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9th August, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Falkirk

Here is our interview with Brigitte, a Falkirk escort.

Mynaughtyscotland: Good afternoon, Brigitte!

Brigitte: Hi, guys! Nice to meet you.

Mynaughtyscotland: Nice to meet you too. How old are you Brigitte?

Brigitte: I am 27 and I live in Falkirk.

Mynaughtyscotland: How long have you been an escort?

Brigitte: I think I was 22 when I had my first meeting.

Mynaughtyscotland: Was it a nice experience or…?



Brigitte: Actually no. Meeting your first client is as horrible as a deflowering. You are naïve and clumsy, just like a virgin. I believe no escort will ever tell you her first experience was great. It can’t be. When I met my first client, everything went wrong. Once I realized I was alone with an unknown man, in the room…I simply did not know what to do. I acted like the perfect slut, when the guy only wanted some professional escort services. He wanted to chat, to feel appreciated, to feel my love, my care…Instead of this, he received a shouted mouth, an uncomfortable ambient and a tentative of sex.

Mynaughtyscotland: Did he come back?

Brigitte (giggling): Of course not.Once you make a client feel bad, he will never come back. This is how it works. Give him what he wants, and he will become your regular. At the beginning, I was so naïve that I really thought he liked me sucking his balls like a broken robot. After everything ended, he said he would come back soon. I was so naïve that I really believed him.

Mynaughtyscotland: Our readers are very interested in finding out how escorts got into this industry…Who or what determined you to become an escort?

Brigitte: Well…many factors made me what I am today. The family had a great impact on my personality. I grew up surrounded by daily fights, yells…My dad began drinking excessively and spending time with his ‘loser’ friends and my mom would pick him up completely drunk from bars, in the middle of the night. When I turned 18, I ran away from home. I was on my own. My entourage also had a great influence. They believed each person had the right to do whatever they wanted with their life and made me believe in their theory too.

Mynaughtyscotland: Was this your first job?

Brigitte: No, I had several jobs before becoming an escort. After I ran away from home, I did many things to gain my existence. I had the minimum wage as a salesperson, and then I became a stripper to earn more. As a stripper, I could easily earn a luxurious existence. However, I wanted more. It seemed for me that exotic dancers and strippers were not that appreciated by men. My self-esteem decreased significantly. One day, I heard (don’t remember who told me) the expression ‘elite escorts’. I became curious and started searching for information about girls in this field. This is how I found someone online, an escort, who told me some great tips on how to become a successful escort. I found an escort agency in the city where I live and this is how it all started.

Mynaughtyscotland: Do you work for the same agency right now?

Brigitte: No. Now I am an independent escort.

Mynaughtyscotland: Outcalls or only incalls?

Brigitte: Both of them. It depends on my client’s will. It is better to provide escort services wherever clients need you, because there are some men who prefer meeting escorts at their address. It is more comfortable for them like that; and if they pay good money for it, why not? This way, I increased significantly the number of my clients.

Mynaughtyscotland: What are your prices?



Brigitte: It depends. For half an hour, I charge up to £100 or £120. For an hour or two hours,I charge from £150 to £300. A whole weekend would be a small fortune, depending on the services the client wants to be provided with. Of course, there are some other special prices for some of my regulars, because we known each other for some time, and it’s normal to treat them differently. In this industry, we have to take care of our friends. You can never know when you need their help.

Mynaughtyscotland: So money is not a problem for you.

Brigitte: No.Not now, not before. I told you, as a stripper I earned easy money so it would not have been necessary to quit my job. The idea of becoming an escort rather had an emotional reasoning. I wanted to prove to myself that I could. I wanted to be classy, to wear pretty clothes, to act mysteriously, to make men fall at my feet, to turn them in my slaves and to turn myself in their muse; a muse they could not live without, a source of inspiration, amusement and entertainment; to make my companionship the best one they’ve ever had.

Mynaughtyscotland: Wow, that’s nice. You convinced me (smiling). So you’re also clever, besides beautiful. Tell us, Brigitte, how do you keep yourself so fit and beautiful? I am sure many of our readers would like to find out some useful tips to lose weight and stay fit and healthy.

