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13th June, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Fife

Being an escort is not an easy job. Like any other job, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Q: Hello Abbey! Please tell us your age and what do you do.
A: Hi, I’m 23 years old and I am an independent escort in Scotland.
Q: Please tell us some details about your job: how, when…
A: Well, in high-school I was very shy, very responsible. I was not the kind of girl to go out with her friends, to get drunk or to do something stupid.
Of course, my family had a great contribution to this lifestyle.



They were very strict. HmmThen, after I graduated from high-school I realized I had no friends, no job, no fun, no life! I was sad and confused; I did not know what to do! I have worked as a receptionist in a hotel for a couple of months. I cannot say that I hated the job but the money was not enough to pay for my rent (since I moved out of my parents’ house), to buy new clothes or to do anything else. Then I saw an advertisement about Video Chat and the amazing amount of money one can win by doing it, on one of the social networks that I used. Something happened inside my mind because I have not been able to thing about anything else for two days. I wanted to change my lifestyle so much that I began searching for more information. This is how I found out about escorts, call-girls and courtesans. The job of an escort suited me more than the job of a Video Chat host.

Q: So what did you do next?
A: As I said, I did a lot of reading and I took in a lot of information on the field. Then I started searching for trustful escort directories and I began advertising on the internet. At the beginning I did not have any hot photos so I did some in the mirror (laughing). Afterwards, I took a professional photo shoot and I uploaded some good photos on several websites.

Q: Did you hide your face in the pictures?
A: Yes, at the beginning, because I was afraid somebody might have recognized me. I was actually afraid of my parents’ reactionbut now I don’t do this anymore. I realized that by showing my face, clients start trusting me more and I am now contacted by more clients than before.

Q: Since you mentioned your parents, give us some details about your background. You said they were strict. Is your family religious? Did they found out about your job?
A: WellThis is a touchy subject. My parents are kind of traditional. Since I was the only child, they were sometimes over-protective. I was not allowed to present them my boyfriend, to go out with friends; not even to watch TV more than 2 hours a day. I was like a dog on a leash. And yes, we are Christians but I was never the very religious kind of person. They tried to force me to accept their ‘divine’ theories though. However, I cannot complain. I have beautiful childhood and teenage memories, even if we had some problems, like any family. After one year of being an escort, they started asking questions like: where am I on holidays, how come I have so much money, things like these. So, I tried to tell them about escorts but they simply did not want to listen. They said I embarrassed them and that they do not want to see me anymoreI was depressed because I was not used to fight with them. We presently talk on the phone, from time to time, but we see each other more rarely. I hope in the future they will realize that I have my own life and our relationship will improve.

Q: Are you open about being a call-girl? Do you talk about it with your friends?
A: As I’ve already said, I did not have many friends. It was only after I got this job when I started making lots of friends. Now, I do not have a problem with talking about this with my friends because most of them are from this field. However, I have a close friend who does not agree with what I do so we prefer not talking about this; it is better for our friendship. When I go out with other friends and acquaintances who do not know me well, I prefer saying that I am a model. This saves me the trouble of explaining them about escorts.


Q: We know your time is precious but could you tell us what it is to be an escort?
A: The question is a little vague. The moment I started working as an escort completely changed my life. From the dorky girl with goofy glasses to what you see now…

Q: A stunningly beautiful woman!
A: Thank you! Yes, I changed a lot both physically and mentally. I like how I was but this does not mean I am not proud of what I am now. I think everything happens when it has to happen and we have to enjoy every stage of our life. So this is what I am doing now, enjoying my life.

Q: This actually answered my next question. Tell me more about the relationship with your clients. Do you have sex with them?
A: The relationship with each of my clients is unique and complex. Some of my clients need special therapy likethey need someone to talk about their most intimate problems, others suffer from loneliness and simply need a good friend to be next to them; some guys want to show off in front of their friends on special occasions while others need a beautiful girl to make a good impression at formal events. There is also another category of men (the biggest one) who hire escorts for sex. I would lie to say that I do not have sex with my clients but not with all of them! Only with those whom I like a lot and those who lure me into temptation of easy money.

Q: Do you have a big influence on your clients’ life?
A: Yes, of course. As we talk a lot about their problems, I try to give them pieces of advice and some of them surprisingly listen to me. This is how I made many friends in the field. They came back to me after a while and thanked me for the help, telling me that they did what I told them to do and this really solved their problems. This is perhaps one of the greatest satisfactions in my job. On the other hand, my life is also highly influenced by them. I learn from their problems and life-experience and this positively affects my everyday life.

