Italy – my soul

14th May, 2017 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

– Bon Giorno, my soul!

These are the words with which I was woken up in the first morning spent in Italy. I can not describe in words the joy that I have in my soul when I visit this country. I think that somewhere in other life I have lived on those places. When I saw the plane tickets it was a huge surprise. I couldn’t believe that we were going to live in holiday in Italy.

Italy - my soul


I jumped up and down , happy like a child. The flight wasn’t very pleasant, I am somehow afraid, but I controlled it and I tried to sleep to be okay when we were going to arrive. We arrived pretty late, we didn’t have what to do, to walk or something so we reserved our first hours spent there to make love. The hotel was very luxurious, five stars, with chandeliers, antique furniture in modern style, a wonderful restaurant. We entered in the splendid room, where some gorgeous roses were waiting for me and a champagne. I felt like in a romantic movie. We left the luggage and we put in the enormous bed with an immaculate lingerie. His eyes were looking at me with joy because was glad and that was all that was counting for him. My happiness had always counted for him. He caressed my hair and smiled at me and then he kissed me with the most sensual lips ever. He was kissing me as if he was knowing me for the first time, he was tasting me with passion. The lips were the beginning, then he continued with the neck, on which he insisted, then he whispered me dirty talks in my ear, words that made me lose myself. Then he kissed my shoulders and my breasts. He played with his tongue on my nipples, he bit them , one by one. It was a pleasant pain, I was feeling the need to tell him to bite harder and harder.

– Oh, my dear!

That was all I could say, nothing more. My hands were pulling his hair, it was so soft, then I started to pull him more and more down. He stopped on my belly, he was playing with his tongue on it, I was trembling and shacking due to the pleasure that he was causing me. He got down between my legs, looked me in the eyes and he asked me:

– Do you wanna make love with me?

I thought that he was kidding , I didn’t understand the question. My heart was beating very fast and I wanted him with all my being. He got up and he opened the champagne bottle and he poured in the glasses. We toasted for us and we drank the whole glass without breathing, then he poured another one. We were both just in panties. He got close to me and he kissed me, tasting the champagne on my lips. I was feeling dizzy because of the champagne, because I was tired and also because of the euphoria that he was causing it to me. He took my glass and he put it on the table and then he began to touch me everywhere and he stopped to my pussy which he was starring at and he torn my panties. I was shacking. Nobody did that to me before. He put me powerful to bed and he started to lick me all over my body, he was craving for me. He was craving for sex. He was hungry for my body and I was hungry for his. I felt his fingers inside me, he was kissing me madly, then he took my hand and he put it on my penis, I felt it so hard. I took it with my both hands and I played with it, then we tried the sixty nine position and we both played with our tongues, offering great pleasure to each other. Even love is different in Italy. We stayed like that until we couldn’t resist anymore, then he got inside me, with his penis that was nearly to explode. My legs opened and they received the penis, as if it was the first time. It didn’t take long and I felt his sperm invading my whole body and we both began to scream with pleasure and we were moaning satisfied. We had a jacuzzi in our room, in which we spoiled after such sexual intercourse and we drank the rest of the cold champagne. We fell asleep next to each other, naked, like Adam and Eva.

The first morning was beautiful, the sun was present through the draperies and he kissed my forehead with love. He brought me breakfast in bed and we both enjoyed it and we drank also a cocktail with alcohol. We left then for a walk, we were holding hands and we took so many photos. The alleys were full of wonderful smells, the trees with oranges and lemons were gorgeous and the olive trees were looking very exotic. Everywhere you were looking you could have seen people dressed nice and their shops and coffee pubs were designed very chic. I was missing their good pizza, their delicious pastas and their unique ice cream and their sweet ripened chestnuts which you could find them that season at any corner of the street. I was seeing me walking on those streets dressed in a full dress , with a lace umbrella, next to my fancy and elegant gentleman, on the time when the ladies were captivating the Rome’s citizens. Fontana di Trevi seen by night it is stunning. When you see how many people come to visit this town and how long they stay outside, until it is a late hour it is impossible not to ask yourself what does it have so special? I don’t think there is someone who doesn’t like it. I made a wish at the fountain, a wish that I want to become real. I don’t do this in general but I know that who made a wish there had the luck to become real. I would be very happy. I do not dream at material things in general. His love, the way he treats me, the carefulness that he shows to any detail regarding me, these things make me the most happiest woman in the world and I am thanking him because he appeared in my life.

The evening was spent at an intimate and beautiful restaurant, in the middle of Rome. It was a silent music, we drank a good, red wine and we ate something specific to the area. From time to time he was taking my hand and he was kissing it, telling me how much he loves me. The happiness was for sure very visible into my eyes. I feel that I can not thank him enough for how he makes me feel, protected, cared and loved. After the restaurant we took a straw in the middle of the town, we watched the people who were drawing, dancing, who were gaining money by doing something lovely. I wanted a painting with some view in Rome and a very talented gentleman offered it to me. Each detail was making me love him more. We arrived at the hotel a little bit tired, but not too tired for love. He undressed me and we entered to take a bath together, a hot bath, to relax. He massaged my feet and my shoulders, he kissed me with love and he loved me in the way that only he is able to do that. I was on top of him and we made sweet love in the water, everything was hot there. I got out from the bath tub, covering myself in a soft, white towel and then we stayed in bed, thinking about the day that was ending and which it was magnificent.

Another fantastic days followed, full of love, we walked in the town of my soul, with my soul mate next to me. It is important not the place, but first of all the person with whom you share the love with. And if you are also in wonderful places, love can make miracles.

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