We lose control

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Ashley watched his brother with envy. He watched her with happiness.

Daniel vowed that he will not get married because he is too young still. She was remembering how they used to talk when they were kids about the time when they will get married. Each of them was describing the ideal person for them. Now she was in love with Alex, his friend, who has another relationship. She sees him almost daily at her house, because he comes to visit Daniel.

Often they behave like three boys, they drink beer together and talk about girls. She always tries to see what kind of girl he likes, she wants to be her. She watches him a lot and tries to be in his line. She never confessed about her feelings, not even to Daniel.

We lose control

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It is a beautiful summer day, I sit on the long chair, in the back of our garden full of roses and jasmine. I made some lemonade with lemon, orange and fresh mint, ice cubes and I am half naked to get tanned. I am home alone and I can do whatever I want. The holiday is good for me and I want to take advantage of her a lot. I love to be lazy under the sun, to listen to my favorite music at the volume that I want and to swim in the pool. As I was staying and imagining my fantasies, listening to the music, I felt some drops of cold water on my hot skin. I jumped from the long chair and I opened my eyes and I saw Alex. I was half naked, I was embarrassed and I looked for a towel to cover myself in it.

– Stop hiding, beautiful girl. I have seen breasts before, you are not the only one.

Hmm, it sounded so challenging. I wanted to hug him.

– Is Daniel home? We had to meet here, to spend the afternoon together, under the sun, without girls of course, but if you are here, well then…

And he smiled with irony. I took off my towel and I threw it into his face, then I put my bra without any shame and I jumped into the pool.

– I am not gonna please you, I want to get tanned today, you should get used with the idea!

In the next second he undressed and he jumped into the pool, swimming towards me, then he disappeared suddenly. I felt him under water, grabbing my legs. I managed to pull his hair and made him release me, but then he appeared in front of me like a ghost, grabbing my waist and rising me slowly up. I felt my nipples strong, my bra was very thin and it was very visible. Then he took my hand and we swam together and he pushed my head under water, then he appeared behind me, I turned around scared. He was moving so fast and unexpectedly. He started to look insistently at my breasts then he approached me slowly, looking into my eyes.

– I cannot tell that I don’t see your beautiful body, your perfect breasts and your strong nipples. I have never looked at you this way, I have always thought that you are like a boy, but now I see that you are a soft , delicate woman, with delicious curves!

– Thank you , but you make me lose my mind, I don’t know what to say…

Suddenly I felt his hands on my back, he was taking off my bra, then he watched them hungry and touched them with both hands. His mouth approached my mouth and we began to kiss with passion, as if we wanted this from a long time. My legs got around his waist, I touched his wet, sexy hair. I felt his penis so hard. He took me to the edge of the pool and he got underwater , removing my panties and he put his fingers into my pussy, I was living a dream, something that I couldn’t believe it could be real. Then he came back at the surface, his mouth was tasting my wet breasts. Suddenly I felt him penetrating me deep inside, I was with my feet around his waist, being insatiable of what I was receiving. We had sex like to crazy people, then he cum inside me and I heard him moaning. Our eyes were shining and we kissed again. We dressed again and we got out from the pool. We didn’t have time to talk because Daniel appeared.
– Who is already here? I talked with Clara also, to come at our place to have a grill together.

Clara was Alex’s girlfriend. I didn’t feel good with that, but I couldn’t do nothing. I drank some lemonade and I looked at him, being thirsty after the sex we had. I sat on the long chair with my sunglasses on, trying to get tanned and listening about what the guys were talking about. From time to time I was catching him looking at me, he was almost like he didn’t pay attention about what Daniel was talking about. I tried to talk also, not too look quiet, I wasn’t like that before, it wasn’t me to stay silent. After I got warmed enough under the sunlight I got up to take a swim to refresh myself a little bit. I saw him watching me. I jumped into the pool and I swam a little bit, without even looking at him once. When I got out he came to me with the towel and he put it on me, looking at me with love. I was nervous, me, the boy girl and strong every time, who was laughing about them and we were talking about so many things. I thanked him and I smiled, then I got inside the house to prepare the meet for the grill, the salad and what Alex brought for that evening. I put on a T-shirt, I got my hair in a pony tail. From the window from the kitchen you could see the pool, from where I could look at him when I wanted. From time to time I was checking on him, then I didn’t see him anymore, I thought that he got into the pool. Suddenly I felt him next to me, he grabbed my waist and kissed my neck, then he put his hands in my wet panties, touching me for some seconds, then he whispered slowly to my ear that he has to leave. I was having goosebumps, I wanted to make love with him again, in the kitchen . After a while Clara arrived, his girlfriend who kissed him in front of my eyes. I was a little bit jealous, I didn’t know how to hide that. I saw him looking at me and winked. I wanted him just for me, not like that. All evening she was near him, she got in the pool with him and she began to kiss him. I was craving for him and I was unable to do something. It was an interesting evening that finished after all and they went home. I told nothing to Daniel, I couldn’t do it, he would have said that I am crazy, maybe I was…

The next day he called me. He told me that Daniel had to leave in a cantonment and he wanted to come over and stay for two days. I liked the idea and I said yes. There were two wonderful days, we made love so much, we cooked together, we swam together, we loved each other in the most weird ways, I think we fell in love with each other, or at least he fell in love with me, I was already from a long time . Everything around was spreading love, we were getting to know each other in other ways than before, as if we were two strangers. We made plans about us , how we were going to tell to Clara and Daniel , we needed to do this, we had to be together, we cannot stay apart anymore.

From friendship we fell in love, in a blink of an eye when we lost control.

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