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12th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Fife

An exclusive interview with Ann!

Today we present you one of the sexiest escorts in Fife! With a natural ability to relax people and make them feel comfortable, this Spanish escort can be your perfect date! With her perfect body…

…a natural beauty and a shining smile she can brighten any gloomy day you might be experiencing! Forget about your problems with a professional Fife escort – Ann!

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Q: Briefly introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Ann and I’m a professional call girl, currently living and working in Fife! I am 26 years old and I love to party and to meet nice and handsome gentlemen!

Q: How long have you been working as an escort in Fife?

Well, not that long because I have moved to Fife only a couple of months ago, so I am just trying to get familiar with the surroundings. But, I have been an escort since I was 20 years old in other parts of the world!

Q: Can you tell us a secret related to escorting?

Hmm, I’ve thought a little bit before answering this question. It’s quite funny because it appears to be a  really difficult question for me to answer. You may be wondering why… Well, because for me there are no secrets anymore, so I tried to figure out what someone like you would like to know about this job.

Therefore, a secret might be that if you want to become an escort you need to always agree with your client. In other words, if you cannot keep your cool, maybe you should not get involved in this career. As an escort, you need to be polite and sometimes even submissive. So, yeah this job is not for everybody!

Q: The worst and the best part about being an escort

The worst I would say it’s exactly the fact that you cannot be always the person you really are. Most of the time you need to play roles to satisfy your client. You need to be the exact woman he is looking for.

The best part it is definitely the easy money. With little effort, you can quickly earn money so that you can enjoy the life you have always dreamt about! Everything you want, you can have it as a call girl!

Q: Does your family and friends know about your profession?

My family knows something but not the whole truth. They know I’m working in Fife, but not all the details. Many times I’ve said it as a joke, but they didn’t want to believe it. So… it’s probably better this way!

And in what concerns my friends I don’t have that many friends. I haven’t had the time to make friends in Fife and with my Spanish friends I have lost contact. But, few of them really knew what I was doing for a living.

Q: Do you have any escort friends?

Yes! I could say one person who knows how I really am is actually an escort, just like me. She understands me; she knows why I don’t have time to chat; she understands my late mornings and so on and so forth. With her it’s not that hard to have a friendship!

Q: What do you like to do when you are not working?

I have normal habits. I like to keep myself fit so I go jogging, I like going to the gym or even hiking. I like spending my time in nature; it’s an efficient way of relaxing and getting away from this hectic life. Apart from this, I go shopping and I love to cook! It’s one of my secret passions!

Q: Any other passions?

Apart from cooking, I love to read good books. In my purse there is always a good book in case I get bored and I don’t have what to do! I love to read erotic literature. Something must inspire me too, don’t you think?

Q: How was your first year as an escort?

It was definitely a year when I really decided what I wanted to do with my life. If it hadn’t been a good year I would probably not be an escort today. I made more money that I have ever had in my entire life.

With the right prices, the excellent companionship and the professional services I’ve provided for my clients, I have managed to easily differentiate myself from the rest of the girls. Honestly speaking, it was definitely not a bad year for me taking into account the financial crisis. This was the perfect start that convinced me – it is the perfect job for me! I certainly don’t regret my decision!

Q: For how long do you think you will continue to be an escort?

For a long time! I am 26 years old so until my body needs a break or until I’ll have a husband I believe I can continue with this profession. It really does me good! I find no reasons why I should quit!

Q: Have you ever felt threatened by one of your clients?

No! I take all necessary precautions so that I can be sure nothing bad is going to happen to me! I am very strict and I am also very careful. We’re talking about my life so no exceptions to the rule are allowed!

Q: Do you have more than one date per night?

It depends I sometimes accept two or even three dates per night, it depends on how much time my clients want to spend with me. I cannot be in two places at once.

Q: When do you mostly work? What are your busiest days?

I mostly work during the nights, therefore you can understand me why I love sleeping till late. My busiest days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday because this is when men have more spare time. However, there is no surprise to have dates in the middle of the week too. It depends on who is calling me; if we are talking about the so-called ‘party boys’ they will certainly call me on the weekends, but if we are talking about ‘travelling businessmen’, they can call me anytime!

Q: How was your first date as an escort?

Well, I honestly don’t remember a thing because I was a little bit drunk! I didn’t know what had happened. But, from my point of view it was a great start; I was not al all nervous!

Q: Do you see yourself having kids? Having a family in the near future?

No! I am still too young for this! I want to enjoy life before I settle down!

It was a nice interview, thank you MyNaughtyScotland!

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