I have sexual fantasies, haven’t you?

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Everyone has sexual fantasies! Discover yours!

‘Take my hand and show me the way
Kiss my lips and touch my hair
Pull me close; it is OK!
Strip off my clothes and beware!’

What are your sexual fantasies? Does your sexual partner accept them, and satisfy your erotic cravings? Are you an open-minded person, who lets his imagination run free?

Most studies show that many of us are reluctant to confess some of their deepest inner thoughts, from fear to be harshly judged or to upset the others. However, it is advisable to discuss and luckily put them into practice, at least with your lover if not with someone else. Being able to be transparent and never hide what you wish for, will certainly offer you a sense of security and relief. What could go wrong?


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In what concerns the sexual fantasies, they are what we call ‘the mental image of a lascivious desire’. A movie, a photo or just a thought can easily trigger off our fantasies. We can experience them in our dreams, and the reason is simple our imagination has no boundaries! Why should we be inhibited persons who have preconceptions and taboo fantasies? Fantasies are part of a normal sexual behavior. Either that we talk about wanting to meet a tall blond girl with blue eyes, or that we would want to have sex with a black guy, is not at all bad or inopportune. These are just some of our desires that inspire our sex life and flavor it.

There is a common saying, which states that the dreams are the backbone of our fantasies. They influence our perception, they can be materialized or not, and they show the other face of our personality.

What types of fantasies stimulates you?

There are many types of fantasies; they vary from the most common ones to the most eccentric and original ones. However, they all have their roots in some of the following categories set by three major factors: innocence, domination and the naughtiness of the unknown.

  1. Innocence is the key word for some of the most common fantasies. The hot virgin who turns out to be a tigress in bed, the intriguing and passionate sex with a teacher, the naive young girl who is presumably deceived  and seduced by an older man, are just some of the sexual fantasies which had emerged from this pure, but kinky feeling –  innocence. Closely related to innocence is the state of being a virgin, ‘never explored by anyone’, which also rises interest and turns on many of us. Probably, this fantasy is one of the most popular one among men. Who wouldn’t want to penetrate a virgin, to make her/him feel good for the first time, to pleasure and make them want more? I would definitely not mind having sex with a virgin!


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  2. Domination might seem the perfect instrument of control in bed. Both men and women love to dictate, to be the master who makes use of his strength to command, or on the other hand to be the one who ‘suffers’ and who has nothing else to do but to get to their climax. Imagine a sex intercourse in which the man holds his partner’s hands above her head and kisses her all over the body, while she is at his ‘mercy’ and helpless. This phenomenon, also known as ‘the rape fantasy’, has proven to appeal more to women than to men. Recent sexual researches show that being overpowered and coerced brings sexual arousal among women. Imagine you pushing her against the wall and then having the best sexual intercourse. How does it sound? I bet, interesting! Moreover, some of the spiciest objects you should try are scarves tied around the eyes, pink furry handcuffs or even leather chains and whips. Would you like to dominate or to be dominated? You sexy little thing…
  3. The unknown has always been a debatable subject; it has always intrigued and set off excitement, pleasure and desire among people of all ages. Having sex with an unknown person, not being able to predict what he/she is about to do, where or how he/she is about to touch you is closely linked to the element of surprise that helps you stay connected and forever horny. For this reason, people love getting laid in public places and in nature, where they cannot control who may see them and how they see them.

Therefore, you may consider these three categories as a loose guide which will help you establish whether you would like to experience your fantasies in real life, or whether you would like to talk about them and make them part of the outercourse. It is all about you and your partner to be or not to be sexy, sensual and explore your imagination.

Tips to spice up your sex life

Have you ever thought about having sex in a trial room, have you wished for your partner to rip off your clothes and get wild with you? Well, it is nothing bad about these thoughts. Just put them into practice! For instance, if you want to bring some adventure into your life, you should try some of the following dirty ideas:

  • Make love on a secluded beach, in the elevator, in the kitchen or in your office
  • Do you want to make your lady blush? Then watch a porn movie and try to do the same
  • Use ice cubes to harden your lover, or whipping cream to lick your partner’s boobs or tummy. She/he will love it!
  • Have sex with multiple persons at the same time
  • Try a role play like teacher – student; nurse – patient; executive – secretary; stripper – client; photographer –model; cop – innocent girl
  • Have sex in the rain, in the shower or in a public pool. No one will notice youif you are careful enough!
  • Get up in the middle of the night and just do it! Be Wild!
  • Call an escort and she will take care of everything else for you. Learn from it!
  • Suck your partner’s dick from under the desk while he is ‘working’!