Q: How much do you pay for advertisement?



A: I usually pay around £40 and £100 for each website where I am listed. Of course, there are also free websites or websites which offers great advantages such as free trials for one to four months. The procedure is simple. You just search for escort directories on Google and you have a look at each website. Then, you need to register (some websites previously request a copy of your identification) and you create your own personalized profile. You add your measurements, personal details, description, services, prices and everything a client could be interested in.

Q: Is there a moment in this job which took you by surprise and you were speechless?
A: Yes, there are several. Some of them are really funny, others are horror. I remember now one guy I datea 60 year-old manhe sound very respectful at the phone. He said he needed me for a simple chat because he was lonely and he talked to me about his family and his life; anyway, we agreed on a time and a place and I really liked him because he seemed a gentleman, very respectful. After 5 minutes he said: ‘Would you like to suck my cock?’ I was speechless (laughing hard)

Q: And what happened next?
A: I certainly did not suck his dick! We agreed on a friendly meeting with no sexual implications but I guess his hormones have gone wrong. I managed someway to make him understand I did not want to have sex with him. Anyway, that was the first and the last time I saw him.

Q: Did you ever meet aggressive clients who forced you to have sex with them?
A: Well, I did met some ‘too insistent’ clients but no one ever forced me to do anything, no one hurt meat least not so far (laughing). I guess I always knew how to protect myself and how to communicate with my clients about each meeting, from the very first beginning. I know there are some girls who had horrible experiences but I guess I am luckier.

Q: How do your clients found about you?
A: First of all from the internet and then, from recommendations. If a guy likes our date, he will recommend me to his friends or simply write an online review. However, most of my new clients find me on the internet. But more frequently I meet regular clients who already know me and enjoy seeing me each time. I love meeting regular client because the atmosphere is so friendly and entertaining!

Q: You mentioned the 60 year-old guy. How old are the guys you usually date? And do you also date women?
A: Women? No, no! I prefer men because I am straight. Hmm, the age of my clients isI would say between 20 and 65. I do not have a problem with dating old man. In fact, I really like them because they really know how to treat a woman. What I previously told you was an exception. Meeting men younger than me is however problematic because you know how young men are. They are hot-tempered so it is more complicated to make them understand what you want and what you do not want.

Q: Can you describe the best experience as an escort?

A: Yeah. I have an amazing client from Hungary who treats me like a queen every time we meet. Most of my clients are kind and respectful but this one is so romantic! The best experience was when I dated him for the first time. He surprised me with candles, many flowers, good music, champagne, he even cooked for me! We ate, we laughed, we had good sex and everything was perfect!

Red Roses



Q: You mentioned something about call girls and courtesansWhich is the difference between them oris there any difference?
A: An average escort or a call-girl is not the same with a high-class escort or an elite courtesan. Escorts are only paid for their company, they do not have to possess special skills or a rich knowledge; they only have to be friendly, understanding and open-minded. Elite escorts are so much more; they must know everything about manners, etiquette and social interaction. I suppose you heard about Geisha and how talented they were. Elite courtesans are like modern geisha. They need to be smart, talented, good-entertainers, discreet, respectful, tactful, sensual, charming, mysterious, and much more! They have to be beautiful both on the outside and on the inside so they can conquer everyone around them.

Q: Could you tell us an erotic story or is it too much for you?
A: Not at all. I don’t mind talking about sexuality. Besides the Hungarian guy who drove me crazy, there is another one who made me feel like a woman. He is 30, he looks and he walks like a gentleman but he is a tiger in bed (laughing). When we met, we were enthusiastic anda little horny. We were talking about animal reproduction and suddenly he grabbed me from my waist and started kissing my neck. I would have normally pushed him away and try to control the situation butI was too horny to put an end to what he was doing to me. After kissing my neck I touched his cock andmy God, he really had something big and hard in his pants (laughing hard). I continued and I took his shirt off while he lifted my skirt up. I was leaning against a wall and he was keeping me there. He began penetrating me with my panties on and with my skirt up while his wet hands were softly touching my boobs. I was so turned on that I forgot completely about protection or anything else. I reached orgasm in only two minutes which was a record (laughing).

