Interview with Carol, a successful elite escort!

17th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Livingston

Livingston, the best place for an escort!

If you are tempted by the idea of an exotic escape, some sexy moments or a hot woman, then call Carol and she will make sure you will get them all. With a remarkable smile and a huge appetite…

…for life, she will be more than your companion, she will be your goddess! Put her to a test and tell us how it all worked! Take a peek at this interview and find out more about this high-class escort!

‘Take a moment and think if you are happy! If not call me and I’ll deliver!’ (Carol)


Source: Escort Carol

Q: Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? Any hobbies?

Hey guys! I was born in Edinburgh, and I mainly consider myself a genuine Scottish woman. However, I am currently living and working in Livingston! I am 28 years old and my name is Carol!

I like to play chess and I am simply in love with canoeing! From time to time, I offer myself some well-deserved relaxing moments and I go hiking. So, you can say I have a diversified range of hobbies! It’s the truth!

Q: Name three qualities and three defects?

I am a very organized person, I respect my values and my principles, but I’m also a highly seductive woman. I always attain my personal goals no matter what happens!

From another point of view, I have a lot of defects. I am human and I’m not at all perfect! Sometimes I am selfish and I don’t have enough self-confidence! But, the worst defect I have is that I am very sensitive and I get easily offended. You need to wear gloves when you deal with me!

Q: Tell us about your family: religious or open-minded?

I’ve been raised with moral principles and my family is a very religious one! They are very strict and they get really offended if I don’t respect the customs and the traditions they have taught me. That is why I try to do my best!

Q: Who really knows what you do for a living?

Only my friends know! It’s safer this way. My family would definitely not accept it! I can’t imagine how they would react. But, for sure it would definitely not be a pleasant reaction.  I foresee a huge conflict!

Q: How did it all start for you?

A friend of mine had this job. She was constantly telling me about her experiences and about the money she gets for this. I was more and more intrigued by what I heard and I started to ask all sorts of questions, until I decided I had to give it a try at least once. And this was my start. Since then I haven’t stopped workings as an escort!

Q: What was your longest date?

My longest date lasted a week and it was in the Caribbean islands. I went with a client of mine on holiday. He wanted to share this experience with me! I had the chance to have an unforgettable holiday and make money at the same time! Everything was more than awesome! I will never forget this date!

Q: What was your most boring and your most exciting date?

The most exciting date, as you can imagine was the one in the Caribbean islands. I had a remarkable time and it was very relaxing. I really enjoyed myself!

The most boring one: my client wanted to hang out in the park. It was very cold as it took place in November. There was nothing to see and nothing to do! He was definitely not a talkative person and we just stood still ready to freeze! Not a nice one! He was more than shy! He paid money for nothing! I can’t figure out what his real intentions were; not even now, after such a long time!

Q: How old was your youngest and your oldest client?

My youngest client was 20 years old and my oldest was almost 65. But from my point of view age doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter. You can enjoy my company at any age. I will certainly make you feel extraordinary! You just have to call and make an appointment!

Q: What do you usually do on a date? What are the most common requirements?

There is not such thing as common requirements. Every date is different by nature. I do all sorts of things. It depends on my client! A fact is true: we talk a lot and have a great time. I do my best so that my client remembers it!

Q: Have you had any dissatisfied clients? What happened?

Unfortunately, I believe I had! For me, those who don’t call me back and don’t remain regulars, have most likely been dissatisfied with my performances. I have seen some of my clients in the company of other escorts, so it’s probably because we haven’t been compatible! This is the proof that certifies my statement! I’m not jealous, but instead I’m realistic. I know that I cannot satisfy them all! This is the course of nature!

Q: Do you have regular clients? What is the difference for you between new and regular ones?

I have regular clients. The difference between these two categories is that with the regular ones I have the chance to know exactly what they like and what they dislike! This relationship develops in some sort of chemistry, both in what concerns the mental and the sexual part!

I want all my clients to be satisfied with me so my regulars give me the opportunity to strengthen my self-confidence! Thank you!

Q: Have you ever had a moral problem with what you do?

To be honest I had! Due to the way I have been raised, at the beginning this job made me feel uncomfortable. However, after some time I finally understood that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and that I had to overcome preconceptions! This job is like any other job and we just have to try to be a little bit more open-minded!

Q: What do you mostly like and dislike about this job?

The thing that I like the most is the free time that I have! No other job in this world can offer you this unique chance! I can enjoy myself and do whatever I like! But, the fact that sometimes I have to act differently and have a double personality doesn’t at all appeal to me!

Q: Would you let your child be an escort?

I would let my child do whatever he/she wants. Any type of job that brings you personal satisfaction it is what should count the most! Let’s get over all these preconceptions and live life as it is! Some people need company and we, as escorts, deliver it. So, what’s wrong about this?

Q: Do you think this job will still exist in 20 years time?

Of course, it will exist! It dates from ancient times and it will last much more than 20 years from now on. It’s a job that is still needed in our society and I find no reason why people will not need escorts anymore in 20 years time or more!

Thank you for your questions! I really had a good time with you!

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