Brigitte: Thank you! That was a nice compliment. Well, I cannot lie. It takes a little effort. My metabolism is not helping me much, so I have to work out a lot in order to look like this. I keep myself from eating after 8 o’clock in the evening, I stay away from chocolate and sweets as much as possible, I run in the park each morning and I drink a lot of liquids; water and fruit juice, nothing acidulated. If I did not work hard for this body, I would lose everything, from clients and job, to courage and self-esteem.

Mynaughtyscotland: I understand. So, beauty has its costs. However, I believe you do break the rules, from time to time…

Brigitte:You know?There are times when I would kill for a cookie!

Mynaughtyscotland (laughing): I think I have some cookies in my bag, if you feel the need…

Brigitte (laughing): No, that’s ok. I don’t want to kill you for those cookies, until we finish this interview.

Mynaughtyscotland: Good girl. So, Brigitte…Why do you think some people judge escorts so hard?It’s because they envy your easy way of earning money or for other reasons?

Brigitte: I really don’t know. I don’t like wasting my time and my neurons on such questions. I don’t want all the people to like me. You said ‘some people’ judge. Well, others might admire. Some might encourage. Not all. Everyone is different. For instance, how could I expect not to be judged or hated by women whose men visit me frequently and love my company more than theirs? It’s logical.

Sexy legs


Mynaughtyscotland: You date married men?

Brigitte: 90% of my clients are married men. They come to me because they don’t have what they need at home. Do not think about sex. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them, to understand them. Some of my clients are even depressed and concerned about their marriages and come to me just to ask for a piece of advice. For a woman, this would be cheating. For a man this is his way of trying to save the marriage. Then, women would ask: ok, but why does not he visit a psychologist? Does he have to meet escorts to save our marriage? Yes, but women and men are extremely different in terms of mentality. An escort could support and understand men much more than an ordinary psychologist, and also make him feel appreciated.

Mynaughtyscotland:Is sex part of your encounters?

Brigitte (giggling): What do you think?

Mynaughtyscotland:Uhm…so you said anything that makes them feel comfortable and special?

Brigitte: Yes.

Mynaughtyscotland: Ok then. And do you like it? Your job, I mean?

Brigitte: I love it. I am a grown up and a free woman. I can do whatever I want with my life, my time, my energy! This job gives me the freedom no other job would give me. If I want to work and earn money, I do it. If not, I don’t. It’s simple like this. No boss will ever gonna come and tell me: ‘Brigitte, why aren’t you at work at this hour?’ I leave anyone with the impression that they can always have me, but the truth is that nobody owns me. I am free like the wind.



Mynaughtyscotland: This means you do not have a boyfriend?

Brigitte: A boyfriend? In this industry, such words are strictly prohibited; at least, for me. As an escort, you have to take care nothing will come between you and your clients. From my experience, boyfriends and serious relationships bring along lots of problems. They can interfere in your activity, distract your attention from what you should do as a professional escort, fight with you or even ask you to quit your job for them. Imagine that my clients visit me to forget about their problems, not to find more problems! However, I don’t miss being loved. My regulars show me plenty of love whenever we meet.

Mynaughtyscotland: So, it’s like an exchange of affection?

Brigitte: I couldn’t say it better.

Mynaughtyscotland: Great! A last question Brigitte, because we know you have a meeting in two hours and we don’t want to waste your precious time…Is there anything you regret in this industry, in your life?

Brigitte: I try to avoid regrets as much as possible. My life has never been perfect but the little imperfections made me who I am today. I could not say what I’d like to change about it because life is not only the result of our actions, but also a long chain of favorable or unfavorable coincidences. I try not to think so much about ways of improving it because if I don’t succeed, I will be disappointed. As for my job, I am not ashamed of my current occupation, so I would not change anything about it.

Mynaughtyscotland: Thank you a lot for this interview, Brigitte, and good luck in the future!

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