Love conquers all

19th April, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Those were the last words that she said before she left, those were the words that haunted his mind for months.

She left and she remained alone, alone in the empty house in which they spent love nights together.

Love conquers all


He thought that it would never end , that they will be together forever. He never thought, not for a second, that the people are so mean, that everything separates them, he didn’t thought that they are so different… and now he is alone and sad, so sad… A song was in his head, very suitable for him “since you left, the sky got dark!” In his soul there was a lot of darkness. The sea inside him was nervous and agitated. It was a storm for many nights in the row. He never thought that his whole Universe will fall apart, he never believed that without her he would want to be dead, he never thought that he will love her so much. And her words remained impregnated on his heart, it was difficult to cope up with this break up knowing what he meant for her, when he knows that she loves him. It was too cruel the destiny, too heavy to burden. He was trying to understand why she left? Why did she let him suffer so much if she loved him? Why? And the answer was not coming . He was hearing his own echo. He was like a shadow. He was living by sniffing each trace of perfume that she left behind. Nobody was understanding what was going on with him. He didn’t care what people think of him, that they see him weak, that he closed himself in the house because of a woman, that he gave up everything for her. They couldn’t know that she was his calamity, that without her his interios is empty. They were too shallow to understand that, it was too much in a world where money rules. And he didn’t want to explain to nobody what he was feeling, it didn’t matter at all. And the time passed like crazy, but his love persisted, it lived inside him, it floated in his blood. He didn’t want to share his life with nobody anymore, he dedicated to his job, and sometimes he was getting out with his friends, but he was not the same anymore. Life gave him a strong lesson. In a hot summer day he was going to work. He was looking down and he was not looking at the people around him, he was drowned in his thoughts. In that morning was the fifth year since she left, and he could still hear her last words, they were still hurting him. He was lost but soon he heard a voice calling for him, but he didn’t look. A chill passes in his body and he was having butterflies in his stomach and he said to himself “no , it’s not her, it couldn’t be her, it cannot be after all this time, no, it’s not her. “ He didn’t have the power to turn back. He was staying motionless there waiting for the most awaited moment for 5 years, to see her again. “Adi, it’s you!” He wasn’t looking in her eyes still, he was afraid he was gonna cry. She was so calm and he was so nervous. His heart was covered by a strong missing feeling, he wanted to embrace her, but he was trying to control himself. “Why don’t you want to look me in the eyes?” “I didn’t realize that I was still looking down, the sun is burning in this morning !” And their eyes meet, her almond shaped eyes get into his soul. He felt like he was reborn, like somewhere inside of her a fire is alive again. She has a pain in the neck. “Take me in your arms! I missed you so much, very very much! I don’t want to lose you again. I wanted to forgive you. Five years passed. Five years today. Five years ago I was telling you that you are everything for me. You still are, I can’t forget you. I can’t get you out of my head. I love you so much. You are my other half. You are my soulmate. You belong with me. Just beside me. Nobody will break us up again! “ And she said all of that crying. Salty tears were falling down her cheeks and were going down on his shoulder. He was holding her so tight in his arms. He wanted to stop the time in that moment. To remain just the two of them , embraced like that for an eternity. He was feeling like he was flying. A part of him returned home. Now he was complete, his heart found its pulse again. They were both so happy. He didn’t go to work, they went to his home. They didn’t talk while they were walking, they were just holding hands and looking each other in the eyes. They were both having a large smile on their faces. When they got home he took her into his arms and put her on the bed, he kissed her and they fell asleep embraced, like to real lovers, they were happy, they thought they were dreaming. They woke up still embraced, he was caressing her hair and he was looking at her with his eyes full of love. He missed her so much! He had no idea how he was able to live without her all that time! He couldn’t believe his eyes that his dream finally became for real! He was telling her that he loves her, that she means the whole world to him, that she was his soul. She responded with a tender kiss. Through that kiss their souls were dancing together, they are united and form a whole being. It followed a love night, he caressed and touched her everywhere, he kissed her all over her body, he missed her body, her taste and smell, her skin, her everything. She fell asleep while he was spoiling her, he was looking at her and it seems like she was an angel. He was so happy and he was thanking God for everything. When she woke up she was alone in the bed, she was happy that it wasn’t just a dream. He prepared breakfast and bought her favourite flowers: roses. After they finished eating he said that he has a surprise for her. He put a scarf around her eyes and guided her outside in the garden. The air was perfumed from the many flowers that were there, in their middle was a table and on the table were photos with them and among them there were rose petals. He let her see there. She was surprised, she was having tears of joy in her eyes. “ Thank you, I love you!” In her hand was a black , tiny, velvet box covered by the rose petals. “It’s also a part of my surprise !” And he put on his knees… “I lost you once, I suffered so much! I didn’t believe that you will be mine again, but look how love conquers all and in the end wins! I don’t wanna lose you again, I want you to be mine forever! To sleep every night in my arms, to wake you up every morning with a kiss, and to tell you daily how much you mean to me. Will you marry me?” He listened to his words crying with joy, everything was so perfect, the garden, the flowers, the pictures with them two, his words, the perfume around them… it was better than in her dreams! Among tears a “YES” with all her heart was heard. He got up and kissed her and took her into his strong arms. After three days they were already married. They more the most happy on Earth. Love conquers all!

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