I want

5th January, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I want to undress you slowly, remove your shirt from you, kiss your shoulders and your hands and neck, and to stay in your bra.

I want to walk my tongue on your soft skin, I want to touch you, to smell you

I want

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to caress your feet, to feel the warmth of your breasts in the palm of my hand, to feel your buttocks in my palm, to put my lips on your lips and to suck them, to lick them, to chew you up, until you lose your breath. I want to stay in you, I want to feel you in the mouth, I want to feel you on me. I want you to feel your aroma, perfume, taste, I want to eat you up. I want to take your bra down slowly, to see your nipples in the air, hardening or not, and I want to suck your nipples, to lick them, to keep them in my mouth slowly, rotating my tongue around them , to harden them, to send you creeps. I want to swing my tongue up and down on your breasts. I want you to press your nipples to mine, to walk with your nipples on my stomach, to put them on my forehead, to put them on my lips, to put them on my face, to feel their smoothness and elasticity on my lips, on the body, everywhere. The penis gets harder and I want to make you walk your nipples on it, catch it between your breasts and rub it between your breasts, the drop of lubricant to wet your pink and delicate nipple. I want to spread your legs, I want you to get your ass up and I want to lick your pussy from the back. I want you to feel like a real woman, relaxed, and letting me feel your intimacy. I want you to be with your face up and to spread your legs. I want you to sit comfortably on the pillow and watch me enjoy your pussy. Look me in the eye. I want you to look into my eyes when I put my tongue directly on the horny clitoris. You like to look at me, you like to see me glued to your labia, you like to see me licking you, to see me between your legs, totally absorbed by your feminine side , by your vagina. You’re perfectly wet and I know you want to. I want to lay on you, to block you and rub your clitoris like crazy, to torture you, to make you feel real pleasure, that pleasure that is different from the sex itself. I want to look at you how you fight in my fingers, how you tremble and shake , I want to put a finger in you. You like it, you breathe faster, and faster, and you move into my fingers. I let you breathe and I sit next to you, and I look at you and you look at me with pleasure. I am horny just by touching you. I can see how you are going through the horrors of orgasm, how you start to focus on my penis. I want to think you like my penis, that you like to take it in your mouth, and that you like to feel it on your tongue, that you like the finesse of my penis. I always wanted to have sex with you, to suck my cock like I heard you do with others. I was curious to know if it’s the way I heard it. I knew you were perverse, you liked to make men feel good . And I let you lick me, to play with my penis. You turn your tongue around like a real expert. Your hand twists on my thick penis as you insert it deep into your mouth. I did not think you knew so well to do it, I would have tried to experience this earlier.
“Suck me, suck me, ah how I like it!” I catch your hair and you get infected in the penis with force, repeated, spasmodic. You know you can bite at any time, you know you’re in control.I’m holding my nipples between my fingers, and I’m embroidering my toes upwards opening them wide, I like what I feel, total pleasure, with the penis in your mouth, tightened to the maximum, I get you hair and you spasmodic in penis.I take my penis out of your mouth and breathe deeply. I’m trying to control my impulses. I leave it bruised and wet in front of you, and you hold on to it you can not touch it. You’re insatiable, you want to take it again in your mouth and I will not let you. I like to make you crave after it. Everything is like a game for you, it looks like you’re doing it very easily, you adore the penis. I would love to see you with two in your mouth, watch you how you move from one to the other. I turn you with your back at me and suddenly I penetrate you from the back. Your pussy is wide, the lashes hang wet and inert on both sides. You are moaning like a desperate one, and you screw in your turn in me, you like it, I know you like it, and I get you in speed. Your pussy is hotter than your mouth, is also wetter. It is more enjoyable and better. The penis fits perfectly with your pussy, and I change the speed, to harder and faster, as you like it. When you can not resist anymore , you start to scream uncontrollably, and you become crazy. You want to get to orgasm, to feel it there in you, feel the whole warmth that envelops you in the vagina. You grab your buttocks to open even more, like letting me get you totally. Your skin is sweaty, your nails are scratching the sheets, as if you don’t have a voice to scream anymore. You move involuntarily the pillow and you harden the muscles on your buttocks to the maximum. You are blocking yourself from being able to move. I feel my penis is going to explode. I’m ejaculating straight into you, I’m blocking you, not to get out of my penis which is pulsating. You are shaking and trying yet another move. You’re pulling me against you by holding my thighs, holding me by my penis which is still inside you. You slowly caress your abdomen and hands, slow down on your shoulders and ribs, and I let you relax your nerves, I see you trembling with pleasure. It’s so sweet the relaxation after sex, after love, after what you want, what you wanted and what you will want. You let tired on your back, tired but satisfied, trembling after the mighty orgasm that you had with me. Your heart beats at a fast pace, the sheet is wet with our sweat. I’m trying to touch you and you do not let me, you smile and you sit down more comfortabily, looking in vain. I know what you’re thinking, you probably would want me again. After we sleep a little, we’ll doing it again. I wish this night would not end. Surely I will not let you give pleasure to other men anymore. I want to be selfish and to only have you for myself. It’s so easy to have pleasure when you’re near me! I look at you as you fall asleep, how you stick to my skin trying to be one with me.

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