The love season

4th May, 2017 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Is there a season for love? When you fall in love, any season is for love, for your love. For me this is Spring.

It started now because I met the most wonderful man. I didn’t think that it would happen for me, I am a very pretentious woman, not necessarily for the physical aspect, but for the character, behavior, social position, I am very careful for details. But I concluded that when you are so particular you are not looking for a boyfriend, but a partner.

The love season


Everything began easily, with innocent dates for coffee, dinner, friends. I have never believed that I was going to fall in love with him. I was always listening with pleasure his stories, the discussions about his job. I have never looked at his eyes, lips, at his body. I was seeing through him, I was just hearing his words. And the words made me think differently about him. He invited me to a movie in open air. I haven’t had any idea that there was such a place in our town. We took some popcorn, drinks and other sweets to spoil ourselves, a blanket and we left to the wonderful place. It was a romantic movie with my favorite actress, Sandra Bullock. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable when there were love scenes , but he was making some jokes and he was keeping my mind away from those moments.

– I don’t know if you noticed something different about me. He said.

– I don’t know what are you referring at. Did you cut your hair? Did you color it? I was trying to make a joke.

– No! I believe that I begin to look at you differently. I think that you didn’t even think about that, but I am and I didn’t want to force things. I like to take it step by step, slow.

– That’s why you invited me here? It is a romantic place, where couples in love are visiting.

Before I could say anything more his lips came on mine and he kissed me. His wet tongue entered in my mouth. I was surprised , but I was enjoying it, I liked his taste, I was enjoying the place, I was enjoying what I was feeling. I have never imagined that me and Victor we were going to end up kissing, but it happened. After a few minutes in which I didn’t hear anything around me, he left me on my back on the blanket. We trundled there, it didn’t matter the other persons around us anymore, but they were a little bit far from us. His hands were on my breasts, the atmosphere was getting hot, his penis was strong, I could feel it. I didn’t now what to believe from all of that , if I was just carried away or there were powerful feelings involved , it was pretty damn good the sensation. He whispered to my ear that he wants to leave from there, somewhere more private.

– Where, your place?

– No, I don’t want to take you home, I want to show you a place that I am sure that you have never seen before.

We took our things and we went to the car, he drove in silence. We arrived at an amazing spot, somewhere up, from which the whole town could be seen. We got off the car and we put the blanket on the ground , watching the lighted town, in night.

– I didn’t believe that you feel this for me, I whispered, looking at him.

– I couldn’t control myself anymore, I had to tell you. Maybe you will think that I am insane, maybe you won’t care about my feelings, maybe you don’t share them, but I would like you to be mine.

I took his hand and I kissed his cheek, then I looked in other direction. Then he took me in his arms and he took me to the car, I was supporting on it, he left up my leg, and he put his fingers into my pussy. I was shacking. The courage that he was showing was so unlike Victor, but I guess that love makes us different. Outside it was warm, I didn’t feel that I was half naked. Suddenly he opened the car door and we both got in on the back bench. I was thinking about what was going to happen, something that I have never did not even when I was a teenager. His car windows were dark at color, you couldn’t see nothing from outside, it was good, but anyone could know what was happening, because the car was moving and I was moaning with pleasure. It was a tight place, but I was still feeling so horny. My legs were apart and I was having him between them. His body was heavy and I was feeling it on mine, we were fully naked and so close to each other. I have never felt that good while making love. I had very romantic moments, places that were spreading love and romance, but nothing compared with that. I was seeing different Victor after that, the one who was my best friend before that. I told him how good I felt with him and that I wanted to repeat that , but I didn’t know if I wanted a relationship. He looked at me surprised and he smiled:

– I don’t think you could say that. I wish to have a relationship with you, even if we are taking it easy. I feel that I can’t stay without you anymore, and now because we made love, I won’t be able to think about nothing but you. Honestly, I would take you home now.

– You can, if you want that. I would like to make love to you on a bed, to feel it more profound than here.

We dressed and we went to his home, a chic apartment, for a bachelor, but clean and well tasted designed. We took a bottle of wine and we poured in two glasses to drink it. It didn’t take long time before he took my glass away and he put me with my ass on the kitchen countertop , kissing me with passion and pulling my hair. It was painful a little bit, but a nice pain. He took off my pants and I remained in my black , lace panties. He removed his pants and he was just in T-shirt, then he began to taste my pussy, wetting my panties. I supported on my hands and put my legs around his neck, letting him making me reach the climax. He made me cum, I wanted him more, then he took me in his arms and he took me to the bedroom. He removed my lingerie and he got inside me powerful, I was on my knees on the bed. He was breathing on my back, touching my nipples, everything was happening faster and faster until he cum inside me. We were standing next to each other, exhausted and satisfied about everything that happened and about what we felt. He tried to touch me, but I was still shacking from the powerful orgasm.

– I believe that after what we did here I want a relationship after all. I would like to do this daily, with you! I don’t think that I will be able to resist a day without sex with you! Would you like to move with me?

– I would like you to move here. I want to feel your presence daily in my house!

And he started to love me again, better than he did the first time and the second one…

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