In the past again

27th April, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I stay in bed with my laptop and I try to settle the documents for work, but I begin to miss him.

My nipples get harder and I would like to feel him here in my bed like I felt him for so many times, to bring me to the ecstasy.

In the past again


The fantasy ends quickly, my phone begins to ring. It is Alex, my boyfriend, I am with him from some time but I am not in love with him. I hang up and I call Cosmin, my ex boyfriend, settling to go aut for a coffee. We enter the coffee place and it is like I no longer need words, I wanted him and he wanted me. He asked me if I am still with Alex. We got out from the coffee place and i asked him directly without thinking too much :
-Your place or mine?
-Where you want!
-Let’s go to my home!
-Alex will not come there?
-We don’t live together.
-It means that you don’t love him!
-I don’t.

When we arrive at my place, we didn’t even hide or something, in the front of the bulding were our cars next to each other, Alex’s best friend was living in the same building and everybody was aware of what was between me and Cosmin. I just didn’t care at all, I locked the door and I turned on the music. He took me in his arms and we began to dance slowly. He was smelling my hair and skin, he was kissing me slowly on the neck, he was carressing me and he was telling me how much he misses me.
-Why are you sighing?
-I love you!
-I love you too!
He lay me on bed, he took off my dress and he was kissing me all over my body. We knew exactly what we wanted, words were in vain so I took off his shirt. The smell of his skin was driving me crazy. He took off my red bikini and he was kissing me slowly. I took off his pants too and in less than a minute we were both a perfect 69. He was the only man with whom I was doing that. I got on top of him with slow moves. I was making him realize that I was everything he wanted. I was intensifying the rythm when he was less expecting it, then I was stopping suddenly. He put behind me and he penetrated me easy, caressing my clitoris. It was the position in which I was feeling best and I was becoming very horny. He was making me want him non stop. When everything finished, we both fell asleep for two hours. The phone rang. It was Alex, I had no idea how to answer him…
-It is late, you should go.
-I don’t go until he comes.
-Please go, let me tell him.
-Okay, I wait for your call.
When Alex came he said:
-My boss wants me to go for a while in Holand at the company there and I would like you to join me. I feel that if I let you here you won’t wait for me.
-I can’t leave my job.
-Stop lying, I saw him. It was at least good?
-What are you saying?
A few good months passed since I knew something about Alex. He walked put the door and he never returned. Strange was that I was missing him somehow. I was having Cosmin by my side and I was in love with him, or so I believed. I guess I was loving the memories with him than the present because nothing was like at the beginning of the relationship. So , I actioned instincitvely, I grabbed the phone, I called one of Alex’s friends, I found aut where he was, I bought a ticket and I left to Holand. When I arrived there, I rang the bell, but nobody was answering so I leaned on the door and by accident it opened. The apartment was totally unknown for me si I inspected the area and I took a few steps to the bedroom from which some mufled noises could be heard. The door was slighlty opened, and in bed was Alex with a tall blonde girl, with a gorgeous body. He was between her legs. I was furious, I didn’t like what I saw but I had no right to. I was the one who betrayed. He was kissing her on her entire body as if he was eating her up.he was carresing her, he was making love with her so beautifully, as if they were one. They were moving, he was penetrating her slowly and she was moaning softly which were telling that she was enjoying every minute of his act.he finished, he took her in his arms and he was kissing her with passion. She said him that she loves him, but he hesitated. He was definitely mine, he was still in love with me or at least he was not in love with her. I went to the kitchen, I took seat and I began to smoke. I was waiting for her to leave or maybe he was living with her, I don’t know why but I was waiting. The entrance door heard opening and the it closed and then steps to the kitchen. It was him, in his boxers, exhausted and surprised to see me.
-What are you doing here?
-I miss you, I made a mistake, I am so sorry, please forgive me.
I shut up and I got near him. I took him in my arms, he was cold, he was not doing anything. I tried to kiss him but he rejected me. Then I said:
-Fine, if you don’t want to forgive me, at least make love tom e like you did with her!
-Is that what you want?
-Yes, it is.
He grabbed my hand to the bedroom, he pushed me in bed pretty brutally I can say, he took off my clothes and he played a little with my breasts. It was hurting me than to feel pleasure, he got me up with anger, he put me on my knees and said that he wanted me to suck his penis, I said that I don’t do that as an order because he wants that, I do it when I feel it. He took meu p and looked at me with big eyes. I knew that I don’t deserve his compassion, I knew that I would not forgive something like what I did but hei s different. He took me in his arms and it was going to be okay if that was what I wanted for real. He will try to forget, it will pass some time, not to expect it will be soon like before, and I said yes in tears. We kissed and step by step we took off the pressure. He touched me slowly on my thighs, I was feeling his warm breath, and his tongue on my ear. I was having goosebumps and I was trembling with emotions as if it was the first time when I was making love with somebody. He got inside me delicately and everything was happening so beautiful. He was kissing me and his hands were touching my breasts. He was pulling my hair slowly and he was smelling it, as if he missed my smell. I missed him so much too! He finished pretty soon because he was earlier with that woman, but I knew what I meant for him. I chose to remain with him for the man hei s, even if I made a mistake and I left him for my ex. Alex is a wonderful man, my love. That’s how our new life and love story began.

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