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Mira had a bored life, more than normal, not knowing anything other than housework, taking care of the child, going to work, and so on.

Her husbandwas making his presence noticed from the back of his computer with just a “Bring me the cigarette pack from the table!”,


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“If you go to the market do youbuy me a beer?, “Okay, let me finish this game and I help you clean up!” and it was obvious that the game lasted for another hour and an hour and so … The prelude before the “monthly” sex had become something like, “Are we making a kid?” , quick stripping to keep their child from coming early from school, fucking as long as it was and then on the run again , in the shower after one another and resuming everyday chores: one on the computer and the other making food or wiping a furniture. ..Shewas in peace of the thought that at her 33 years she had already started an old woman’s life … This thing had begun for a long time, but from the habit of laziness, she had agreed to marry a year ago only to provide the child with greater stability. She saw so many children with a single parent at the school where she was a teacher, and she did not want her angel to feel that. And she did not really feel bad with her husband it was just that she was feeling ignored. She was alone. In fact, Mira missed the inner storm she felt when she was loved, adored. Mira was missing him. She was missing his hands, his mouth, his smile, his kiss, and she thought that occupying her time with something else could forget about him! It was not right! It was not right neither to her or him, nor to the one with whom she had married, though she was not sure he cared. When she thought she finally forgot him, a simple email or another type of message would shaken her universe and frighten her. They were far from each other now, for years they have not seen each other, and that simple short email was telling her everything. Mira changed a lot in recent years, the health problems changing her body, her laughing that some time ago would filla room, and her jokes that were making laugh a whole train compartment, disappeared leaving a simple woman who was just interested in to be good to the child. She did not worry about getting fat or that could not afford to dress elegantly or even provocative as she did in the past, she did not care that she was not out of the house for months. She used to it … She thought so! That until one day, she was in the mood to walk on the street! , her husband looked at her amused and told her she can go if that would make her happy, but he did not have the moodfoe going out. She was dressed good, it was still cold. It was just March! It was that time of the day when it was no light, nor dark! A shady weather… Near the block where they live was a large park where she used to go out from time to time with the little one and their puppy. She was often letting her play and she was watching her from a bench laughing. She was going there. There were sometimes couples of young people kissing or hugging, and Mira felt a little jealous looking at them. She saw a hidden bench and shetook a seat, she lit a cigarette and she was thinking … From time to time, guyswere walking by the side of the bench and they were watching her curiously , a single woman at that hour in the park. It had already darkened and she wanted to go back home, but she still wanted to enjoy that quietness and clean air. Suddenly she saw a somewhat familiar silhouette pointing exactly at her and wondered who could know she was there. The shock she had when she saw him made the cigarette fell between her fingers.
– But how …
He laughed and he leaned over to kiss her.
I Know! Is not that enough?
-Are you running again from me? he pulled her hands and put her back in place. Do you know how much I missed to hold like that?
Two years passed since she had left herself in his will for the last time, and now he was beside her, kissing her, caressing her hair, eyes, cheeks, hugging her at his chest .
“Are you cold?” He asked her, feeling her shivering and opening her clothing, he slipped his hands under her blouse and pulled her closer.
She did not put on her bra because she hated it and now he was free to her breasts. He liked how he could embrace them in his hands and caress them tenderly but passionately at the same time. Whenever he touched her, she was making a sound so familiar to him and she closed her eyes, leaving on his hands and lips! No one saw them because the bench was set in such a way that large branches of a tree were blocking the view of the alley, especially in the dark. His tongue was making small circles on her neck, making her feel the fire of desire.
-I missed tasting your breasts! he whispered to her, and started kissing, licking and sucking them.
She did not have the bag on her, and the cigarette pack she had already put it in her pocket so she had her hands free. She grasped his back, feeling his hot skin, feeling his breathbefore his lips devoured her. She did not know when she kneeled in front of him, but she just feelt his lips climbing on her fine sock leg as she liked to wear under her skirt although it was still cold. His fingers met her panties and touched it between her legs, massaging it lightly. She plucked a panting and arched with desire, put her hand on his hand and wanted to stop him conscious of the madness she was living. A finger made its way into her pussy then she felt something crazyer and realized it was him, tasting her.
-Nooo !! she moaned frustrated and he giggled, and when he sat down on the bench beside her, he kissed her again as he unfastened his buttonhole buttons, grabbing her next to him, and then putting his hands and her body. Her belly was hurting her of such a desire and she wanted to feel him, inside her, so she opened her legs more and left free passage for his fingers. He put his palm over her sex, pressing her, massaging her, feeling her moistening more and more, his middle finger dropping inside a few times and making her moan louder …
She put her palm on his pants and felt his penishard, waiting to get out of there and posses her so she released him from the fabric, then she touched it at first shy, then she wrapped it in her palm. He understood her and lifted her skirt back, put her in his lap, back to him, and penetrated her with tenderness, feeling her hot, trembling in his arms, letting him go all the way, moving in her like a good sly snake just for burning her, making her forget everything … Feeling him kissing her neck, biting her easy, licking her. And she feels his breathing getting harder and faster, and a hot explosion bursts out of both of them, her nectar with his nectar. They stay like that for a few moments in a total abandonment, then he put her up, removes the juice that squeezed between her legs, he dresses her. They are so good together that even when they are not talking they’re feeling good.
Finally she rises and says simply:
-I have to go!
He says nothing, just kisses her tenderly then leads her home, stops at a shop from where she buys her husband’s cigarettes. Near the block, they kiss for the last time, without words, and they split up. It is useless to speak things just to be spoken.

When she comes into the house, Mira finds her husband in the same position as when she left, playing on the computer. She takes off her coat, puts his pack of cigarettes on the desk, then goes to shower, to wash the traces of sperm left by him. Mira know it now. It’s pointless to run. He will always find her because She belongs to him.
The husband did not even realize how much MIra was missing, and neither the glow of her eyes nor the red lips of so much kissing.

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