What would men be without women and vice versa?

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This questions I think that at some point each of us is asking.

I wonder how would have been the Earth with only men or women? We would have been bored and they weren’t many feelings. Men would have probably stayed at the same activities as now , when women exist and and they should stay with them , they prefer to do other things , and women would have fought for sure if they were the only beings.

The woman was like a gift for the man. Without them they would not do anything, they couldn’t live. I know that the men wouldn’t agree with what I told . Men are stronger, they are the best chefs but they aren’t the best parents. Nobody can replace a mother. The woman should be the balance of a man , not only the being who cleans, cooks and make children.

What would men be without women and vice versa

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The man without a woman is a simple soul, with every bone at its place, but still incomplete.

When a man is alone he is incomplete , he tries out to find his place and sense. A single man doesn’t have any charm, he is not himself , because he doesn’t have someone to hug.

A life without a woman doesn’t have any color, it is black and white. Yes, maybe it is beautiful for some period , when he feels the need to be without her , to be free, bu then the rainbow in his life it is brought by her , that sexy being , beautiful for him, fragile but still strong. The happiness and satisfaction of a man is with her. Nothing will be like a total without her. A man is not a man without his woman , he is just a boy. The manly thing isn’t offered just by what he has in his pants , but what he can do for a woman: to step over the mountains for her love , to have children with her , to protect her, to love her.

It is said that men can be happy without women. It is true, maybe they would, but only for a period of time , because after that they were going to be definitely unhappy.

There are some things that won’t miss if a man would be without a woman: to listen to the bargain of women, that he didn’t clean up after him, that he entered with his shoes in the house , that he didn’t take the car to the car wash, that he stayed too long at the beer with the guys, that he doesn’t listen to her when she has something on her soul , that he didn’t buy what he needed from the shopping list. Maybe those things will make them happy because they will be gone, but surely not for a very long time, only for those who are lonely or they are broken somehow.

Men like every time to be right. That doesn’t mean that a woman doesn’t like to me right , but a man feeds his ego with it. This isn’t always a positive thing. For a woman, the most important thing is the man’s attitude and his behavior with her. If they are correct , then she wants him in her life, and if not then she prefers to be alone. Many men run from relations with women who complain about the fact that they are not spending time with them , that they stay more at football . Women include men a lot in their lives , so they have the same claims from them also.

When the meetings are becoming more often and women are starting to talk about marriage , men are scared and leave the relationship. This thing happens with the majority of men.

– Dear men, the meetings are not an obligation , they are not a marriage!

With time women transformed from the weak gender to the beautiful one. They can do the majority of things , they can even substitute men in bed with women. Some women had bad experiences with men, so they changed their sexual preferences. So: if they can do almost everything, why should they keep a man? A woman knows best what another woman wants or not. Of course here we are not talking about the case in which a woman wants children because then she cannot do them with a woman. But here also there are technologies who make wonders. Women can, in conclusion. They can do what a man do or more. But their soul can? Can it stay without the warm soul of a man? O loving man, a man who listens , a man who knows how to respect her?

So what is a man’s role? They should try to be more courteous , charming, intelligent , to compete more with themselves to be good for a woman.

Men are afraid to love totally until they don’t’ know for sure that they have the woman who completes them in everything . They will choose happy women , feminine, fragile , with patience.

When a woman wants to be listened and heard men begin to give advice and accuse them to be guilty. A somehow funny situation that takes place in every relationship and drive women crazy so they want to be left alone . Men are always angry if they don’t find the pair of a sock but they never appreciate when they are in pair and how a woman can do that. The majority think that doing laundry, cleaning or tidying the closet they are done by wonder , as you blink an eye. A woman if she plays a game with her kid she would let him win , but a man will fight forever to win, without caring for that soul of a kid.

Women will miss men because they hold them warm at night. How many times did it happen to you to feel or hear that they are warm like an oven?

Men have always been more funny, they made women laugh , that would miss a woman also. Men are more positive than women , this would a woman miss, when they would be in a tough situation from what they think there is no escape from . men they know how to make a kid laugh. They just need to grimace and the kid will me happy. But we cannot think what a man does when he remains alone at home with a kid. Women would want them gone from their lives in those moments , because they were going to have a lot more work than if the kid would have been alone at home.

So, to put it in a nutshell, men will handle without women and vice versa , but the world wouldn’t be the same , they will not be the same, men will not have a purpose in life anymore. The love between a man and a woman makes life better , make life more beautiful.

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