In the night

10th February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

A young man steps easy on a dark alley, through an empty park.

His eyes are sad and look in vain. He breaths slowly and deep the cold, night air.

In the night


That’s the only thing that can calm a little bit the fire upon him… Three months ago, in a night as dark as this, here lives the smashing sensation of the first kiss. Three months ago on the same bench with shrivelled paint , world were dying in him and new universes were born. Three months ago his nostrils were feeling the perfume of a nereid, not of the cold night. Looking back it doesn’t even matter how they met. It doesn’t even matter who saud the first word, who waved the first. It matters just that it was and it isn’t no more. That he felt and does not feel anymore. When she was smiling, the time was stopping. Her full ,pulpy and delicious lips were revealing white, perfect theets. Her brown hair was covering her shoulders like waves, dancing around her head in a wals of roses perfume and happiness. Her eyes were unbelivable black, were dreaming under her perfectly curbed eyebrows. Her lovely body was under a vopourous white dress. Her breasts were round and perfect , without a bra that shoul cover her nipples before coldness. He knew from the beginning that it was too much for him, that they were from different worlds. At first they said that they are just talking. And so they did. Hours and hours. The words were flying beside them, words said with eyes closed, words that were hiding untold hopes. Then the words were also accompanied by music… then followed by innocent touches. Their hands were touching and after all they were retiring from one another. Their breaths were sometimes next to each other and in those moments goosebumps were all over tha place. Sometimes her hair was touching his cheek when they were staying lying on the grass, and he was closing his eyes and feeling his blood burning in his veins, how his heart was racing. The fresh, nature air was entering his nostrils alongside with her perfume. The birds were singing for them. He did not know the meaning of those. He was feeling that everything that he was or he will ever be, it was there in her eyes. The he understood that his heart will never belong to another woman but she. That everythinh he believed then it was love, was a stupid joke. He could not understand why she was looking for him always. Why that being, after any man would crave, was spending so much time with him. He was nothing special. He likes to read days in a row and to listen. He never felt good among young people of his own age. It was always something undefined that was stopping making him live like the others. He was going out in the night and he was walking in silence listening to his steps or a cricket, looking at the stars , smelling the silence and the cold air. After that first kiss he knew that everything was changed for him. That life took another turn without asking him. But everything was so perfect. He was looking at her with love and that foolish confusion that was always making her smile. His world was beginning and finishing with that smile. He thought of proposing her in marriage one day, that was how much he loves her. Nobody and nothing could stay in the way of their happiness. Life was meaning love, the happiness of waking up next to the person you love and so on, like that, forever, for better and for worse. Then the meetings were more and more seldom and she was sad. She was looking far away and her eyes were searching amswers to the questions that were darkening her eyes. In her kisses was felt more passion, although her eyes were sad. It was felt that she wanted him with all of her soul, that she loves him with all of heart but something was stopping her from doing that. He was a young man with not too many hopes for realization. His parents were modest people who were living difficult. He, with his dreamy way of being, couldn’t promise a succesful carrier or material earnings. On the other hand her parents were rich people. Her dad was a succesful bussiness man and her mother a famous doctor. And they were having great plans with their daughter. They wouldn’t allow her to end up being with a poet, a poor man. When he wanted to find out why she was sad, he learned that her parents found out about their relationship and the forbid her to see him again. Their last meeting were hidden or they had to lie. Then the meeting became more and more seldom and when they needed to say goodbye it was a torture. She was crying and he was squeezing his hands until his nails were cutting his flesh, feeling how his dreams were slipping through his fingers as the blood drops. He was feeling that everything was going to fall down like a castle made of cards. When he got the news he was not surprised. Her parent wete going to take her abroad where they wanted to move definitively. Everything was lost. At their last meeting they had no more tears. They were looking at each other in silence, thinking about how it was and how it could have been. Finally he took her hand and put it to his heart. He could not habe the strenght to say not even a single word. They left without looking in each other’s eyes, without looking back and without a kiss. One month later, at three o’clock in the morning, walking on the same alley that was sounding like her voice, he took a seat on the same bench with shrivelled paint. He looks at the sky without seeing it, he ignores the stars that once were shining only for him, he breaths the perfumed air without feeling it and takes a deep sigh. He thinks that the life doesn’t deserve to be lived, that the world is mean and unfair and that everything is bad. But then he feels that his heart is still beating, the blood is still flowing , the legs are still moving and that life goes on. And he feels two hands covering his eyes that were wearing her perfume. He trembled and away her hands. It was her. His beloved woman that he wasn’t going to let her leave, ever. He took her in his arms screaming how much he loves her. He kissed her then and he grabbed her hand, taking her home. It was going to be the beginning of a forever love story. That night they made love like never before, like their bodies were screaming with for each other because they met again. Their skin was sweaty from love, it was touched and tasted and caressed. Their eyes were shining and their smiles were big. Her laughter was filling the room while he was biting her fingers. He missed all that! He promised her that they will be happy forever, that he will never dissapoimt her and her parents were not going to have to say anything about him anymore!

He was considering her a princess who came to rescue him from death, because he was dying slowly being private of her love. In that love night began their life for real in the house where they were consuming their love, not being hide, to build their future.


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