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20th January, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Fife

Interviewing a VIP independent escort, Ada

Meet Ada an independent escort based in Fife. Her wide experience and her gorgeous looks will get you captivated from the moment you see her genuine photos. Any of her clients are more…

than encouraged to relax in her presence as she will do the entire job with professionalism and full discretion.

Whether your plans include an enjoyable night at one of your preferred restaurants, or that you want to attend a special soiree, she will be the center of attention making you more than proud. She will always be fresh and classy, and she will expect the same from you! Do not let her down and for sure you will be more than pleased with the quality of her services!

‘Whatever your fantasy is, I am more than happy to make it happen’ (Ada, Fife, lady of pleasure)

Q: Tell us about yourself

Hey guys, I guess that if you are reading this interview right now you are interested in finding out more about me because you have been attracted by my beauty. Firstly, I want to say that my exterior beauty can as well be found in my interior. I am an honest and shy woman who has forever tried to surpass her initial condition.

I want to become better and better so that my family can be proud of me. I honestly do not have any special passions. I relax by watching a good movie or by cooking something nice. Otherwise, I am an ordinary woman who has set many goals for herself and who will do everything to achieve all of them.

Q: How would your friends describe you?

My friends always tell me that they are impressed by my ambition. They have never seen someone like me, so dedicated and determined. I want to earn a lot of money so that I can build myself a house and have a better lifestyle… I was very poor when I was a little girl, and therefore I do not want my children to face the same destiny. It stands in my own power not to let this happen again…

Q: What irritates you the most about your clients?

Their arrogance! I can’t stand people who believe that their social status is the thing that should count the most. Their acquaintances in every domain give them a huge confidence, which unfortunately converts itself into vanity.

As escorts, we do our job and people should respect us and respect our numerous sacrifices. They should understand that we are simply on our working hours and not on our spare time. Each and one of us have families and have moral principles!

Q: What do you appreciate the most in being an escort?

I suppose, I appreciate the freedom that this job offer. You are on your own and doing what you want. No one makes you do things you do not want to do! This profession has a lot of positive aspects, and I believe this is why more and more women want to become professional escorts! There is no wonder about this!

Being an escort offers you numerous advantages that you cannot normally find in any other job! If you don’t try it, you cannot understand me!

High-class escort

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Q: Is this your dream job?

For the time being it is perfect. I have worked in several other domains, but until now it is the best job for me. Of course, that in the future, I am going to try to do and to learn some other things too, but I doubt that there will be another job out there that will give me the same amount of satisfaction and the same privileges.

Q: Tell us about a difficult situation you had to handle as an escort

Unfortunately, clients do not always respect you as a person and start telling you things you do not want to hear. For instance, one of my clients fell in love with me and didn’t want to let me do this job anymore. He wanted me to become his 24/24 personal lady of pleasure. I did not agree and he got really upset. I don’t want to recall that experience, so I’ll leave it like that… I hope you can understand me!

Q: What motivates you in being an escort?

The thing that motivates me the most is that this job provides me all sorts of facilities so that I can attain my personal goals, including a large amount of money in a relative short amount of time. This makes me never stop and always answering the phone. Any date is more than welcomed! I am forever happy when I have to work, because I know that the instant gratification will be there too!

Q: When is the best moment for you to work?

Usually during holidays or during the summer time when the majority of the weddings takes place. Before getting married a lot of gentlemen come and spend some time with me as their last escape before having an official wife. Men are usually more generous during holidays and in the above mentioned situations. Extra money with less effort!

Q: Tell us an advantage and a disadvantage about being an escort

The main advantage is that you can earn easy money!

The main disadvantage is that you never know what your clients want to do on their date with you and how exactly they are going to treat you!

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Q: What do you always carry in your purse?

My phone. If something happens there is always a person who knows where I am and when I am supposed to be back. If I am late, he knows something bad has happened and he will immediately call the police!

Q: Are you perfect for this job? Why?

From my point of view, I am suitable for this job, but I cannot say that I am perfect. I am a perfectionist and I always know that something more can be done in order for me to be perfect. Either that we talk about losing a couple of pounds or that we talk about a mistake that I’ve done during my last date. I always think about every possibility to improve my services!

Q: What is your definition of a successful escort?

I would say an escort who is genuinely happy both with her private and professional life. A successful escort should be pleased with all aspects of life! Happiness goes beyond money it involves being at peace with yourself!

Q: When do you anticipate your retirement?

When the time comes I will retire without any regret. I believe that I will retire when I will attain all of my personal goals! Where there will be nothing left for me to do in this industry, then I will be happy to stay home!

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years time I see myself being more prosperous and happier than I am now. I will be having my own house and my own family! I cannot wait for that to happen…

Q: What are your goals for the present moment?

To be happy, to earn money and to build myself the house of my dreams!

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