Jane’s sex story

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Jane’s sex story: Two of my best sexual encounters – Fuck me Jack, fuck me right now!

It all started during a summer in Glasgow. One day I had enough of my parents’ drinking problems and all the beatings I endured, so I decided I had to begin my life alone and far away from them. Therefore, I packed the few things I had and went living with my best friend, Marie.I knew I had to move out from her apartment too in two weeks’ times, so I began applying for jobs. Anything would have been good enough for me;
I would have accepted anything. I was jobless and with no money. They all said ‘We’ll call you!’, but nothing really happened. I had no professional experience and no money.

Leather Dress

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One Friday night, in an attempt to cheer me up, my friends invited me to a local pub. Even though I was extremely tired and upset, I accepted. After taking a shower, I dressed up with a small black leather dress and high boots and left home. I had a deep neckline, and as I entered the pub, everyone was staring at me, especially a tall handsome black man! My friends introduced us, and after some drinks, he asked me if I want to see his apartment down the street. So, I thought why not.

When we got home, he suddenly began kissing my neck, touching my boobs and whispering that the only thing he had on his mind the entire night was how he would fuck me. As I was still a virgin I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, but he undressed me quickly and said ‘Chill, I’m not going to hurt you. Relax babe!‘ Then I thought I was in for a wild night, and started taking his pants off… he was very well endowed, by the way.

He began sucking and licking my nipples, while he sat me on my back, on the bed. I was very excited, almost ready to cum, when he put his fingers between my legs. I was getting wetter and wetter when suddenly I felt that he got his tongue deep into my cunt. I wrapped my legs around his head and came.

Oral sex

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He did not stop. He wanted more! I started touching his big black cock until he got a strong erection. He made me suck his dick, and forced it deep into my throat. It was huge! I gently licked his balls and rubbed his dick between my boobs. Then he reached orgasm on my body.

I felt thirsty so he invited me to drink some red wine, my favorite! After some minutes of laugh, I dropped my tissue on the floor and as I reached to grab it, I felt his hard cock pressing my butt and he fucked me for the first time, doggy style. It felt intense, but at the same time extremely well. As my pussy was wet, it did not hurt so badly.

Doggy style

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After spending the night together, in the morning I got up and he was not there anymore. Just a note, saying: ‘Thank you for the night! I had to go, so please excuse me!’. This was the last time I saw him, and I do not even remember his name, the name of my first man.

I went home, when the phone rang: I had a job opportunity, but I had to switch towns. Because I had to pay the bills, I accepted and moved 20 miles north into a middle class neighborhood. I was lucky so I found a small place, with very little money. The owner, Jack, was a divorced man, in his early 30s, quite handsome, with prominent biceps from constant workouts. I did not know that this man was going to give me some day the most mind-blowing sex of my life.

After several days of helping me with different chores around the house, one afternoon Jack came to take the rent. I was not expecting anyone, so I was dressed in some skimpy bikini and a white top with no bra. I opened the door, and when I saw him, I was so embarrassed.


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He apologized for coming uninvited, so I asked him to wait for me in the living room, while I put on a white short satin robe.

With no reason, we began talking about our lives and our experiences, when we realized that it was almost midnight. As he wanted to leave, I accidently dropped the glass of wine over my top. He offered to help me and began wiping me off with a tissue.

The drink was so cold that my nipples instantly got as hard as a rock, and he said ‘Sweetheart, don’t move I have a surprise for you’ and started kissing my ear lobe and undressing me. I was getting hot, grabbed his ass, pushed him on the bed, and told him to wait a few seconds, until I lit some vanilla candles. Then I began playing with my breasts and my clit while he was watching. He was hornier and hornier as he devoured me with his gaze. I began sensually moaning and he could not watch more. He wanted me so badly.

Jack came and literally buried his face deep into my pussy. As I was about to come, he stopped and put me on the table and began fucking me even harder as I wrapped my legs around his hips and said Fuck me Jack, fuck me right now!‘, and then I came.

It was the most profound feeling I have ever felt, my pussy was so wet and I wanted to thank him, so I started licking his cock until he reached the climax right into my mouth. This was his surprise.
The next day, Jack was acting as nothing happened, so we agreed that it was better not to get emotional. We still have sex from time to time, and I still pay him the rent.

With my job, it’s OK now, I have recently been hired by a widower, to be his personal assistant, so who knows; maybe I’ll find my true love someday.

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