Q: Mm, that was hot! I forgot my next question lol. Sowhat about negative experiences, could you tell us one?
A: I would if I could. Actually I have not lived any negative experience so far so



Q: That’s encouraging. Tell us something about your passions. What do you do in your free time?
A: I like going to the gym every morning and listening to music while running. I also like playing with my pets, going out, talking online with my friends…

Q: What do you think about married escorts?
A: Nothing. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their lives. As long as their husbands are OK with this idea (or as long as they are good secret keepers), there is no problem. However, I was told some incredible stories. One Scottish escort told me that she was practicing this job without telling this to her husband and after a couple of months, her husband followed her and caught her with a client. Things gone mad and her husband punched the other guy so badly that he almost killed him. They divorced and now she is still an escort butthis is what I was saying about married escorts who decide to keep the secret; things can go wrong.

Q: What do you like about being an independent escort and what do you hate?
A: I like many things. I like the fact that I am free. I have no boss to tell me what to do, to yell at me or to make my schedule. I do whatever I want and I date whoever I want. The infinite freedom is the biggest plus. I also love dating men and talking to them. It is extraordinary how different but how similar in the same time people can be. I adore outcall services because I can travel and see other countries as much as I enjoy meeting men from other cultures. I love the fact that I can always be surprised. You can never know who your next client will be (how he looks like, how he acts like) and this makes me curious. Of course, I also have to mention the money. I love the easy money I earn from doing something that I like. I could not ask for more. What I don’t likemmmI don’t like the fact that I am judged by some people who do not even know me, just because I am an escort and I choose a different lifestyle. When you tell this to some people who do not know much about escorts, they make you feel like a murderer.

Q: Tell me more about your financial situation, how much you earn and if you invest your money, as well as about people’s preconceptions.
A: Let’s be honest. The first thing that determines a girl to become an escort is the money. Only afterwards she thinks about the other great opportunities. I invest my money in myself. I haven’t thought about investing my money in a business yet but this could happen in the future. For the moment, I enjoy living my life as it is. I like going shopping and buying expensive clothes, shoes, taking care of my physical aspect and my health. In this field, image is the most important issue. If you are not beautiful, if you do not take care of yourself or you go on a date with dirty clothes and dirty fingernails, no one will take you seriously. You cannot call yourself a high-class escort when you look like shit! I spend most of my money on healthy food, clothes, shoes, gyms and beauty salons. Luckily, I do not have to spend my money on vacations because I have friends (clients) all over the world and whenever I want to visit a country, they take care of everything. I cannot tell you how much I earn because it depends on many factors. I charge differently from client to client. As for people’s preconceptionsI don’t know what to say. I don’t like haters. I believe anyone has the right to do anything with his life and suffer the consequences for his actions. However, I respect each person’s point of view and try to move on. After all, it’s my life and no one knows me better than myself.

Q: You said you formed friendship with other escorts. How did you meet them and how are they?
A: Well yes. I know most of them from the internet. We have a small community and we discuss several things on the forums, we answer people’s questions and we share our experiences. They are normal girls like me, some of them even younger than me, with qualities and defects. Some of them are proud of what they do, others hate it. Each one is different.

Q: Tell us something about your private life. Do you have a boyfriend?
A: (laughing). No. I do not have a boyfriend because I do not have time for having a relationship and because it is very hard to find someone who accepts your job. However, dating so many clients each week makes me feel even more fulfilled than having a boyfriend. I will tell you a little secret. I’ve already told you that I date some great clients who make me feel like a queen. Whenever I feel sad or lonely, I just pick up the phone or send an email and I invite someone that I like out. Even if eventually they want to pay, I never accept their money. But this only happened once because I am usually very busy.

Q: Wow. This is so interesting! Do you ever kiss your clients or sleep over?
A: Yes, but not all of my clients and not all the time. I charge extra-costs for kissing and sleeping over and these happen rarely because I do not want to get emotionally involved. However, some of my clients really want me to sleep over and I do not want to offend them.

Q: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever experienced?
A: There was one gay that I used to date (not anymore). Every time we dated, he was putting on some weird clothes. He liked disguising, dressing and acting like Madonna, Michael Jackson and other celebrities and he made me look at him. He was not hiring me for sex or for intimate conversations but only to look at him while he was imitating these people. I must recognize I was not comfortable in his presence.

Q: What if something happened to you? Do you ever take precautionary measures?
A: Yes, all the time. I have a personal driver who takes me to client’s address. He knows exactly where I am, with whom I am and how much I’ll stay. This is how my client knows that somebody knows about our date and he cannot do anything wrong.

Q: The last question Abbey. What are your future plans, would you like to change anything about your life or your job?
A: I would like to continue with my studies and start a business in the future, maybe in this particular field. As for my job, I would not change anything about it. Everything is perfect.

Q: We found out so many interesting things today! Thank you a lot for this interview Abbey and good luck!
A: Thank you guys!

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