Interview with Amber, a Scottish escort

7th October, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Glasgow

The mystical beauty

Do you want to be spoiled by a gorgeous brown-haired elite escort? Here is your solution – Amber! Take the chance and read the article she has offered to us this week. Without a doubt she

…will set your pulse racing! Enjoy!

My passion and desire to please you will drive you wild with sensation. Book me for the perfect evening.‘ (Amber)

Escort Amber

Source: Escort Amber

Q: Could you tell us something about yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy shopping and eating out. I also enjoy walking the dog!

Q: Mention three perfect gift ideas.

Anything Chanel! Cosmetics, I love make-up and pretty smells. Jewelry is always good too.

Q: What would be the perfect date like?

The perfect date for me should be something interesting and totally different. Too many dates are – ‘let’s get a drink and go bowling‘. It’s boring. I want a bit of fun, something adventurous.

Q: What do you appreciate most about your job?

Most of all I appreciate when you get to meet someone who treats you amazingly. It’s great, you find yourself trying to please them so much more. I love when I get an evening with someone who is good company.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

Where do I start? I met a gentleman who took me for dinner and I was his date for the evening. I find it funny because I think it was supposed to make him feel at ease and it was the reverse of things. We spent the evening in fits of giggles and laughter. I won’t give you too many details but this date certainly helped me break the ice.

Q: How much time do you spend preparing for a date?

Gosh I could spend anything between 5 minutes and 4 hours! It depends on the occasion. Sometimes you’re just lucky; you’re having a good hair day, the first thing you put on looks great and you’re ready. Other times I’m a typical female – in and out of dresses until I decide on the right one.

Q: What qualities does someone need to possess in order to become a successful escort?

The ability to communicate well! They need to have their wits about them all the time; there are a lot of good experiences to have as an escort but there will always be the negative times also. Being polite and well mannered always helps. To be really successful you need to enjoy it though.

Q: What is your daily schedule like? How often do you work per week?

It varies massively; I could work 12 times a week or 1.

Q: Describe the best and the worst call-girl experience.

The worst experience is when someone treats you like nothing; he makes you feel bad within yourself. These experiences are the worst. That’s when you can doubt yourself and start questioning your morals and beliefs.

The best moments are when you feel like you’re just on a normal date with an interest. The ones that make you feel good are when the client spoils you or he just knows how to get down and have bundles of dirty fun!

Q: Do you have a list with regular clients? If yes, do you see them more often than new clients?

I’ve got a few regulars and I tend to see them more than new clients. Normally once you had a piece of me, you don’t want to change it anymore!

Q: Have you ever fallen in love with one of your clients? Have you ever been jealous of your regular clients or felt ‘cheated’? If so, what did you do?

I’ve never fallen in love with a client, but I get immensely jealous if they’ve been anywhere else.

Q: What do you prefer: incall or outcall services?

I’m impartial! Both are fine!

Q: What sort of client do you want to see again?

I would love to see someone who is genuine, good fun and open; someone who has planned an evening out and knows how to create a full evening of entertainment.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living in New York.

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