What do we know about women?

19th September, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Good to Know, Guides

Women are the most beautiful beings on Earth, they are the most sensitive ones and sometimes it is hard to understand them because they are so complex.
What do we know about them? There are always things to learn about women:

What do we know about women

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• They are variable, strong.
• A woman will fight with passion for her man.
• When she is threatened , when another woman wants her man, she becomes a lioness and she will do whatever is necessary, no matter the ways or the price.
• Women know a lot more about men, than men know about them. Women seem to be much more complicated, but they are not like that, but men are proud, or they are not having too much interest and they are not involving too much to understand women better.
• A lot of women look at a man who is handsome, but who also possesses a good financial situation.
• There are women who are not interested about money, or physical aspect, but they look for inteligence, respect, understanding and stability in a relationship. They want a man with whom she will build step-by-step to have a family with.
• There are rare women who want to be with a married man, with family, and they have to be mistresses. In general, a woman wants a man to be just her’s. But, there are also women who only want sex and money.
• A woman is very careful about her aspect, about what to wear next to a man, what perfume to use, her nails or she goes to the gym, a very important thing to look great.
• There are women who like men that go to the gym, with muscles, they love to have a strong man on their side.
• Women are very romantic. They will always want to prepare romantic dinners, with candles, champagne, red wine, chocolate, rose petals, foam baths. They want men to be romantic too, to surprise them, to organize romantic dates, to offer them gifts.
• Women talk about what they are doing with their man, where she went out, what did she buy him, they talk about their men when they are careful and kind, they like to praise with their men.
• A woman will always want to start the sex with prelude. This aspect is very important for a woman’s status in bed. She can offer maximum pleasure, but she also needs attention before that, to feel good. She wants to be loved, desired, to hear nice words and to be hugged.
• Sometimes she wants to receive a flower or more, or at least to receive a message in the morning, to know when her man felt asleep or when he woke up, to know that he thinks about her. She cares about small details. There are also women that are very hard to please, they are materialist and they want: a lot of money, cars, houses, going out at luxurious restaurants, expensive holidays and a credit card in their wallet. If you don’t give them what they want they will leave you.
• If a woman feels apreciated and loved, she will be yours for the rest of your life, she will respect you and love you more.
• Women are a little bit reserved when it comes up about experiencing new stuff in bedroom, but they are also women who do that and they enjoy it and the man who will be with them, will be very happy.
• Maturbation is very often at women too, like men. They do that when they are alone, but also in the presence of a man. She will have an imediate orgasm if she is touched in that special spot, which she finds it since adolescence. If a man finds it, he will offer her maximum pleasure.
• It is said that women want a big penis, but it is not always like that. Some women are not very large inside, and a big penis will not cause her pleasure, but pain. The most women want a thick penis, it will make them feel a lot of pleasure.
• On the majority of cases, a woman will involve sentimentally , although a man wants just sex.
• When a man asks a woman to have sex with him or he will give her signals about that, she will not say yes from the first time, in general. She has to play the inaccessible one, the man has to fight to be in bed with her. But of course, they are exceptions too.
• A woman is attracted to a strong, ambitious man, to be good in bed but also in society and to show them that they are the most important persons in their life.
Love the woman for who she is, look in her soul and make love with her always like it would be the last time. Women love to have sex!

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