What men want in bed? Tips!

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Listen up ladies: 20 things men value in bed

‘Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance.’ (Oscar Wilde)

Recent theories have revealed that men’s satisfaction is not only linked to having an orgasm; it means much more than this. We here present you the universal truths linked to what men like to experience in bed. Read on to find them out!

A hot sexual intercourse includes much more than just the physical act, it is also based on passion, a diversity of sexual positions and flirting moments.

What do men want?

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What do men want from women? What should women do in bed so that their lover be fully satisfied with their performance? What are the secrets in man’s mind? We have all the answers right here!

If you think sex is just reaching the peak, well then think twice! It is more than that! Therefore if you aim to fully please him, then read these lines carefully!

You know that common saying: sex is all about the journey and not only about the result! Therefore, you may guess that there are little things that usually make the difference in bed between an exceptional intercourse and a mediocre one!

Let us discover together what men really want and put the information into practice! Follow these tips and tell us how it all worked out!

The moment of truth has come! Read carefully!

20 Things men want in bed!

1. Tell him what you desire

Do not let him guess your mind. Tell him exactly what to do and when to do it. This is how you will both be pleased with the experience. He will gain more self-confidence and you will reach your peak more easily. What could you wish for more? You know men do not actually have supernatural powers to read your minds, therefore give them a hand!

2. NO traditionalism is allowed

Try to be a little bit more open-minded, at least in bed! You need to let your imagination run wild and experiment everything that crosses your mind. But most importantly, try not to be boring in bed!

3. Talk dirty

Get filthy in your vocabulary. Be a naughty girl and make him your sex slave. Who would not want to have an intense and passionate sexual intercourse?

4. Taste life! Swallow!

For some this may seem to be awkward, however it is definitely not. Nothing that comes out of our bodies should be disgusting. Do not be afraid to swallow! Make it something he will remember!

5. Masturbate! Exceptional idea!

Encourage masturbation! This is probably one of the most intimate practices in a couple. Guys love voyeurism! Initiate it yourself and he will follow attentively your steps!

6. Are you up for a massage?

Due to their stressful daily schedule, the most welcoming entry for a sexual intercourse is a sensual massage. It does not matter what you use as long as you do it right. From chocolate to whip cream, and from body oil to champagne, everything is more than welcomed on his body! Try it!

7. Be sensual

Details always make the difference, and this is not an exception for the sexual life. Therefore, being able to turn on the heat between the partners during the prelude is essential. The words and the attitude used are also important!


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8. Dominate him

Domination is probably the most common fantasy a man can have. It is his secret desire to be ‘violated’ by the woman he fantasies about.

9. Think sexy

Your mood and your mental spirit is what dictates how the sexual intercourse will develop. Therefore, letting your mind run wild, and putting into practice your/his fantasies will definitely be appreciated by all men!

10. Be naughty

Guys love confident naughty women, with experience and most importantly women who motivate them. Help him focus on what you are about to do to him and make him think about it in advance. Activate his senses and let them be free!

11. Experience new positions

The sense of adventure has always made the guys horny, so why should it not work now too? Understanding the differences that lay between you two and his needs will only help you have a stronger bond! Strong women with character, who are not afraid of new, definitely attract them!

12. Do not lose your enthusiasm!

Do not act like a child when something does not work exactly the way you have planned it to be! Act like a team and more importantly, have that certain enthusiasm when it comes to sex. You want sex, don’t you? So, why not revealing the real excitement that plays inside of you?

13. Take the initiative

Try switching roles from time to time and surprise him. Do not let your sexual intercourse convert into something monotonous! Whisper your desires and prepare in advance the territory!

14. Praise him

It might be a test of character or not, but men as well as women love it when their ‘work’ is valued and appreciated. Even though faults and mistakes cannot be avoided, a good job should definitely be noticed. His efforts should not remain indifferent to you!


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15. A long foreplay

Sex is probably one of those few moments that should definitely be valued in life. Why should we hurry and get directly into action? Every moment should be savored! As long as you make it exciting for him, this is one other secret desire that men love – a long foreplay!

16. Change the rhythm often

Through rhythm changing sex becomes more and more interesting; the orgasm is tastier and the whole experience is memorable. Being unique in bed each time you have sex makes the difference!

17. Do not play hard to get

The erotic chase is one of the sexiest games men undoubtedly enjoy, however when things get too hard to achieve, losing interest is a common manly habit. Why playing the role of the inaccessible women when it is no longer the case? It is definitely not worth it!

18. Let your imagination run wild

Think about how a traditional intercourse is and how would it be to have sex with someone with no preconceptions! Get over those lame positions, you on top of him and vice versa, try tasting life from all ‘points of view’!

19. Moan

Do not be afraid to moan. It is sexy and this will arouse him. Remember: ‘The way you sound is the sexiest thing in the world!‘ He loves you for this!

20.  Spoil him

Spoil him, at least in bed. He will be more than grateful for this! Sometimes men want to be treated like ‘mommy’s baby’ and this is the perfect occasion you have to be his ‘naughty mommy’. Enjoy your time together!


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Have you ever had that strange feeling that your lover holds something back from you? That you do not know the entire truth? Or that something is not like it seems to be? Keeping secrets away from your life partner is not the best strategy one can choose! Therefore, we have presented you here some of men hidden secrets!

Sensitive themes should not exist in any couple! Speaking honestly and not being quiet on life’s delicate themes will only help you improve your life! If you want to discover more secrets related to this topic, feel free to read the article on neakin.hubpages.com

Be the woman your man wants you to be!

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