    Sex position

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All of us fantasize and many of us want to hit the spot in odd moments. Everything from helping a nude wet girl get out of the water and then satisfy her to quickly seducing a hot sexy bomb, whose cloths simply come off, is part of any man’s hidden dream. On the other hand, women easily get impressed by an athletic tall man, by his physical force and by his interior beauty. But most of all, we like the idea of hooking with what is forbidden, such as a friend’s lover, the wife/husband of our close friend or with his/her sister/brother. Think about it!

Top 10 fantasies for both genders

Now let us see what men and women have in common in what concerns sexual fantasies.
1. Orgies ‘I’m horny, work for me!’
If you find the perfect person to share this, then you are very lucky! Most of people nowadays have what they call a ‘normal’ sex life, that is to say having one stable sex partner. However, a great number of people dream about participating in orgies. The idea of being penetrated by several men overwhelm the woman’s mind, at the same time as men dream about fucking and watching others getting laid as they reach their climax. The freedom of exposing your body to a bunch of people and simultaneously be touched on your hot spots is definitely a sexy fantasy.

2. Off limit persons‘Kitty is wet and waiting’
Men enjoy having sex with a woman who does not have any preconceptions and who is ready all the time to do whatever he pleases. An open-minded woman, a confident one who does not fear having an audience whilst being penetrated, or having sex in the car is extremely interesting.




3. Sharing the partner‘Me and my girlfriend are naked and waiting for you’

The idea of having a third person into your bedroom appeals to both genders. Some prefer to have another woman in bed while others prefer to have a man in their bed; however, it is true that couples toy with this idea more often that you would think. It may occur in private situations among three horny friends, or it can occur frequently among couples of swingers. Anyway, it is a fact that several sex positions are used. Here are some ideas you should try (see photos)


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4. Being watched‘I wish you could be here with me’
The idea of tasting the forbidden fruit has always been attractive from any points of view. Being watched as you masturbate yourself, or simply watching some individuals having sex, make this fantasy extremely arousing for both men and women.

5. VideotapingWanna play a game with me?’
With the nowadays technology more and more people video tape themselves while having sex. The idea that your sexual performance makes somebody horny, and that you had the opportunity to play in your own personal ‘porn movie’ provides a feeling of empowerment. You should try it and watch it later! See what happens!

6. Stripper‘Sir I need to be punished’
Woman or not, everyone has thought about how would it be to have a lap dance from a stripper. The idea of professional services attracts, and as a result, men like women strippers and lap dancing, while women like touching perfectly shaped bodies and enjoy admiring their hot moves.

7. Shower sex ‘Your sugar cube is melting’
Does water from any reason turns you on? Well, let me say you are not the only one. Having sex under the shower is an intimate way to bond, feel sexy and relax. It is the perfect opportunity to see your partner naked and make out. Do you want to rock her world? Then your wet kisses and excellent oral will definitely help you achieve this! If not, think about how good the doggie style or the missionary position feels under water.

8. Have sex in the mirror‘I love watching your pussy getting wet’
Watching yourself being sexy while your partner is ready to cum will certainly spice up your life a bit. This is the reason why many couples chose to have mirrors in their bedrooms. It is the alternative to filming a homemade porn movie; the only difference is that you watch it live. Have you ever tried to masturbate in front of the mirror? You should try it!

9. Affairs‘My legs are missing you in between them’
What is the right thing to do and what is not? Who says what you are allowed to do and what it is forbidden? You know and I know it too, extra marital affairs are not supposed to happen. However, affairs outside relationships still happen. Why is that? It is simply because rules are meant to be broken. That is why! The idea of simultaneously having sex, passion and a secret fascinates. Consequently, this is probably the justification for the chemistry you feel with the secretary, your wife’s girlfriend or the girl from the bar you frequently attend.

Sexy Couple

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10. A long lasting oral‘I’m really in the mood to swallow’
Do not hurry when you perform an oral! The perfect oral is the one, which lasts forever. Sucking, licking and kissing are the keys to perfection. Go as deep as you can, change the rhythm, and most importantly enjoy it. Both you and your partner should taste this type of sex. Make him/her feel comfortable, be sexy and try to get out of the ordinary sex locations; in other words try elevators, tents, parking places, or laundry rooms. I can assure you, your partner will appreciate the effort.

To sum up, sexual fantasies are part of a normal sex life. Studies say that the percentage of those who have sexual fantasies is between 70-80%, but I believe we can all agree that it is probably close to 100%. If you wonder what fantasies your lover has, ask! It is that simple! And remember, when someone says NO, it is probably YES!

What fantasies do you have? Do you fantasize about other people during sex?

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