When love never dies

9th May, 2017 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It is said that loves never dies. It doesn’t die when you are maintaining the flame, when there is respect, support, trust, when both of the partners take care of one another.

I met old people who were holding hands and it was visible in their face another type of love: and endless love, a love that I think all of us want to experience it.

When love never dies

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I met Vlad when I was in college. He was in a group of common friends, with whom I was usually going out , when we were not having courses or we didn’t want to have them. I fell in love with him madly and he also fell for me. We were making love in our friend’s rooms, in the college bathroom or at my place or his. I was thinking back then that everything was going to pass, that was all during college, and it was going to end when we finish it. He was from the country, he was staying with rent, I was living with my parents. It was a time when he left in another country to work, but love didn’t fade away, on the contrary , it became strong. I remember my first vacancy spent at him, in London. I was never away from home before. The romantic atmosphere that town offered me made me want to stay there for eternity. He waited for me in the airport with a big bouquet of flowers. We hadn’t seen each other for three months and a half. We had never been apart more than a week, when he was leaving to see his parents without me. We made love as soon as we got in his apartment, he undressed me as soon as I got in. We were impatient to taste each other and to enjoy every moment together. I felt his love , his unique smell of a well cared man. I made problems often in my mind that he could cheat on me, that he would want someone else, but it didn’t happen, the distance united us more. We went together in a striptease bar, to change the atmosphere and too see our reaction. I was very jealous to see one of the girls coming to him and touching him, I wanted to jump like a lioness. I realized in that moment how much I love him and that I couldn’t stay without him. I took him in the bar’s bathroom to have wild sex with him. I put on my knees and I took his penis into my mouth, making him moan with pleasure. The pleasure was even more great because we were in a public place, where it wasn’t allowed to do that. That’s why we were so excited and we wanted more. We loved each other madly, then we got out of there as if nothing happened and we continued our wonderful night. We walked like to romantics by holding hands , we kissed and hugged as if we were at the beginning of our relationship. The nights were long, white and full of love. The mornings were full of sex, we were spoiling and caressing each other and we were lazy in the soft and big bed, in which I was hoping that he didn’t love another woman. When I had to leave it was so hard and painful. I wanted to stay with him forever there. After another two moths away from him we left in a holiday in Crete island. I can not describe the beauty of that place , the romance with which he planned everything, and the proposal was the breaking point.

We were on the beach in a warm afternoon. We were alone in that place, where he specially organized the proposal to marry him. He took a bottle of wine and two glasses, exotic fruits and chocolate, my favorite. Suddenly I saw some singers coming towards us, who made me a special dedication, a romantic song on which I danced with Vlad. When the dance was over, he put on his knees and he proposed me in the most wonderful way possible. We remained alone until the evening, where we stayed by the candles light, enjoying the view and the recent event. He undressed me and he took me in the water , I was with my legs around his waist, we were so close to each other, we made such a wonderful sex, it was exciting in the water. Since then we were never apart again, I moved in London and today we are like in the first day. I don’t understand how sometimes love between two persons dies when they are together and they swore eternal love. We like it sometimes to see movies together, movies with love scene. We learned to know ourselves better by watching these movies and trying new things or doing things alone, without showing to each other. We were touching alone, standing one next to the other, we were making ourselves feel good and we weren’t hiding our preferences . We even tried to have sex with another couple.

It was the time when we moved recently together in London. We were seeing sometimes with a Romanian couple who were staying not so far away from us. Both young, nearly our age. They gave us some by the ways and due to them we agreed that it would be good for us to try something new. And we liked it. They invited us to their home. We had a romantic dinner, where each of us begin to share our love stories, places where we had love , where we love most to have sex and what we like during sex. And then the daring began. Vlad started to touch Becca, and Norris touched me. We went together on the sofa and the armchair in the living where we kissed and undressed. It was a sensation full of excitement, it was strange to see Vlad do to other woman what he was normally doing to me. At some point each of us retired to a bedroom, unknowing what the other ones were doing there, it was only intuition. Norris’ touch was making me tremble with pleasure and desire and the thought that Vlad was doing the same with Becca was making me even more horny, I was a little bit jealous but it was okay. He made love to me differently but he made me want Vlad more. His penis was different but what he was doing with it , it was great. He was touching spots that Vlad didn’t touch before, he was putting me in new positions and I had moments when I actually screamed with pleasure and I heard Vlad also moaning. I had the impression that he did it to hear him and know that he was close to me. After almost two hours everything ended, we took a shower and we all met in the living room to drink some wine. I was close to Vlad and I have never left his side while we drank the wine, then we left home. In the car we stayed for a few minutes in silence, as if none of us was daring to say something, then he suddenly stopped at the side of the road and we had wild sex, on the driver’s chair, me on top of him. It was the most crazy experience, but it made us love each other more and more and never to be apart again or belong to someone else.

At this moment we have a child and our love is even greater. We want another one and we don’t stop to love each other, we don’t stop from sex not even when I am pregnant. We don’t resist without each other. Our love didn’t die and I believe it will never die as long as we know how to keep it alive. He is my Vlad and he will always be mine as long as he will know how to love me. My heart belongs to him, my life belongs to him, the one who thought me what love is, what freedom is, what a united family is and what it is necessary to try in order to remain attracted always to the other partner. Everything can be learned if you want, if you are aware that life in two is the best, especially when two become three or four.

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