yourself. And also that you have too much time to spend doing nothing. No woman or a girl will be attracted to that.

Don’t you dare adding her friends and also don’t talk with them! Girls talk to each other like guys do. They like sharing experiences, they like having fun and do whatever they want to, things that guys do too. You wouldn’t feel excited when a girl you have a crush on is talking to a good friend of yours in the same way she does it with you. Having this principle on the table, why in the world would you do that and why are there even men who are trying this?! That’s so sad lol.

I know not every person is looking for a long-term relationship and most are looking for fun and if you’re doing it, just do it right because a woman likes suspense, teasing, little games, fun games, affection, brain of course. Just don’t expose yourself too much and look desperate ‘cause if you “smell” wrong, she’s going to do whatever she wants with you. And trust me, you won’t like to be mocked by a woman, you’ll get eaten alive!

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